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Ecatherina W
AAA.FSI Holding
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2008.11.03 16:54:00 - [31]

Edited by: Ecatherina W on 03/11/2008 16:57:09
Tbh... Goodbye.

That was the short version. Here comes the longer version. Yes, there has been a lot of disconnects. CCP has been ****ing up a lot lately. But if you think 2 stabs is going to be your ticket to Wonderland, then you, my dear Alice, is a rabbit best finding your way out of this internet spaceship game, because there is no way that it can be all CCPs fault in this case.

Proof? You poofed to players who magically stayed online while you did not. Sure, they may have had better computers than you, but you do protest that you are an IT professional, so I fully expect your PC to be in the top 10% of the gear used for this particular internet spaceship game.

I have been playing this game on a laptop which is by now about 6 years old. Trust me, that has given me some lag issues and some disconnects. But I have to admit that since I have gotten a better PC, the issues are, if not gone, then much improved.

And while you proclaim to be an expert on TCP/IP, I happen to have been in a lot of PVP, with people logging off or disconnecting. The ship, unless already warpscrambled - and in this case, that would require a warp disruptor bubble or 3 points - will warp off in a random direction, then go off scan in a short duration. You not only got killed, but also podded, you say. So I am guessing they got you in a bubble. Well, then you were toast. Welcome to 0.0, welcome to my world. And welcome to the world where 2 warp core stabs and a "I'll just dock and wait" isn't always going to save you.

Yes, CCP have problems lately and yes, I have seen a lot of fleet members disconnect mysteriously. But your emo-rage is not warranted in this case. So if you want to quit... Don't let me stop you.

Take care out in the real world expansion. I hear they have great graphics and less lag.

Shinji Seto
Xolti Research
Posted - 2008.11.03 16:57:00 - [32]

Dude. seriously it sounds like you just came here to whine and flame bait. No one cares about your 30 mil. regardless of DC'ing flying through 0.0 with everything you own in a retriever is just ******ed. Please do New Eden a favor and quit like you threatened.
Or you could grow some balls and quit being a cry baby and rebuild. By the way mining by yourself in 0.0 in a retriever is no where near efficient enough to outweigh the risk. Why don't find a 0.0 mining corp and make your isk back in a few days.

Sniper Wolf18
A Pretty Pony Princess
General Tso's Alliance
Posted - 2008.11.03 16:57:00 - [33]

Sol_n = Mine in hisec, where CCP have kindly made it safe for your kind

Originally by: Mr Mucker


^^^^ That is what you are ^^^^

Originally by: Mr Mucker

2 warp core stabs equipped

Warp stabs, in 0.0?LaughingLaughingLaughing

Originally by: Mr Mucker

I lost about 30 mils worth of goods.


Originally by: Mr Mucker

I have been disconnected through no fault of my own

You undocked, that is fault enough

Originally by: Mr Mucker

I donít care about their pathetic rules they should re-imburse me!

Why reimburse you when u spend another 3 weeks of ur sub getting 30 mil just to lose it again? Why bother if one member quits when 10+ people are subbing to eve a day?

Originally by: Mr Mucker

Anyway there is my moan and my case ;-) Now I know a load of you are going to have questions so Iíll clear up a lot of things here first.

Just one question, why bother spending time whining on the forums when u could be saving isk to buy another ship?

Best Path Inc.
Cascade Imminent
Posted - 2008.11.03 17:02:00 - [34]

Originally by: Mr Mucker
lol,I knew I was setting myself up for this kind of abuse.

you asked for it making this post

next time dont fly what you cant afford to loose, expect anything to happen, and that you play a game in which you own nothing anyway. (ccp has rights to it all)

Posted - 2008.11.03 17:19:00 - [35]

Your only method of 'striking back' at CCP for this is to quit and not pay. You are practically powerless.
CCP is the only on capable of reimbursing you and are under no contract to do. They have all the power.

You'd think someone in this situation would try to ask nicely to get what they wanted.

Wait... that would make sense... silly me, what was I thinking.

Let's put it in another context...

"Hey boss, I've got some important stuff to do, can I leave early?"
"Hey idiot, I need to leave because just the sight of your face and the stupidity behind it makes me want to murder people."

