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The Scope
Posted - 2008.10.21 23:17:00 - [1]

Edited by: Danadur on 21/10/2008 23:18:01
It is with great sorrow that this announcement is made. One of our own pod pilots has passed on from this world to the next. Dragalin passed away October 19th, 2008. While she wasn't much of a forum poster here, she made a difference in every life she touched. There are many past and present NPCC and IRC members who remember her with fondness and love.

NPCC has set up a public forum dedicated to her life here. Please come and share your memories of her.

Fly safe Dragalin!

Saju Somtaaw
Kagan-Kincaid Enterprises
Posted - 2008.10.21 23:29:00 - [2]

May she rest in peace, and those who knew her find comfort.

Master Kent
Unforeseen Consequences.
Posted - 2008.10.21 23:35:00 - [3]


My condolences to her fameily and wingmen.

Rest in peace from an ex wingman

Armoured C
Noir. Mercenary Group
Posted - 2008.10.21 23:53:00 - [4]

after serving 3 months in the Intrepid Crossing (IRC) alliance i believe i have flown with her twice,

may her soul rest in peace and never forgotten,

condolences to her family, friends, wing men and pod pilot alike

Armoured C
Armoured Gamer
Gallente Citizen

Posted - 2008.10.22 00:00:00 - [5]

Originally by: Danadur
Fly safe Dragalin!

Indeed, fly safe.

Chaos Incarnate
Faceless Logistics
Posted - 2008.10.22 00:02:00 - [6]

Sorry to hear it.

Aloriana Jacques
Royal Amarr Institute
Posted - 2008.10.22 00:23:00 - [7]

My condolences to all who knew her.

CCP Mitnal

Posted - 2008.10.22 01:38:00 - [8]

Moved to OOPE.

My condolences to her family and all those pilots that flew with her in EVE.

Seth Ruin
Ominous Corp
Posted - 2008.10.22 01:42:00 - [9]

It's always a sad day when one of our own passes away.

May her friends and family find strength in one another.

Drunken Space Irish
Posted - 2008.10.22 03:58:00 - [10]

though i never knew her, it is always sad to see a fellow EVE'er leave us Sad

CEO Character
Morphed Dynamics
Posted - 2008.10.22 05:52:00 - [11]


Moderated to be more respectful. Navigator

Slade Trillgon
Endless Possibilities Inc.
Posted - 2008.10.22 13:45:00 - [12]

Fly on Dragalin.

Condolences to all who knew her.



Myrhial Arkenath
Ghost Festival
Posted - 2008.10.22 14:02:00 - [13]

My sincere condolences to her family and friends. :(

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2008.10.22 14:56:00 - [14]

wow.. sorry to hear about this.

Flew with her out in branch. condolences to you and yours.

I'm sure i'm speaking for all of fao, and Win Tech. sorry to hear about your guys loss.

C3ll purplerob
Posted - 2008.10.22 15:07:00 - [15]

It is with great sadness today that i found out of the passing of Deborah, i had known her for several month's and spoke with her regularly. One thing about Deborah was that she was always so cheerful. Laughing and giggling at every opportunity. I send my condolences to all her family and close friends.

Deb will be missed greatly by me and all my corp members that knew her.


Saralle Zhukov
Lucian Alliance
-Mostly Harmless-
Posted - 2008.10.22 22:18:00 - [16]

We flew together in Branch as part of CPU. Condolences to her family. I hope Big Country is doing ok, he was a corp mate for awhile and is her cousin. Hopefully she was in heaven before the devil knew she had died.


Saralle Zhukov

Lord Zoran
Destructive Influence
Northern Coalition.
Posted - 2008.10.22 22:45:00 - [17]

condolences to family and friends, rip fly safe

Green Alliance
Posted - 2008.10.23 07:28:00 - [18]

My condolences


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