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Tai Paktu
Aperture Harmonics
Posted - 2009.02.05 19:34:00 - [31]

Originally by: Nephilius
The honest to god fact is that WarDecs are broken, plain and simple.

Care to qualify this statement with facts?

Originally by: Yolo
Empire wars should have some relation to Sov, if you have no Sov there is little reason to wardec you.


Empire wars is only a tool for pirates that do not dare go to low-sec or nul-sec (where people shoot back) to wardec carebears for free/easy kills, nothing else.
its got little or nothing to do with the 'grand scheme'.

Please clarify if you're serious or trolling. The grand scheme? Laughing What grand scheme? EvE has a million little story's playing out and they're all brilliant and fun. It's not all about this 0.0 power bloc vs. that power bloc. It's not 'Horde' vs. 'Alliance.' The game is great because it's full of nuanced combat, the one 50m SP player vs. the 30 man noob corp in Tash-Murkon is in no way less important or enjoyable (and probably more enjoyable) than the 1500 v. 2000 man conflict in some nullsec system. War declarations (empire wars is a name given by the player community and is misleading if you take it literally as meaning "wars between empires") are a mechanic for corporations and alliances to settle disputes through CONCORD sanctioned combat. That's their function. How is it broken?

This isn't directed at the OP necessarily, but a lot of people in this thread (and in this forum in general) seem to have forgotten that when you propose or support a change in existing game mechanics, you need to have content. "/signed" or "this is v. gud idea imho" doesn't add to the discussion. Unqualified statements and generalizations will lead to flames. Bring arguments and supporting evidence of go back to General Discussion.

Kahega Amielden
Minmatar Ship Construction Services
Posted - 2009.02.05 19:56:00 - [32]


This game mechanic is already in place.

If you are really worried about War Decs,
-have yourself and a few corp mates role Politcal alts.
-Start a 1 man corp with each of them
-War dec your main corp with the 3 corps you just created.
-Problem solved and you are now paying for protection in high sec.

I would prefer CCP not spend their development time on this just so you only have to pay when you **** some one off or a gutlesss griefer corp makes you their monthly target.

Doesn't work like that. A corp cannot wardec more than 3 corps/alliances, but there are no limits to how many corps can wardec you.

Red Flag
Posted - 2009.02.08 05:38:00 - [33]

Edited by: Red Flag on 08/02/2009 05:38:55
Originally by: State Security
There are those who just are not into the whole PvP thing *shock!* and yet would like the benfits that Player Corps offer. Why not give them that option at a price?

It cost 2M to war dec for a week, so why not offer an option of "protection" from war decs for the same amount?

Of course there should be limits on it, like amount of people in the Corp, not available to Alliances or Corps in them, CEO has to have the Skills (whatever they are) to apply for it and the Corp as a whole must have certain standings with the Faction who's space they are in.

Yes, I expect the "waah don't take away our helpless targets!" kind of posts but if you must, go ahead.

The cost of the war dec is so that people do not declare wars completely willy-nilly. The cost for wars increase as the number of wars a corporation is in increases. So a corp may pay 2M for the first war dec, but they have to pay 4M (or whatever it is) for the next, and then 8M (OR WHATEVER IT IS) and so on. Also, it is a game mechanic that sort of prove the corp is serious about declaring war.

If your going to pay for protection, pay a mercenary corp.

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