Mister Zero
Posted - 2008.11.03 17:22:00 - [36]

Sorry but there's no sympathy for you. I don't speak for everyone but I know everyone has had very serious losses due to CTDs or disconnects, not all get petitioned. I've seen entire fleets get wiped out (try 30b over your 30m) and not get reimbursed.

Rebuild, try again. And next time, stay out of 0.0 unless you have an escort.

Posted - 2008.11.03 18:33:00 - [37]

Originally by: Mr Mucker
In all fairness guys if it turns out not to be a CCP issue I will accept this. What this topic is about is whether you agree or disagree with re-imbursement IF it is a CCP side issue the fine I will accept this.

If it was a server side problem AND this can be proven CCP would reimburse you. I have suggested a few posts up to wait and see how the petition turns out before trying to get the forum on your bandwagon.

Which brings me to something at this point i think should be discussed by this community:

Your arrogance.

'All fairness'? WHY for the love of things considered holy do you think the community's support would be given on your vague description of events (this being a shot at 'all the things you know' mentioned in the post you made before the one quoted, 'all the things you know' that have not been added to the discussion). Then, WHY for the love of aforementioned things considered holy do you think you can make demands - upfront - to the game company. For one, they just might go along with you on their own initiative, you didnt even give them the chance. You started off on your crusade beforehand. Second, because you paid for guarantueed game world availability and stability? You really must read the things you agree to before sending ppl money.

And finally, the audacity you show here asking for support for your case and subsequently calling every single person whose response is not to your liking (including constructive criticism) a moron, is beyond me.

Thea Arsoniztik
Senex Legio
Get Off My Lawn
Posted - 2008.11.03 18:45:00 - [38]

Originally by: Kobushi
your stuff can I have when you ragequit please

What stuff? He already lost it all, and isn't going to get it back.

Highwind Cid
Posted - 2008.11.03 18:45:00 - [39]

To the OP, My sub actually ends very soon, and I don't plan on coming back in awhile(Maybe after a Summer exapnsion). I could give you 30 mill isk.

Posted - 2008.11.03 21:00:00 - [40]

Originally by: Mr Mucker
Yes there is no way to be certain is what CCP but the evidence does point towards them.
But it doesn't, that's the whole point. Nothing in your report particularly suggests that the problem lies with CCP. It sounds like a typical, everyday Internet glitch somewhere between you and the cluster.

If this is your first online computer game then you've just learnt a useful lesson. The Internet is a glorified game of pass the parcel and the fact that it works at all is something of a miracle.

There's only two pieces of advice I can offer.
* Never fly something you cannot afford to lose.
* Remember that it's just a game.

Posted - 2008.11.03 21:08:00 - [41]

Edited by: EnslaverOfMinmatar on 03/11/2008 21:11:38

yep, disconnects can happen on docking, undocking, jumping through the gates and opening the market. Blame the optional patches that they forced on you.

you're not alone

Rionnag Alba
Posted - 2008.11.03 21:09:00 - [42]

Originally by: Winterblink
Originally by: Mr Mucker
Winterblink, it makes me laugh when idiots like you post messages like this
So like, you and 10 other people, but magically NOT the people attacking you were disconnected?

It actually was a serious question. It's sad you didn't get that.

Yes it is. Op fails to see that IF anyone in that system wasn't disconnected. The problem is NOT on eve's side. The problem will be somewhere in the routing to the eve server. Now, obviously it must have been pretty close (hop wise) to the eve server because of groups of people disconnecting and others not, but it was definately not on the eve cluster side.

Which brings me to the logs. Those will not show anything else then that you disconnected and it wasn't on their end. 'nough said.

The Graduates
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2008.11.03 21:44:00 - [43]

I wonder if he works for Senator Ted Stevens' IT staff...

Honourable East India Trading Company
Posted - 2008.11.03 21:45:00 - [44]

OP: -17.73652848/10

Method of Destruction
Snatch Victory
Posted - 2008.11.03 23:57:00 - [45]

Originally by: fiber0pti


Posted - 2008.11.04 00:06:00 - [46]

and i thought i was a bad poster....

Kweel Nakashyn
shadow and cloaking
Posted - 2008.11.04 00:22:00 - [47]

Edited by: Kweel Nakashyn on 04/11/2008 00:25:29
/me works since 3 years on servers, I found any bug very quikly now.

Originally by: Mr Mucker
I decided to move my mining operation in 0.0 space.
Alone ? This is the bug.

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