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Sebaca Khap
Posted - 2008.11.29 14:53:00 - [1]

Having played for several years and run a strong 0.0 based corporation for much of this time I now want to chill, move away from inter alliance diplomacy and the agro that go's with being CEO.

Iím looking to find a corp that can provide me with:

* Plenty of pvp inc. small / med size gangs, large fleets, and cap combat (I especially like recon based covert gangs)
* A clear set of achievable but ambitious goals
* Access to a home in good quality secure 0.0 space to fund my pvp habit
* A forum based communications culture
* Good secure logistics to / from empire
* Excellent FCís and pilots to fly with (proven by your killboard)
* A good reputation
* A mature, friendly and adult environment (I have been on Goon TS and have sworn never again!)
* A highly active corp
* TS & or vent
* Excellent corp and alliance leadership
* The choice about when I play and what I do
* A strong Euro time zone
* English speaking corp

I donít want:

* Hopeless causes
* New corps or alliances
* To fly with a load of smack talking / Ďtext speakingí kids
* To have to move my stuff every few days
* Mandatory alarm clock opps

I bring:

* A strong desire to kill stuff
* 3 toons each with 50-70m sp
* Several years Eve experience
* A VERY high level of activity 6-8 hours a day and more at weekends
* Maxed out skills in many T2 ship classes (HAC, Recon, Carrier, Logistics, BS, inty etc..) across Gallante, Amarr and Caldari ships
* I own both a Dread and Carrier and have good JF pilot skills
* Experience of all types of pvp inc. sov. warfare
* Good industrial skills inc. caps and ownership of several Cap & T1 BPOís
* I am totally self sufficient

This is posted with an Alt, if your offer interests me I will convo you ingame.

Pilots Of Honour
Posted - 2008.11.29 16:00:00 - [2]

Take a look at our recruitment thread here. If you are interested contact me ingame or join ph-public.

Space Chutney
Wildlands Heavy Technologies
Posted - 2008.11.29 16:18:00 - [3]

We have plenty of PVP of all types around the clock for our euro TZ corporation. What you do with your time is entirely up to you, as long as your active and co-operative with everyone else. The corporation and alliance has clear, ambitious goals and we make extensive use of teamspeak, forums and killboards. There is plenty of publicly available battle reports and video's on our recent engagements.

Corporate managed logistics where ever and whenever needed as well as 'corp' ships to use.

WHAT. Killboard Details (Also alliance KB as asked.)

We are currently fighting BoB and RA at home in Great Wildlands and maybe people have different views of hopeless causes but we are still here and have no interest in endless POS bashing after being around the block for the last few years. Razz

If your interested you can throw me a private chat, or join us in "The Bridgeburners" chat, I know I've not replied to all your points but I think we have them all well covered.

Macabre Votum
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2008.11.29 17:13:00 - [4]

Hey Sebaca, i've read through your post. I dont wanna copy paste everything there and explain it all as its a long list. Razz But we tick all your boxes. We're a PvP corp in the NC, even topping the NC killboards so far this week so we ain't doing bad considering we're not the biggest corp in it. We just love our PvP. I can explain in more detail and answer all your questions if your interested. Just convo or mail me ingame with a time im likely to catch you at. Smile


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