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Posted - 2008.10.23 12:23:00 - [61]

Can i have a hug?

Moving on...... Some guy was bloggin on about a year or so about 'entire systems becoming asteriod belts' (probably one too many Quafe's). What id like to know is, are there any plans (not talking about the mythical Orca) to make Industry a little more interesting? Maybe make people use probes to scan down ALL asteroid belts (which would totally frack the macro miners)? I just feel that there could be alot more to industry (in the way of excavation, not the research/T2 part)?

Also....are there any plans to 'enhance' or make the engineering side, (I.E. ship fitting and configuration) a little more 'IN DEPTH' things like manually adjusting power to different modules etc...?

fanks for watching.Surprised

Tasko Pal
Posted - 2008.10.23 12:33:00 - [62]

When will CCP release information about the coming expansion? In particular,

  • What skills will be required to fly and make the Orca?

  • What sort of "rebalancing" of industrials will occur?

  • How close is the current storefront interface on Sisi to what will eventually be released?

  • Mister Irizar
    Sebiestor Tribe
    Posted - 2008.10.23 12:33:00 - [63]

    If possible - details about ambulation ?

    few days left for fanfest ugh

    Slinkus Gallentus
    Lysergic Spacetime Dimension
    Posted - 2008.10.23 12:36:00 - [64]

    Edited by: Slinkus Gallentus on 23/10/2008 12:37:21
    Originally by: Jmarr Hyrgund
    a rabid pack of ungrateful players screaming blue murder at you because they can no longer take advantage of an exploit which basically let them play for free

    1. we dont have to be grateful. WE PAY MONEY TO PLAY. If they want us to be grateful as well, then they better pony up some cash.

    2. What exploit allowed us to play for free?

    These are people trying to run a business and while some of the things they do to try and make that business a success may anger some of us, I'm sure we all agree that our world would be a poorer place without EVE in it.

    Err, no. The world would carry on regardless. The greedy will still get richer, the poor will still get poorer. The starving will still not get fed.

    I feel sorry for you if your world is as big as EVE.

    Mirkur Draug'Tyr
    Posted - 2008.10.23 12:44:00 - [65]

    Edited by: Trinneth on 23/10/2008 12:52:26
    Edited by: Trinneth on 23/10/2008 12:51:45
    • I'm a relatively new player, there's never been an alliance tournament since I joined, but I very much enjoyed watching the old ones, are there any plans to hold another any time soon?

    • Ghost training

      1. I think some acknowledgement that the change could have been better handled would be appreciated by a lot of us.

      2. Buried deep within the thousands of comments on the issue are quite a few suggestions for ways CCP could provide ghost training for those who want it either with a reduced cost subscription which would only allow training, or with an optional fee on resubscribing to have ghost trained skills added to your character. Has there been any discussion of implementing these or similar features?

      3. Please can we have skill queues now?

    • The upcoming UI changes are most welcome, what're your plans for future improvements to the UI system.

    • Please can we have transcripts or recordings of these live dev-blogs, since without one or the other large segments of the community will miss out. A podcast on itunes would be nice.

    Minmatar Ship Construction Services
    Posted - 2008.10.23 12:44:00 - [66]

    1. When will we see ambulation? Ballpark would be nice since many thought it was coming in Midas

    2. Will Midas remove material penalties for specific POS arrays (e.g. component assembly array, ammunition assembly array)? Does CCP see POS's as a way to relieve manufacturing slot congestion in high traffic areas, or is it not on their radar at all?

    3. Will we ever be able to run reactions (reactions, not moon mining) in High Security space?

    4. Will the change to webifiers in the nano-nerf affect people's ability to use webbing to make freighters enter warp quicker?

    5. Given all the nerfs that super-caps have gone through and given that they are far more vulnerable (especially moms) than they were on initial release, is there any intention to allow them to dock?

    6. When will CCP develop a jump planner tool similar to whats is available on EvE-ICSC. Why has CCP out-sourced this kind of functionality to its customers when it should be available in-game?

