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Leon Dalmasca
Unknown Soldiers
Posted - 2009.06.28 03:00:00 - [31]

Is the store still open?

Posted - 2009.06.28 08:21:00 - [32]


What is the best price you can do for a set of ore strip miners. Also where would the delivery be, i.e. Hek, and how much for the delivery.



Posted - 2009.06.28 16:54:00 - [33]


I'm interested in getting the entire set. Unfortunately, I currently only have enough for the Alpha-Gamma implants and am about 500M short of the 3.5 - is there any way you could hold a set for me? Feel free to message me in game.

Angry Nun
Posted - 2009.06.30 11:34:00 - [34]

friendly bump

Green Men Incorporated
Posted - 2009.06.30 12:42:00 - [35]

I can confirm that the store is still open.

Contacted you all to discuss and arrange delivery of mods. I can deliver to any high-sec system of your choice, the mods will be put on a contract to you at the agreed price for you to then accept and pick up at your leisure.

Any other queries please let me know.

Green Men Incorporated
Posted - 2009.07.10 11:00:00 - [36]


I'm looking into the positive affects of the ORE mining amount yield bonus (5% bonus for the best implant) and ORE gas mining cycle reduction time (5% reduction for the best implant). Both implants could be very handy for the serious indy pilot.

Green Men Incorporated
Posted - 2009.09.25 14:01:00 - [37]


EVE University
Ivy League
Posted - 2009.09.25 14:22:00 - [38]

Good to see your store is still open I may be placing an order next week for strip miners and implants depending on a couple factors. Ill contact you in game sometime beginning of the week. Im at least interested in a set of strip miners.

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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