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Lear Hepburn
Ascendant Strategies Inc.
The Transcendent
Posted - 2009.01.18 00:30:00 - [1]

Well, I'm EU TZ, 34 and married IRL, so have some RL limitations to my online time. I want some good PvP, preferably with tuition, and am willing to put in the time to help a corp that is suitably directed. I'm military IRL, so I know how a chain of command and how real ops and comms work, and will work in accordance to a commander's needs, but I will tell you if I feel you're an ass and will ask you what your intent is if the time is right and I don't understand - I'm here to learn.

If your corp has the patience to bring on an intelligent, mature player who wants to learn what Eve has to offer and can return your investment then drop me a line.

Shu Guang
Peces Of Eighte
Posted - 2009.01.18 01:48:00 - [2]

Hi Lear,

Come chat with us abit, we might be just what you seek. Very similiar to what you listed and are looking for.
Some info about us.

Best regards.
The Royal pain in the rear Headhunter.

Klor krit
Posted - 2009.01.18 05:57:00 - [3]

Lear, you sound like I did about the time I joined ASSTI. It's been over a year and a half for me now, and these blokes are the best. Come check us out.

ASSTI is looking for Pilots to expand sucessful operations in Providence and Domain. Join in game channel <The_Trinity> for a chat to get to know us, or just ask for a recruiter.

Want to PvP? Join our low sec ops, or fly with CVA in 0.0, enjoy a comprehensive ship replacement scheme.

Want to Mission? Our pilots have the standings to take you on missions with one of the highest LP/ISK rates in all of EVE.

Want to be an Industrialist? How does access to a huge library of fully researched BPOs sound?

Communicate with your friends via our Vent server, hang out on our private forums and log your kills on our secure killboard

Play in secure space at our Empire Hub, venture into low sec domain and help keep the shipping lanes open or make a home in 0.0 and look for those faction spawns or exploration sites. All ASSTI members have access to the corp shop, selling mods and ships from frigates to capitals at below market prices. You get out what you put in, do you want to help make a corp great? If so, welcome home.

ASSTI timezones are US and EU, English is the common language. There is no minimum skill requirement, although all new pilots must pass a security check. Probationary period for one month. No trial accounts are accepted. Good sense of humour is mandatory.

Lear Hepburn
Ascendant Strategies Inc.
The Transcendent
Posted - 2009.01.18 10:57:00 - [4]

Bumpitty bump.

Rico Minali
Sons Of 0din
Fatal Ascension
Posted - 2009.01.18 11:12:00 - [5]

Have a look at Sons Of 0din I know you are under 5 mill sp, but you sound like a decent guy and the type of person we are after...

The Causality
Electus Matari
Posted - 2009.01.19 00:38:00 - [6]

If you're still looking, so are we!


We understand RL commitments, we're all adults / married / family types.

(Pub obsessedShocked)

CMDR Kriegel
Posted - 2009.01.19 01:46:00 - [7]


Kriegel Brothers might be what you're looking for. Check out our recruitment thread HERE and drop in the chat when you can ingame.

CMDR Kriegel

asde solutions
Posted - 2009.01.19 02:24:00 - [8]

Assisted homicide is looking for new pvp players such as yourself. We are in a 0.0 alliance and can give advice and pvp training as needed.
We are mostly a uk based corp though we do have some US members and we are active 23/7. We are a mature tightknt corp made up of members that have played together for a long time and many of us are married and have rl commitments.
If you would like to know more drop us a line and come join "AHREC" channel ingame.


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