    7. Will CCP develop a secure method for trading ships that cannot dock, e.g. Moms and Titans?

    8. Secondary markets: When will EvE have a formal stock market trading system?

    Hugo Rune
    Ministry of Serendipity
    Posted - 2008.10.23 12:48:00 - [67]

    When are we going to see

    - Changes to blasterships to compensate for the webifier and speed changes? They are completely hopeless on Sisi, unable to track targets up close or (obviously) reachthem further away, and are struggling to get in range and hold down targets.

    - Black ops boosts?

    - The actual "content" to Quantum Rise? Like new ships, game mechanics, t3? manufacturable implants?, stuff like that! Stuff that changes the game for everyone in a positive way, rather than yet-to-be-balanced nerfs?

    -Some boosts for balanced ships like the Huginn and Rapier which are going to be obsolete?

    Posted - 2008.10.23 12:53:00 - [68]

    Will we see any new battleships for drone users?

    Aikhiko Somotho
    Imperium Galactica
    Posted - 2008.10.23 13:15:00 - [69]

    CCP staff pointed out that you didn't know about Ghost Training was listed as feature, and were surprised by reaction from community. Fixing a bug and removing a feature that was a major selling point seems different.

    Bug abuse is unfair, using an advertised feature that was kept in game intentionally and was advertised is fair, so the change that was planned to be a "fairness patch" became unfair to many players.

    Do you consider releasing a "fairness patch" with compensation in the near future? Do you plan to include skill queues in them? Do you plan to reduce skill training times with it?

    Learning skills became a major annoyance for new players and new alts, and somehow reducing the gap between new and old players are essential for keeping new players beyound the 7 months mark.

    Gradually reduced skill training times (10% / year since release of Eve), removal of learning skill (and boosting attributes to allow faster learning) would be better for the game. What do you think about this?

    At "removal" if learning skills: I would turn them into teaching skills. When a character a teaches someone (for free or for ISK) a skill he knows, the bonuses of these "teaching" skills would add to the attributes of the students.

    The basic education skill would provide education slot, the attribute affecting skills would give a boost to the student who learns a skill.

    What do you think about this idea? I think if learning skills as is are recognized as a problem these proposed changes would make the game better on the long run.

    Atropos Kahn
    Imminent Ruin
    Posted - 2008.10.23 13:27:00 - [70]

    Will CCP ever allow USER CREATED CONTENT submissions for 3D models/textures into EVE?

    Some other MMO's like POtBS allow USER CREATED CONTENT to be part of the game client.

    Mr LaboratoryRat
    Confederation of DuckTape Lovers
    Posted - 2008.10.23 13:45:00 - [71]

    One thing i really really hate is the downtime time. Its not a issue that the server go's down its a issue when it go's down. Im living in GMT +1 timezone and the server always go's down at 1 o'clock in the afternoon till 2. Lately i have seen a few extended downtimes (half hour-45 min later) Its then alreaddy half past 3 or 3 o'cloak. Normal dinner time is 5. So in 1 afternoon i can play 2 hours, i find it redicules and very innoing, so my question is cant downtime become another time? like 3 hours earlyer or 13 hours later? Alot of Europ players would be alot happier

    Derdre Esme
    Posted - 2008.10.23 14:42:00 - [72]

    Hello i have a question

    Does CCP plan to remove "ghost trading" like "ghost training" as today it's possible to set orders to last 3 months and they remain if your account is not active


    Yakia TovilToba
    Halliburton Inc.
    Posted - 2008.10.23 14:49:00 - [73]

    Raven State Issue

    Can you introduce more of them please ?

    Posted - 2008.10.23 15:22:00 - [74]

    Edited by: Zeroskills on 23/10/2008 15:31:05
    Two questions:

    1. "Nerf Scalpel"

    Is there any possibility that CCP could address simple "easy fix" balance issues on a faster time scale? Perhaps something like the Guild Wars model, which implemented incremental stat-oriented balance tweaks on a regular basis.

    It seems that significant developer resources go into major balance-related design changes (e.g. the speed rebalance , changes to Nosferatu modules, reduction in unbonused EWAR effectiveness, implementation of turret tracking, torpedo redesign, etc.). Comparatively few developer resources appear dedicated to smaller statistical tweaks (e.g. battlecruiser shield regen, caldari capital CPU, siege torp HP, autocannon RoF, etc.) -- an understandable consequence of a long development pipeline full of major projects.

