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Problematic one
Native Freshfood
Posted - 2008.09.29 10:30:00 - [91]

Until people are willing to completely up and leave, CCP will not devote 100% resources to Lag. and really, whining about it is ******ed. Lag sucks. We know. New content generates new players, which means more targets as well as more income for CCP to put towards stackless this and that.

Do I really care if people can see my tramp stamp of my avatar? No, but I can at least understand why it's done. Today's carebears can become tomorrow's cuthroats.

Dark Angelete
Dark Angel Battalion
Posted - 2008.09.29 10:41:00 - [92]

as some of you whiners emo quit eve i will try to get to your fire sale 'stuff' contracts.all the whining makes me think there will be a lot so please allow me time to get to yours individually. kay thanks bye.

Lord Maldoror
Fairlight Corp
Rooks and Kings
Posted - 2008.09.29 10:43:00 - [93]

Lag in big battles is obviously a problem and one day - if CCP's technical vision comes to fruition - we'll have a sort of 'second dawn' of Eve where the mechanics of small and medium sized gang combat can be escalated to epic fleet combat without fearing that lag will kill off over-complication in tactics.

However, even now, we must give credit to the spectacle of big battles. CCP are still doing a better job that anyone else in having 500 people duke it out. Look at the problems of 128-man BF server or the WOW/Conan-esque pvp zones of other games.

Without wanting to put on my robe and wizard hat, I think lag can be sympathetically looked on as a physical parameter of the Eve universe right now, and adapting to fight in laggy conditions is a little like experienced vets getting used to mustard gas in the trenches. In the build up to a big fight the question "will I lag out?" is a little akin to warriors of all eras of history hoping that the dice fall well for them and they get to do what they were hoping to do.

Eurogamer had a good article on Eve fleet combat a while ago - essentially pointing that right now in the MMO world, Eve fleet combat is an unmatched spectacle. Granted, it's not a spectacle at all if you're looking at the Login screen, unable to rejoin the fight. But nonetheless, it's still functional enough to make a big fleet fight a lot of fun - as long as there is some medium-sized stuff in between.

From a personal point of view, we had a fight in M-M on Friday where 50 capital ships died and certainly there was lag. My dread remained playable until it died, though my carrier alt lagged out while fetching more stront from station and was unable to log back in for 20mins. During this time I was able to keep fighting with a BS alt and at the end the lag cleared to loot the wrecks of course.

Mind you, even though cap-heavy, that was a fight involving only 350(?) in local (400 tops) and would fall under the present cut-off window of 500.

At any rate, the future bodes well and even now, Eve fleet battles are a mainstay of the MMO world, imo, even if I might not be as generous about it while waiting for module activation.

Genos Occidere
Posted - 2008.09.29 12:04:00 - [94]

i have expressed my view on this a number of times, but again this topic has cropped up.

i am an advocate of the reap what you soe philosophy. i am not impressed at all that people from within massive coalitions such as the NC would ever complain about these issues. because when these coalitions started to form people where *****ing and complaining about seas of blue for exactly this reason. some people (admittedly not me at the time) foresaw that the numbers fielded by such coalitions would provoke particularly boring and fulfilling conflicts.

however these coalitions defended themselves by saying "oh well we have to bring these numbers to ensure we win! wouldn't you?"

well its a while down the track. are you happy with the game you've helped create?

Mr Phail
Posted - 2008.09.29 13:15:00 - [95]

Originally by: Minigin
are you happy with the game you've helped create?


Ghosting Corp
Posted - 2008.09.29 13:29:00 - [96]

There's lag in eve? who knew?

Bartholomeus Crane
The Crane Family
Posted - 2008.09.29 13:38:00 - [97]

CCP have over the last couple of years hired a number of rather well-educated people to help them bring their game up to a higher standard. Notice the subtle appearance of such post-notationals as PhD behind some of their devs.

Just recently (16 September?) they deployed a rewritten network layer to the server, reducing lag from that corner. The results as far as I can see are quite impressive.

CCP has also acquired (some time ago) a testbed setup for Infiniband, in which they are working on further lag-reducing measures. Expectations are that when applied to Tranquillity this will reduce loading grid times by a substantial amount.

Those who thing that fixing lag in EVE is either simple, or done by simply buying new hardware without an equivalent development in software are basically delusional.

Lag is there, work is ongoing in reducing it, but for now, you either adapt or you die. Those who whine about it are probably in the process of the latter. Those who think that lag hits one entity in EVE harder than another should probably stop wearing silly hats.

Nice troll though ...

Flashh Gorden
Exile Consortium
Nihilists Social Club
Posted - 2008.09.29 15:29:00 - [98]

Is there any point in CCP bringing out a new super computer?
The moment they do,the people out in 00 will increase the numbers they bring to the fight and take it right back where we are today with the current one.

The Wings of Maak
Posted - 2008.09.29 16:06:00 - [99]

I left 0.0 warfare due to lag, but I'm not positive that bringing better servers will reduce lag. I'm afraid it will just bring more players on the grid.

Until game mechanics change to effectively have large conflicts spread over a few systems and maybe also promote more interesting gang compositions than now, the playerbase's response will always be "bring mo000ore".

Guiding Hand Social Club
Dystopia Alliance
Posted - 2008.09.29 16:25:00 - [100]

Originally by: Moon Kitten
the EVE cluster can no longer handle they amount of hardware that is deployed in these conflicts

This has been the case for several years.

CCP has decided to do nothing about it as 0.0

Hello, I am a CCP apologist and this is not true. They're working on a new server architecture.

Fanfest 2007 - Hilmar, skip to ~20:00, and then wait for 4 years until CCP deploys the new server architecture.

This to fifth power. The servers couldn't handle 100v100 3 years ago; the fleet sizes change but the problems remain. Fundamentally the game just isn't up to par; when you have to post on a forum and get both sides of the conflict to bump the post about how a particular system needs to be "Boosted", that's really a fairly spectacular corporate failure. In other words, we shouldn't *have* to tell CCP that a particular system needs fixing; they should either

A) Know there is a problem and work to fix it without the player base being the ones to bring it to their attention, or (to put it more simply)
B) Fix the ****ing game properly once and for all.

Lag in beta is acceptable. Lag 5 years after launch isn't. And no, you can't have my stuff.

William DeMeo
Genos Occidere
Posted - 2008.09.29 17:48:00 - [101]

The "we're losing because of lag" threads are the best. Not been many of those lately, good to see they're coming back in full force!

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