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Benny Broadband
Benny and the Jets
Posted - 2008.11.06 18:22:00 - [1]

Edited by: Benny Broadband on 06/11/2008 18:26:10
Well folks,

I think I have just about had it........the sheet that has happened over the last few days and weeks has got me to the point where I don't even want to log in anymore. War targets don't undock, or when they do they are in a pod and warp off to where ever, a decent fight is a thing of the past and the devs just keep nerfing everything that isnt caldari or care bear related, well, except maybe the nerf to (oh wait, they called it a buff)the transport ships.

It seems I started playing the game at just the wrong time, by the time I trained up bc to 5 and had all the leadership skills and drone skills to fly a command ship (Gall) or a well fitted bc, they nerfed the drones and changed the "Bandwidth" for drone control, so much for gall pilots that loved their drones and drone boats.

So it was on to Cap ships, and another carrier nerf, so ok, back to empire based game play..........and a ban for killing too many pilots in a starter system, even though they wheren't newbs, they where all can baiters that lost horribly, apparently I had an alarming amount of kills in a starter system, I kinda liked that, I still do.

So decided to care bear it up for a while, get back to the basics of my game, I was born as a trader and have plenty of trade skills so I thought what the hey, lets just werk the market like I did in the olden days. The reality was that nowadayz, the market is screwed. I was astonished to discover that what I bought in bulk an hour ago, after using an alt to check what the sell price was where I intended to sell, had actually dropped in price by the time my freighter actually arrived and I was posting my orders, so even that part of my game became bitter. I made heaps of isk by bringing Navy Megs from Jita to Dodixie, I used to pay 350 for them and sell them for 420, nowadayz, they sell for under 300 everywhere and you arwe lucky to make 5 mil if you can flip them, Navy Ravens are going the same way, so much for trading, lets get back to war and PvP.

Off we go dec'ing any alliance that we can that has over 200 members, and then any alliance that has over 500, and then lets just start at the top and work our way down the list. Anybody who has done this knows the result. 1 in 10 Alliances will actually show up to fight, and I do believe that the folks that actually show up to pew pew have a blast doing it because the few of us that actually like the blowing sheet up bit of this game are kinda starved for it. The rest just quit the alliance they are in and provide a spam like list of surrender mails that at first is kinda nice, but after the first 10 you start to realize that there really isnt going to be much point in dec'ing and you go back to can flipping, having you mates remote rep you and watching the smack in local, and then you log off for a week or so and do whatever you can do to avoid the bitterness that Eve-online now causes you.

And then the scams and the assbagz that only play to create emo rage. Some assbag actually wiggles his way into my R/L bro's corp. This assbag has a buddy that has come across one of our POS's and it has a MoM parked in it. Bro thinks he has the pos locked down, no alliance or corp member know what happened next........said assbag, upon being accepted into the corp, promptly warps out to the pos and bumps the MoM out of the bubble and has his buddy board the ship and fly it away, with all our ships still in it, and our jump clones, and quafe........argh. How do we know what said assbag did, he actually posted his theft on the forums...nice. So this is where my end game started to really dig in. I wondered wtf the devz where thinking when they made it so you can anchor a can in a pos and pw it so nobody can peek inside, but they couldn't think out the same plan for a mom when its pilot isnt there, I mean in real life, if we had a ship like that we would have the ability to park it, and atleast have a key to get into it or lock it, out of space

Monkey Rat
Silver Snake Enterprise
Posted - 2008.11.06 18:22:00 - [2]

me :)

Snuff Box
Posted - 2008.11.06 18:25:00 - [3]

MEE! - But I will pass it on to somebody else.

Hunlight Faithus
Initium Malum
Posted - 2008.11.06 18:25:00 - [4]

tht sux dude. if you pass it along to me i'll use it wisely investing in peoples ipo's etc so will beenfit peeps out there :)

Saju Somtaaw
Kagan-Kincaid Enterprises
Posted - 2008.11.06 18:25:00 - [5]

First time I've said this-
Can I haz your stuff?

Furb Killer
Posted - 2008.11.06 18:25:00 - [6]

Your stuff -> my hangar?

Private Renegade Corporation
Posted - 2008.11.06 18:26:00 - [7]

Can I has your stuff? But seriously, my corp would be proud to take all your items and money and keep them for you, like a bank, and slowly drain your funds until you showed up to reclaim them... This way we are sure to have free stuff and you can be proud to know if you (THIS IS TO ALL PEOPLE BTW) return that we will give you all the items and most of your money back.

You can trust me, I like hordeing cash Very Happy

Posted - 2008.11.06 18:27:00 - [8]

Sir, it seems you are disgruntled. What stuff are we talking about anyway? A list would be nice.

Doya Lickalotapum
Posted - 2008.11.06 18:28:00 - [9]

Give it to me nubbin

Posted - 2008.11.06 18:30:00 - [10]

I'll take whatever your main has. Leave it wherever it is, I'll come collect it with an alt YARRRR!!

Benny Broadband
Benny and the Jets
Posted - 2008.11.06 18:32:00 - [11]

I love you all, I am in tears...........the first one to guess the number I am thinking about (Between 1 and 10 zillion) gets all my loots, the key to the pos in 0.0, and I will even make you CEO of my corp, that has standing to get jump clones in Empire that I charge 10 mil for..........hurry up..........

Captain XH
Posted - 2008.11.06 18:34:00 - [12]

666 is my guess! Thanks!

