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Habitual Euthanasia
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2004.07.05 20:46:00 - [91]

Originally by: Dukath
Make the warp out poiint more random. Right now if a fleet gangwarps to a spot they end up right on top of each other, so close that they can't use missiles and have a very hard time maneuvering. First thing you need to do at the start of a battle is to 'break apart' so that you wont be hindered in missile use and/or warping out if needed.

Simple fix: Make each warp exit spot random in a sphere of about 15 to 20km. This should fix the gangwarp issue a lot. The only problem could be that it removes instajumps. On the other hand the randomness will sometimes bring you in instajump range immediately when warping to a gate and sometimes a bit further out :) One can also make it so that warping to a bookmark is exact while warping to anything else is randomised a bit.


Excellent Idea

spurious signal
Posted - 2004.07.06 07:06:00 - [92]

3 small feature requests:

1) More options in orbit/warp-to distances. A manual-entry box would rock. I'd like to be able to orbit at 60km, warp-in at 100km etc.

2) Better bookmark handling - nested folders in people&places, ability to copy/paste bookmarks, ability to drag'n'copy multiple bookmarks and LOTS less lag on moving/copying bookmarks.

3) Better & more consistent window handling - Why do some pop-up windows steal focus and *require* them to have "ok" clicked before you can do ANYTHING else? Editing bookmark window for instance - when that's up you *cannot* click on anything else, very frustrating and dangerous. No windows should behave like this, not even the critical warning pop-ups - it takes control of the interface away from the user, very bad! Naughty! *spanks*


The Fated
Posted - 2004.07.06 14:52:00 - [93]

ok, the list from this topic has been submitted to the CSM - unfortunatelly we could not include some very good items on that list since it is limited to ten items... however they will be added to the list to replace "fixed" items.

It was decided to tune the list to the most pressing fixes...

anyway.. there is the "did not make it list"

- Ability to repackage/reprocess stuff in corp hangers( I am CEO ffs)
- Add the roles for which "director" stands for so I can grant a "rent office" or other such tasks to various members

- Level 4 agents. Seriously.

- Please make ME affect tech2 components. Get rid of wastage factor entirely and factor in the ME 0 10% loss into the base requirements. Allow ME to affect the base requirements directly and have it work on total materials required by job to create efficiencies of scale. This would allow tech2 component savings on large run jobs. (Dont get savings until end to stop exploitation)
- Give us the rest of the tech1 BPs and allow all SCC items to appear on the market. Even some are missing where the tech2 BP is already out and a lot of items are invisible on the market despite being SCC approved. Threads for both these issues have been running for ages.
- Please make PE worth something more than 5 seconds when researching it. (0.5% time reduction per run max -50%?)

- I also think each gang member should have the ability to choose what distance they "warp to", or come out of warp at.
- MAKE gang warp so you can choose the distance you want to land from the object you are warping to like you can with normal solo warp's
- gang warp to ranges other than 15km


- A WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) bio editor.
- A Sensor Calibration Indicator Light (link:
- Change the look of the "Stop" button
- Quick Map (F11) - When using the directional scanner, the angle displayed on the lower panel doen't match the angle selected in the scanner window.

- Text marking in chat windows - If you're lucky copy will copy what is shown as selected into the buffer.
- URIs are underlined to highlight them, this doesn't always match where the URI is on the screen.
- Characters that have been "univited" from an "invite only" channel can rejoin at will. The unvite command doesn't appear to reset the "chat invitation" flag.
- friendly/hostile/gang flags on pilots in local

MISC (or not categorized yet)
- Target stays locked outside targetrange as long as no modules are activated on target. (prevents cloaking for those that have it)
- Mobile Warp Disruptors
They currently are very inconsistent in how they work. People are either dropped out of warp 150km away from the gate, travel straight through it as if it didn't exist, or stop inside the bubble correctly. During our use of them, we have not been able to reproduce the effects consistently, but they do occur frequently.
- I still have problems with skill completion bug. The completed level does not show. If I train the same skill again, it repeats the level just completed. I have to train a different skill then go back to the original to get it to update and go to the next level.
- auto reload
If you have auto-reload on all turrets and a couple of turrets run out of ammo at the same time, auto-reload grabs all the available ammo, which results in an error message when the next turret tries to reload.
- Autoscanner freezing up. (Worse since 1549)
- login bug with large address books.
When you have a lot of people in your address book loading time takes too long. (up to 5 minutes, timed it) While in station it is not a problem, just an annoyance. However while in space it is a HUGE problem.
- Autopilot dropping off unexpectedly
- Auto Target Back doesn't target the amount you specify in options.
- Being able to left click in the hanger window and getting the "repair" option
- Bug: Collision detection. It's annoying that a battleship is stopped dead by a capsule, frigate, cruiser, can, industrial, and the passing wind of a flatulent space gnat.
- Ability to transport players in ships and InterBus (for pickup of ships, etc)
- Disabling private conversation and gang invites if you so choose. In battles there could be nothing more annoying then getting a conversation request or gang invite. Actually disabling anything that ever pops up on your screen while your in space like server messages etc
- quickinfo without portraitcapture, as seen in idealab
- bookmarks not sortable by name when in hangar or can
- Give cruisers role specific bonuses to create variety of usage and reason to use them. We shouldnt have to wait for tech2 ships to necessarily get these.
- personal hangers set up like corp hangers. Cans only go so far
- Please give the crafting system some loving. You know even if it took peopl

