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Jacque Sparrow
Posted - 2004.07.09 14:07:00 - [1]

This problem is most pronounced when jumping into a system with a gang of 2 (I have not tried this with gangs larger than 2) however one of the gang members always cannot see the gang leader in Local - the 2nd gang member (the one who cannot see the leader in Local) can see all players in Local but the gang leader cannot see all players in Local.

Pehma Hess
Posted - 2004.07.09 18:01:00 - [2]

I had also commented in some other post about this, only I was never part of a gang. I travelled along side another pilot for 5 systems, and he never appeared in my local chat the entire trip.

Sgt Drill
Posted - 2004.07.10 08:28:00 - [3]


Stella Centauri
Posted - 2004.07.10 11:58:00 - [4]

I knew it was happening to local, but not to corp...
Now I do, cant see one of my corp-mates in corp-chat (only when he writes something)

Posted - 2004.07.10 18:30:00 - [5]

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Easiest way to reproduce this consistently.

1. Make a gang with 2 or more members.
2. Have 2 or more gang members jump through a gate at the same time.
3. When you arrive in local on the other side, the people that you jumped together with will disappear from local a few seconds later.

I'm not sure if you HAVE to have a gang going for this to happen. It is very reproducable though.

-- Zen


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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