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Danbar Roth
Posted - 2009.10.25 07:09:00 - [1291]

I had socked closed every 2-3 minutes if ideling yesterday, have never had it before and im on a 100mbit fiber connection so i doubt it was the ISP, connection didnt drop during the closures either, but all my 3 accounts got it at the same time each time (unless being active on one account).
Today it is all but gone, however, and i didn't think about doing tracert's etc yesterday.

Hanster Maluki
Posted - 2009.10.25 12:17:00 - [1292]

Huge packet loss from Telekom Austria, please fix that asap:

--- ping statistics ---
133 packets transmitted, 105 packets received, 21.1% packet loss
round-trip min/avg/max/std-dev = 30.956/40.606/42.223/2.558 ms

Posted - 2009.10.25 15:40:00 - [1293]

Got 'socket closed' on my clients even through mobile dsl and land line....

also status unknown on login screen... tried friends dsl whos in a BT area and hes getting the same...

please help..

Uma Thurman
Legion of The Damned.
Posted - 2009.11.01 08:03:00 - [1294]

Last night and still got problems with socket closed. Rolling EyesConfused. Several times can't login (socket closed) then when I (finaly) login, after couple of minutes disconnected how annoying.

Posted - 2009.11.01 13:48:00 - [1295]

yup here it stands now im gonna close my account..i cant do crap...i love mission running and its just impossible lost 10 drones and almost a blown up dominix today due to socket closing..

i returned last almost 2 months ago but the last week its just ridiculous with disconnects and socket closing to the point i just cant play eve online.

Double Income No Kids Yet
Cascade Associates
Posted - 2009.11.02 19:56:00 - [1296]

me to i get this disconect every 1-2 min at the evening at day time it's all good, admins, please get this bug fixed becouse it's imposible to play eve in such conditions...

Double Income No Kids Yet
Cascade Associates
Posted - 2009.11.02 20:02:00 - [1297]

what video cards do you use ATI or nvidea ?

Posted - 2009.11.02 20:18:00 - [1298]

i use ati (atm i had a nvidia before but it fried :0 )

Chevy Prefect
Posted - 2009.11.06 20:02:00 - [1299]

CCP is stealing from it's Eve-Online users! Keep bending over everyone. I cannot even change a few market orders without the damn socket closing. CCP needs to forget about Revelations until Apocrypha works.

Posted - 2009.11.06 20:18:00 - [1300]

okay here is my take on this....

it almost seems random....but then again not at all...

during parts of the day, i can browse the internet and play eve without the socket closed....

sometimes, if i even try to open one page...boom i open up my wallet to see 'zero isk' (my socket closed test)...sometimes when i'm playing and i'm not browsing around on firefox, i get disconnected, only to see that my mom/dad is using their computer since i can see their internet light blink....

so in a broadish way, its like sometimes eve doesn't like to 'share' my bandwith...sometimes when it closes due to this error, it'll have an effect on my connection, certain websites will open up so fast, and some will get a 'problem loading page' wtf?

tldr, eve sometimes acts like a spoiled brat and doesn't like to share my bandwidth, and if i do it throws a fit and socket closes (during random parts of the day...almost like phases) like right now i'm playing and typing this without no problem.... I hope this unique perspective will confirm something that you know or don't know

Posted - 2009.11.07 18:39:00 - [1301]

Hi All,

I am not a big poster on the forums, but perhaps my information can help some. After loading EVE, I was unable to play the game. Almost every mouse click or undock kicked me from the game with a network error. Sometimes I could play for 2-5 minutes before getting booted.

I had a previous linksys bug with a vpn that required a port trigger to be created for SSL, so I figured WTF it will either work, or I am going to have to cancel.

I created a port trigger on the router (BEFSR41)
Applications and Gaming --> Port Trigger

trigger 26000 --> 26000 and forward 26000 --> 26000.

Since I created the trigger on my router, no network instability at all.


Marcus Gord
Preta Light Industries
Posted - 2009.11.08 00:27:00 - [1302]

I've been getting client crashes and socket closes since november 6th. I have had times where I've had the socket close on me, logged back in, only to have the socket close again within 30 seconds.

I've defragged, disk cleanup, checkdisk, virus and spyware scanned, hell I've even system restored, thinking it was an update I got on the 4th. At the moment I'm downloading the client fresh, but something really isn't right here if I'm getting closed sockets about 20 times in an hour.

Posted - 2009.11.08 16:37:00 - [1303]

Yes, I noticed since roughly Nov 6 the "socket closed" problems getting more and more.

Today it is so bad I can't play. I am knocked out of EVE every couple of minutes and cannot use drones or enter a plex/mission with scrammers.

Everything else about my internet works fine.

I hope this gets fixed soon -- I wanna play :)


Office Lineback
Posted - 2009.11.09 08:49:00 - [1304]

Edited by: Office Lineback on 09/11/2009 08:50:49
Edited by: Office Lineback on 09/11/2009 08:50:25
Edited by: Office Lineback on 09/11/2009 08:50:00
Just posting to confirm that I have been getting 'socket disconnect' errors constantly since Nov 6th.

I play two accounts on two seperate computers. Until Nov 6th I had not experienced any disconnect problems at all.

I do use Eve Voice but I tried not joining any voice channels and I still experience the same error.