    A faster implementation of incremental balance changes would be useful given the coming speed rebalance. The complex knock-on effects of these sweeping changes guarantee that Sisi testing won't uncover every resulting balance problem. Once problems reveal themselves on TQ, I want to measure CCP's response time in months, rather than quarters or years. Silly things like the Typhoon having less ArmorHP than ShieldHP and T2 ammo being either amazing (sniper ammo) or underpowered (close range high damage) makes it hard to have confidence in timely fixes.

    Would CCP consider creating a small team of devs dedicated to quickly identifying balance issues and implementing fixes, perhaps on a monthly basis? Perhaps you can call them "Balance Ninjas" and give them cool t-shirts. But someone at CCP needs to "own" the fine tuning of ships and modules -- the nerf scalpel, rather than nerf bat. CCP needs to replace its haphazard approach to "little fixes" with something systemic -- the laudable, but overdue, Citadel Torp HP boost got attention after a dev stumbled onto a 50 page thread and took the initiative.

    Lastly, the nerdiest and less ideological members of EVE's player base, as well as recent CCP hires therefrom, could be a great resource for data and ideas.

    2. A New UI

    Is a completely redesigned UI currently in the pipeline? EVE's current UI compares very poorly to those in MMOs of the last several years.

    Specific issues that need to be addressed:
    - color blindness usability (ARRRGHH! WHY ALWAYS RED AND GREEN?!)
    - remappable hot keys
    - customizable buttons (I shouldn't need a drop down menu to change orbit from 15km to 20km)
    - much less busy module display (those poor little buttons are overfilled with module activation, heat activation, heat damage, ammo, and now cycle timers and weapon linking)
    - sharable overview and bracket settings
    - less reliance, generally, on drop down menus and mouse clicks -- more keybinds and buttons
    - no more random window movement, resizing, snap-to neighbors, etc.

    Imperial Shipment
    Posted - 2008.10.23 15:55:00 - [75]

    1.Skill - Queue WHEN ????

    2.When will something be done against MacroMiners ?

    3.And last big question: Skill - Queue When ??

    Nymeria Ravennel
    Posted - 2008.10.23 15:59:00 - [76]

    Originally by: Belmarduk
    1.Skill - Queue WHEN ????

    2.When will something be done against MacroMiners ?

    3.And last big question: Skill - Queue When ??


    Bob Niac
    freelancers inc
    Imperial 0rder
    Posted - 2008.10.23 16:03:00 - [77]

    what ever happened to the asteroid belt revamp?

    can we ever expect faction T2? (Caldari Navy Golem)

    What happened to the racial exploration stuff?

    Genetic Algorithm
    School of Applied Knowledge
    Posted - 2008.10.23 16:07:00 - [78]

    Just a simple one from me..... Smile

    Can we have an 'align to' option for a bookmark?


    Vindicated Blast.
    Posted - 2008.10.23 16:09:00 - [79]

    i would like to here my question answered plz

    1.where do you think solo PVP is going and what do you think may bring it back?
    2.what are your OWN views on the "nano" nerf?
    3.would you like to see EVETV to return?

    Posted - 2008.10.23 16:13:00 - [80]

    Can you give a time line on a few things, when we may see them.

    walking in stations
    planet interaction
    comets and system wide belts

    freelancers inc
    Imperial 0rder
    Posted - 2008.10.23 16:16:00 - [81]

    would ccp ever consider giving super caps more roles ?? atm they are just plain borring.. would be kinda nice if they had more roles.. like mom could make ammo at the batlleground and titan might make WHEN ANCHORED a miniature station where u can dock and repair or somthing like that!

    Bellum Eternus
    The Scope
    Posted - 2008.10.23 16:21:00 - [82]

    I have a simple question that would require a long answer:

    What is CCP's vision regarding blaster ships in Eve? What is their envisioned role? How does CCP expect them to compete in PVP against all the other types of ships and fits? What is CCP doing to ensure that they remain effective?