Dragon's Rage
Posted - 2004.07.06 16:50:00 - [94]

When you you move your task bar to the left hand of the screen ie... map, char sheet, channels etc. the escrow does not show you the slide bar to move up and down in escrow.

Lost a ship to this one,,, When in battle haveing a way-point set for auto pilot to escape will not warp you out untill you are in a pod, at least from a stopped position. happened twice so far.

Posted - 2004.07.07 02:06:00 - [95]

Just for clarification...

Ravenal, do you mean that the list you just posted now is the "Did not make it list", and... what, will not be addressed? Or will be addressed in the future?

I really feel that the Mobile Warp Disruptor issue has to be something that is addressed sooner rather than later. With insta-jumps here to stay, everyone likes to scream at pirates to "just" use mobile warp disruptors. I'd love to - if they worked.

-- Zen

The Royal Order
Posted - 2004.07.07 11:37:00 - [96]


Icons that tell you:
1. when you can change ships after docking. ie the "You are still docking" message.
2. When you can undock after shipchange. ie the "You are still buckling your seatbelt" message.
3. Any forgotten "You cant do that, because you have 10 tumbs" messages.

Its a small pain to wait for something, you just haven't got a clue on how long it will take.
Quick turnarounds would be better, but Indicators would spare some of the irritation.

The Fated
Posted - 2004.07.07 14:37:00 - [97]

Originally by: Zenobia
Just for clarification...

Ravenal, do you mean that the list you just posted now is the "Did not make it list", and... what, will not be addressed? Or will be addressed in the future?

I really feel that the Mobile Warp Disruptor issue has to be something that is addressed sooner rather than later. With insta-jumps here to stay, everyone likes to scream at pirates to "just" use mobile warp disruptors. I'd love to - if they worked.

-- Zen

This was the "did not make it" list

Ten items were picked to be on the list that was posted on the CSM chat.

Once items are removed from that list... items from the "did not make it list" will be added instead.

do note that it was stated that fixing the mobile warp disruptors was mentioned as "in fix".. and i think a patch review by traveller mentions em fixed.

anyway ... keep up the good work - still trying to find that progress report to the list :/

Posted - 2004.07.07 14:41:00 - [98]

Thanks Rav.

-- Zen

The Initiative.
Posted - 2004.07.07 18:09:00 - [99]

A UI that doesn't take +60% of ones resources.. Seriously.. the UI in EVE is fubar..

Templars of Space
Posted - 2004.07.08 20:36:00 - [100]

on the making a visible difference between bpc and bpo (something as slight as even color) has a considerable petition 120+ signatures within the factories forum.....does that count or would it be better to have them all come here and sign? O.....I support this idea. Seperate colors would be ideal

Simen Looswe
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2004.07.09 07:35:00 - [101]

Feature request:
- A more advanced way to organize bookmarks. Right-Click Menu: 'Copy', 'Move' etc Explorer Style so to speak.
-or a way to organize bookmarks, out of game, in the eve-folder. Currently organizing your Bookmarks is a disaster, even with folders. After reinstalling the game, you can start all over again.Confused

Posted - 2004.07.09 10:55:00 - [102]

Edited by: Quix on 09/07/2004 13:09:37
More Action!

Look at

Simen Looswe
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2004.07.09 11:09:00 - [103]

Feature Request:
-NPC rats get numbers. that way its easier to assign targets
For instance: fire at Arch Angel Commander #1, next: Arch Angel Centurion #3.
Works better then saying: 'fire on the left one!' ' No the other left...'
Also makes parsing logs easier.

Hunting Master
Posted - 2004.07.09 14:25:00 - [104]

Edited by: Hunting Master on 09/07/2004 14:27:59

Why don't you create NPC Battleships based on possible configs instead of "dream" stats....