I have tried clearing cache, resetting network devices, and turning down all graphics settings. None of which seemed to help at all. Just keep getting disconnected ever 5-20 minutes after logging in.

Makes the game pretty much unplayable. Heres hoping it gets fixed soon. Thanks!

Posted - 2009.11.09 13:50:00 - [1305]

same problem.... socket close.....pffff. I play eve from 2005 but never had this problem until now. Any idea why ?

Locasta Tactical
Posted - 2009.11.09 15:03:00 - [1306]

ISP changed something on your physical connection? work been done on the phonelines out in your street resently?

can be a whole number of things from small noise faults on your line to apps like utorrent and dna knocking off your connection when uploading.

Master Geronimo
Posted - 2009.11.11 11:18:00 - [1307]

Maybe this helps:
The 'socket closed' error only occurs on my wireless connected laptop. I have a wired connected desktop downstairs and a wireless connected desktop upstairs, neither give me the socket closed error.
In my situation it seems to be something with my laptop, although I cannot find what it is.
I hope this shines new light on the subject and that we can fix this problem soon.

Enst Smath
Posted - 2009.11.11 15:37:00 - [1308]

Since roughly the 6th, I've had this problem, too.

Jazz Ark
Omega Essence Mining and Shipping
Posted - 2009.11.15 21:51:00 - [1309]

Originally by: Acinom

I keep getting disconnected at random times. Sometimes as little as 30 seconds from log on. Sometimes 2 hours. I have dropped down to classic EVE and ensured my Video driver is still up to date. I cleaned the cache and settings.
I am getting tired of losing my drones... I try to keep reclaiming them but the Rats on my mission have other ideas.
Any idea why? I do use a wireless router. Checked its firmware and it is up to date also.

I am having the same issue and I'm not using a wireless router. It seems to be random intervals and not related to anything else I am doing on my machine. I can usually log back on fine, but losing drones and abandoning fleetmates are the worst parts. Sad

ROMANIA Renegades
Posted - 2009.11.17 13:21:00 - [1310]

Edited by: ReeLeeSun on 18/11/2009 00:09:46
Possible Solution: To fix the net ..
Do remember that OS' are stupid.

By default the QoS has a setting called : Limit Reservable bandwith, although it's checked as Not Configured(thus Disabled) it's still set as 20% and running in the background.

To get to that setting type in RUN window: gpedit.msc
go to administrative templates -> network -> QoS Packet bla bla
and there will be a setting called Limit Reservable Bandwith.
Select enable and set it to 0 or 0%. there a movie about this too..

Kel Arkir
Biotronics Inc.
Majesta Empire
Posted - 2009.11.17 23:53:00 - [1311]

Experienced the same problem, sockets closed like mad in the evening, very much playable during the day/morning.
No changes in the router helped - decided to uninstall and make a fresh install on a different harddrive, works like a charm now.
Old harddrive was having alot of defect sectors.

Via Crucis Inc.
Posted - 2009.11.21 15:49:00 - [1312]

Still got this problem. Even tried a fresh new install and still can barely play :(

Posted - 2009.11.21 23:58:00 - [1313]

Has anyone tried checking the length of their DHCP leases? I used to have the socket closed error with monotonous regularity until I by chance changed the length of my DHCP lease to 24 hours. Since then I've never had it.

Akuma Tsukai
Posted - 2009.11.24 04:42:00 - [1314]

Geee yesterday was a ****ing record. Had the guts for 15 minutes of socket closed messages, just quit playing after that. Waiting for patch playing other games Rolling Eyes

Wedge Capulet
Reaction Theory
Posted - 2009.12.02 01:50:00 - [1315]

Well, this sucks. Can't play for more than 5 mins.

Posted - 2009.12.02 06:45:00 - [1316]

I am getting this a lot now.

Strange thing:

My hisec alt gets disconnected every 5-10 minutes.
My null-sec main can play for hours with out issue.

Shadow Lord77
Posted - 2009.12.05 17:42:00 - [1317]

Edited by: Shadow Lord77 on 05/12/2009 18:08:30
It's strange how long this has been going on for. Has CCP ever publicly addressed the issue? I feel as though this may be a fundamental problem with the EVE online code.

Edit: Actually looking into it more makes me think that it may have to do more with ISP's throttling P2P networks, or even just clients themselves as I hear that EVE may have some P2P code in it, thought I'm not sure.

Ark silva
The New Era
Posted - 2009.12.06 03:30:00 - [1318]

Edited by: Ark silva on 06/12/2009 03:30:10
Constant socket closes here that just started happening after Dominion. I play wired on a desktop and a second account next to me wireless. My main account seems OK most of the time, but when I try to play both I get socket errors on both. I am going to cancel my accounts most likely since I can barely play. I am tired of losing T2 drones. It is sad ugh

Don Pellegrino
Pod Liberation Authority
Posted - 2009.12.06 03:42:00 - [1319]

Edited by: Don Pellegrino on 06/12/2009 03:58:18
Socket closed every 5 minutes since Dominion, especially when dual boxing.

Totally unplayable.

Sometimes I "only" get disconnected every 30 minutes, but it still makes pvp very difficult to do.

trigger 26000 --> 26000 and forward 26000 --> 26000.

I just did that on my Linksys router and haven't been disconnected since.

Posted - 2009.12.06 06:04:00 - [1320]

5 disconnects in around an hour this evening 8pm (EST) about every 10 mins or so.

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