    Other than that, my fellow players have already come up with a very darn good list of questions. If even 1% of them are answered satisfactorily, I'll be impressed.

    Posted - 2008.10.23 16:26:00 - [83]

    I've heard the name Ocra thrown around allot. Its been labeled "massive industrial". What the heck is it???

    Tell us about the Orca... Even if its prefaced with "this isn't set in stone".

    Posted - 2008.10.23 16:31:00 - [84]

    Edited by: Azraeljbs on 23/10/2008 17:06:12
    Originally by: CCP Wrangler
    Update: Unfortunately we just heard that CCP t0rfifrans is unable to make it for this Live Dev Blog. CCP Zulupark, Associate Producer and Content Director, will take his place. As CCP Zulupark reports directly to CCP t0rfifrans he will be able to answer all your questions just as well.

    We all know the truth.....
    While strolling through the forums and patting himself on the back for the wonderfulRolling Eyes Dev Blog on "Ghost Training" and the interview with MMOG CCP t0rfifrans wasn't watching where he was going and tripped over the Threadnaught on "Ghost Training", FAILED Razz and hit his head, and is using it as an excuse to dodge the angry mob with virtual torches and pitchforks.Laughing

    Here are my questions
    1. What is CCP going to do about training now that the "unintended feature" has been removed?
    2. No other MMO allows the player to gain XP while inactive, but EVE is not any other MMO. EVE requires real time training, some of which takes over a month to do. Many people used this time to take a break or recharge or take vacations or deployments for military people. Now it's gone and many are angry. What are CCP's plans to ease the sting if any?
    Also as others mentioned can we get a transcript of these dev blogs please?
    3. Can you tell us exactly how many active accounts have been canceled since the "Ghost Training" nerf?

    Clans of the Sanctums
    Posted - 2008.10.23 16:34:00 - [85]

    Edited by: SemiCharmed on 23/10/2008 16:35:02
    Simple 2 things...

    How are you planning to get rid of the macro miners that infest our ice and solid, but minable rocks, in the near future? simply put, how you going to stop them from cheating and gaining an unfair (and its against the rules) advantage over other players!?

    Anyone that objects to that question is obviously going to be ****ed because it will hurt them most. - wonder why...Rolling Eyes


    When are you going to look over the mission system? are we going to see more missions that are NONE FACTION HIT? as the eve mission system is a bit sucky and has been neglected!

    Risu TheSquirrel
    Posted - 2008.10.23 16:35:00 - [86]

    Inquiring Squirrels around the universe would like to know about the Following topics:

    • Orca Details please!!!

    • Hisec Moon mining

    Thankies from all the Little Nut Harvesters >^.^<

    Scoobie Snacks
    Posted - 2008.10.23 16:35:00 - [87]

    I have left 0.0 alliance warfare because of the intense lag associated with it. While I do not experience any computer or network lag because I have a very powerful computer, most often, it is node lag which makes the game unplayable.

    What is being done to improve alliance warfare and the servers ability to support large groups of players interacting with one another?

    Sir SmokesABunch
    Posted - 2008.10.23 16:37:00 - [88]

    I would just like to comment of the upcoming nano nerf coming with quantum rise. I'm not a super hardcore player who cares about ratios and equations, i have however been on the test server, and since my guy is mainly minmatar...i feel really astonished at the core. I have just finished training the vagabond...and would not have had i known about these changes...amarr ships seem to have a distinct advantage. U guys talk about balance....the balance has been tossed out the airlock...Shocked

    Posted - 2008.10.23 16:41:00 - [89]

    I would like to see the following:

    1. Some unique custom ships from time to time.
    2. Let's get over NOT having drones on Industrials - it's not like there isn't room.
    3. How's about periodic expanded Concord activity in less than 0.5 (like raids yah know.)
    4. Make the boundary areas larger!


    Posted - 2008.10.23 16:43:00 - [90]

    THe following would be nice

    1 the ability to have alist in csv format of market items
    2 The ability to export our skills and character info to csv format
    3 the ability to export shipp fittings to file to allow building up useful lists for teference reasons.
    4 The ability to export our ISK jornals as well
    5 The ability to do the same with Our current assets both in hangers an containers

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