1. BS has an sensor strenght of 15 for ALL sensor types...this must be an mega BS, i wish i had one... Please make their strenghts more based on the technologie which available in the isn't that easy sure, and i prolly comsumes mor e time , but this way its just boring..

2. BS has tracking speed and firepower of an fully equipped Player BS, but it drops only frigate loot...what the heck is this...this won't make sense...

3. make their actions not this predictable, let them sometimes flee to an planet if not scrambled, or maybe let them call in reinforcements for some reasons, this way you could make little "NPC battles" with an little balancing instead of dumb acting Zombies...

4. And last but not least document the changes...please please please.....

Dev Null Development and Holdings
Posted - 2004.07.10 02:55:00 - [105]

How about being able to set multiple scanner configurations so we can have one for Mining and one for hunting...Gets annoying having to switch off Autoscanner for minerals when rat hunting.

The Fated
Posted - 2004.07.10 10:34:00 - [106]

Originally by: Deamos
How about being able to set multiple scanner configurations so we can have one for Mining and one for hunting...Gets annoying having to switch off Autoscanner for minerals when rat hunting.

autoscanner > settings > second check box > check/uncheck "show asteroids"

Chade Malloy
Ardent Industrial
Posted - 2004.07.10 19:13:00 - [107]

Please scale up the stations a bit...maybe by a factor of 1.4 or so, so they would look more "epic" (atm they are bigger INSIDE than outside!), and to solve some colision detection errors at undocking from some of them. (ship bouncing around madly)

Molly Razor
Posted - 2004.07.10 19:38:00 - [108]

Edited by: Molly Razor on 13/07/2004 05:07:52
I very much agree with the BPC appearance change.
Also, deployable refineries, even truly expensive ones, would be awesome.
Anything that would allow a field change out of modules would also be very helpful.

There are times when I am deep in unsafe space, sometimes without a station for several jumps, that I would like to change the role of my ship radically, even if that means just swapping out cargo space with a couple warp stabilizers. With mechanic five, I wish I could do such a thing.

As for a new suggestion, what if we had EW missles?

Say, ones that disabled engines, or broke locks? Ways to balance it could be that they were pricey, or that you suffered some penalties to your own performance when using them.

That, or a deployable EW station.

If I'm flying around in a covert ops frigate, and I decloaked, I'd like to be able to spring some nasty suprise on another ship.


I just wanted to add something that occurred to me later. If you did have EW missles, a possible balance would be a dedicated launcher.

Matari BackBone
Posted - 2004.07.11 15:20:00 - [109]

FIX: Launching from Minmatar stations causes large ships (indies and battleships) to get jammed half-way down the tube.

Feature: How about the ability to be able to specify icons to show on player portraits (in local, chat, search for character, buddy lists etc.) to remind me about other players. This might replace or add to the online/offline icon of buddies. The sorts of icons you might have would indicate things like (ally, enemy, hunting pass, mining pass, travel pass, pirate, miner, hauler,trader, ally scout, enemy scout, group 1, group 2 ....). These could either be set on the buddy list or when you set player standings.

Feature: More info in the player protrait block in (local, chat, buddies ....) such as corp ticker, sec status, personal standing, criminal flag etc.

Feature: A Clear Cache button on the login screen that will clear the cache but retain settings, bookmarks etc.

Feature: A Reload All button or right click menu option.

Mod: Only be able to rent as many lab slots as you have Lab Ops skill levels. Maybe add another skill Lab Management if you really want people to be able to rent more.

Status Pending
Posted - 2004.07.11 21:32:00 - [110]

feature request:

A petition button for ships lost due to CTD/Bugs.

(the main petitions are not clear on the subject, and the "other" petition system is confusing, slow, and only to do with billing and subscriptions???

Band of Brothers
Posted - 2004.07.12 03:16:00 - [111]

Fix armor tanking. It is currently ridiculously overpowered and doesnt use enough cap. During a fleet battle I saw like 20 battleships train on one armor tanked apoc and we couldnt get it below half armor.

Similarly, Shield Tanking is overnerfed in relation to armor tanking. Apocs can armor tank all to hell and still fit enough large beams to do massive damage. The ONLY way to shield tank as effectively is in a scorp with mid slots full of extenders/hardeners.

Rodj Blake
PIE Inc.
Posted - 2004.07.13 10:17:00 - [112]

I'd like CCP to take a look at the racial chat channels (Amarr/Minmatar/Gallente/Caldari).