Furb Killer
Posted - 2008.11.06 18:34:00 - [13]


Nyx Tech
Posted - 2008.11.06 18:36:00 - [14]

Edited by: Nyx Tech on 06/11/2008 18:36:55
Edited by: Nyx Tech on 06/11/2008 18:35:58
I don't really need your stuff.

I will however say that the problems you seem to be having are only going to add up. Just by seeing how this game is progressing thus far I have to say that it seems to keep going down the old carebear route everytime. I haven't been playing for as long as you have so maybe its not a big of issue to me. I have plenty of fun killing stuff in 0.0 than half the other things in Eve.

Maybe changes will come and we will start to see a more interesting Eve. I'd suggest you at least stick around to see how this years fanfest is (most likely will start seeing videos in the next coming week).

Otherwise, take care and safe :P

Edit: meh wrong character....

Saju Somtaaw
Kagan-Kincaid Enterprises
Posted - 2008.11.06 18:36:00 - [15]


Vek NaVek
Posted - 2008.11.06 18:37:00 - [16]

It's funny cos its true Very Happy

Otherworld Enterprises
Otherworld Empire
Posted - 2008.11.06 18:39:00 - [17]

Keep it for when you return.

Private Renegade Corporation
Posted - 2008.11.06 18:52:00 - [18]

Well Benny, if your really going to quit (and never return) it would be best to just hand all your stuff to a friend, or the next leader in your corp/allaince. I would suggest that if you really don't want to do that, but still want to get some joy and make someone happy, make newbies fight to the death and pay them like 10x the price of thier ships when they die to you. Keep this up and then when all of your money is gone fly one ship after another in a random 0.0 Alliance, smack talk and then attack thier stations and lone miners/etc.

Now to go back to loseing fleets of cheap cruisers in 0.0!
SmileVery HappyLaughingWinkLaughingCool

Vanishing Point.
The Initiative.
Posted - 2008.11.06 18:54:00 - [19]

I don't want your stuff.

It smells of fail.

Systematic Mercantilism
Posted - 2008.11.06 18:54:00 - [20]

Tyraxx, can I have his stuff?

Sidus Isaacs
Posted - 2008.11.06 18:57:00 - [21]

I would like your stuff ;)

Complete Tart
Center for Advanced Studies
Posted - 2008.11.06 19:05:00 - [22]

Needs moar use of the word 'assbag'

Vincenzo Delloro
Lux et Veritas
Posted - 2008.11.06 19:11:00 - [23]

I've been here for close to three years now, and am on to my second account. The current changes are trivial compared to changes that have been made in the past, so all the forum drama just makes no sense to me.

Think of it this way. Every time CCP changes something, it's like the universe of EVE is engaged in PvP with each and every one of us.

The people that ragequit are no different to the people that cancel accounts after their first podding. They just don't get it.

Adapt or die. EVE is not here to make things easy for you, it's here to teach you to adapt to changes. If things stayed the same, there would be no challenge.

Black Forest Operatives
Posted - 2008.11.06 19:30:00 - [24]

Can I have your stuff?

Mercurialis Inc.
RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2008.11.06 19:30:00 - [25]

Edited by: Sovox on 06/11/2008 19:42:44

So lets see if i understand what your getting at.
#1 you hate care bears and you like to flips cans.
#2 your mad cause your not the only trader in EVE and you have to compete and be smart for ISK now.
#3 your mad cause while you like to take advantage of system's in EVE such as can flipping and multi accounts getting a MoM jacked by a scammer who is using another system in EVE turns you into a Care Bear from hell all of sudden..Funny how that works i love this game cause the frikkin irony of it all.Razz
I dont think your smart enough for EVE IMHO.

BTW i remember when that MoM got jacked that was funny stuff Exclamation

Server lag reduced by 00.0000001% bye!!

P.S please dont contract me all your stuff i dont want to feel guilty and then have to edit this Razz

Saleswoman Sarah
Posted - 2008.11.06 19:33:00 - [26]


Royal Hiigaran Navy
South Pole Dancers
Posted - 2008.11.06 19:40:00 - [27]

Originally by: Sovox

BTW i remember when that MoM got jacked that was funny stuff Exclamation

Why do you call it a MoM? Just call it Mom, or MS no need to capitalise the 2nd "m".


PS. Just annoyed me a bit

PPS. Can i haz OP's stuff?

Posted - 2008.11.06 20:26:00 - [28]

Edited by: Chompy on 06/11/2008 20:27:55
What an excellent read and its sad to see you go, guess you may just need a break.
I would dearly love to look after your stuff while you are gone, i would use it well too. Ive never had much in the way of isk and never flown more than a BC and i allways think if only i had more isk to buy nice things, that would be cool.
Well, thats my begging over, but i am a beggerVery Happy, i rat belts in high sec and refine stuff, life is really hard for me so consider me please when making your decision.

Cheers, Chompy

Nikita Alterana
Kumiho's Smile
Posted - 2008.11.06 20:33:00 - [29]

geif things or gtfo

Posted - 2008.11.06 20:37:00 - [30]

Edited by: Soporo on 06/11/2008 20:38:03
devs just keep nerfing everything that isnt caldari

If you think Caldari are getting buffed in the coming Nerf/patch/abomination, you are insane.

Amarr>>.........Gallente>Mim>........lolCaldari/Missiles/Blasters/Solo/Shield Tanking.

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