As of a couple of patches ago, these became official CCP channels, and became listed by default.

Whilst this has had the very good effect of increasing participation in the Amarr channel, the downside has been that a lot of it's flavour has been diluted, as there are now regularly non-Amarr there. This in itself is not an issue (a lot of the non-Amarr do have a genuine interest in Amarrian issues), except when we get Minmatar characters appearing and saying "Death to all Amarr" etc. We also now get more spam in the channel than before.

I'm speaking from the POV of someone who spends a lot of time in the Amarr channel. I assume that the other channels have similar issues, but can't be sure as I'm an Amarr and don't use them.

I personally don't have a problem with most of the non-Amarrs sitting in the Amarr channel, and the fact that the changes have allowed greater access to players is laudable, but I do feel that some sort of moderation is required.

Possible solutions:

Make racial channels only available to characters of the appropriate race (downside: will decrease inter-racial participation, and would still allow spam/abuse in the channel).

Make racial channels CCP moderated (downside: would possibly put a strain on mod resources).

Make racial channels player-moderated (downside: might lead to accusations of bias, and also the operator tools have never worked as people would like - i.e. its hard to ban someone without making a channel invite only).

Posted - 2004.07.13 13:52:00 - [113]

Corp mangament tools!

1. It is a huge task to keep updated with all your corp members. Some issues I want to have knowledge about are: how long they have been in corp, what ship/s they have, what kind of wheapons they use, what they have specialized in, their standings towards NPC corps, their authorities and what hangar access they have. I wold like to have lists that

I as CEO can see this informaion in.
Now You have to manually go and look at a couple of places for this information, som of it I have to ask about too. The inromation that are already present should be a easy task to merge into a sheet or something for the DEV's.

2. What to do with the x-corp members that have left the game? I run a corp that have been active in recruiting n00b's and I now have about 20 players that have stopped logging into the game. How can I get the gear back that they got from corp? I can actually see a lot of ships and items in they hangar but I can not take it back to corp... This is a very big issue that have to be solved, otherwise it is almost impossible to recruite new players. A lot of them have only buddy accounts and leave the game after the period has passed. I really want to keep helping and training new players, but there is a problem with ships and stuff that beeing locked into a x-members hangar. Please give CEO take rights for the members hangars!!!!

Vengeance of the Fallen
Curse Alliance
Posted - 2004.07.13 20:15:00 - [114]

Make the BPC's a different colour to the BPO's!

I have been banging me head about this for as long as we have been able to copy prints. please sort it, it should have been done millenia ago.

Joshua Calvert
Rule One
Posted - 2004.07.13 20:59:00 - [115]

Sansha Monster NPC is an Interceptor but it has the same ship icon as Sansha cruisers.

Vengeance of the Fallen
Curse Alliance
Posted - 2004.07.13 22:16:00 - [116]

Fix the stupid stations.

im sick of being stuck on them when flying a BS, its even WORSe when flying an indy. Its a joke.

Half the stations docking bays are only just big enough to fit cruisers in anyway, when you fly out in a battleship you get stuck on the staton models.

i just lost a ship cause of this, which i would have otherwise saved.
never midn the ship loss though, its just frikken annoying sitting there wrestling with the thing trying to unhook yourself from it.

Coreli Corporation
Posted - 2004.07.13 23:58:00 - [117]

Allowing Nvidea Card Users to view billboards and see Minmatar stations would be a nice fix.

Mr Jolly
V i r u s
Pendulum of Doom
Posted - 2004.07.14 08:16:00 - [118]

Make BPC a different colour from BPO

Sort out lab slots so that supply and demand are in the same ballpark.
( I suggest dev login and see how long it takes them to find a free lab slot to guage the situation )

Danton Marcellus
Nebula Rasa Holdings
Posted - 2004.07.15 00:26:00 - [119]

Edited by: Danton Marcellus on 15/07/2004 00:49:47
Make the corporate applications deletable, I'd rather have a record of who used to be in our corporation than forevermore being stuck with who we rejected. Also with that log being very long Updated and Unprocessed sorta mesh...

The map getting stuck is another 'feature' I can do without, I don't mind it showing way less than it does but I should at least be able to operate it, now it's just stuck.

Sphere Design Inc.
Posted - 2004.07.15 20:23:00 - [120]

Edited by: zenquai on 16/07/2004 01:02:37
sorry, but where can i find the "CSM top ten community demanded feature/bug fix list" list ? I think this list should be in the first post in this thread, so people could actually find it.

also if this list is truly community driven, put the most "popular" bugs
in a poll, and let the community vote on them.

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