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Yilaine Anesis
Posted - 2010.01.02 02:20:00 - [331]

Lady Patricia's service has made POS's enjoyable again. I am greatly relieved that she does what she does and am more than happy to pay the extra isk for it.

Highly recommended!

Lecaz Grafter
Posted - 2010.01.02 21:13:00 - [332]

This service really does take the stress away from keeping a POS fueled. The time saved from running around buying and hauling makes it totally worthwhile.

Fuel is delivered to your system of choice via contract system so completely safe and all deliveries have arrived on scheduled dates. No more hourly emails when you least want them :) 10/10

khan sheidoh
Posted - 2010.01.06 19:07:00 - [333]

just received my first deliverySmile all set up and delivered within a day at nice prices.

great service, you can add me to your list of returning customers Very Happy

Legion of Krisz
Posted - 2010.01.07 11:22:00 - [334]

Hi there, could you send me a quote for 6 months of fuel for 1 caldari large tower and 1 caldari medium tower please?

Elin Viking
Posted - 2010.01.07 19:52:00 - [335]

extremly fast service

said "will deliver in 2 days" -> took a little more than 3 hours!

Otherworld Enterprises
Otherworld Empire
Posted - 2010.01.10 12:55:00 - [336]

Very quick and easy service, got everything in just a few hours.


Yera Hamisi
Posted - 2010.01.10 14:31:00 - [337]

I recieved my first delivery today, i said i needed it asap it arrived the next morning, brilliant service :D

Erebius Innovations
Posted - 2010.01.14 19:01:00 - [338]

top service !!

Channel 4 News Team
Veritas Immortalis
Posted - 2010.01.16 16:35:00 - [339]

Used this service quite a few times, always fast and good prices.

Shirley McGaggin
The Void Inc
Posted - 2010.01.20 15:49:00 - [340]

Received my first order today. Fast, easy, honest. Will use again.

Colonel Falkland
Posted - 2010.01.20 17:33:00 - [341]

Very good service. Reliable, have used this service for several months now.

Colonel Falkland

Posted - 2010.01.20 19:48:00 - [342]

Just received my first fuel delivery, Service was faster then I though possible, Thanks! i look forward to our continued business

Ibn Jubayr
Posted - 2010.01.26 03:25:00 - [343]

I go and try other fuel services every now and again, but i always end up coming back here. Fast quotes, fast responses and fast (error free) delivery.

Thanks again

Digital Emperor
Cryptonym Sleepers
Posted - 2010.01.30 09:44:00 - [344]

Still the best service around. Keep up the good job

Herio Mortis
Dark Nebula Academy
Posted - 2010.01.30 23:04:00 - [345]

Scarily fast service and response.

Highly recommended from my side.

Prodigy Z
Brotherhood of Heart and Steel
Libertas Fidelitas
Posted - 2010.02.03 07:11:00 - [346]

Edited by: Prodigy Z on 03/02/2010 07:14:08

Hello I need a 1 month supply of pos fuel less the stront including charters for a caldari med tower mail sent with location in game.

Caliwyrm O'Libr
Token Ring Assembly
Posted - 2010.02.04 19:24:00 - [347]

Crazy fast delivery and more than fair prices!

Captain BrewSir
Posted - 2010.02.04 20:13:00 - [348]

would this be something you are interested in?

Im looking for a reliable POS fuel delivery service for a high sec POS with 1 jump through low sec.
Ill need this delivery monthly (so 30 day Packages), and only the NPC items (Enriched Uranium, Oxygen, Coolant, Robotics, Mechanical Parts, and Charters).

Large Serpentis Tower.
Delivery Location - Stegette 5-19 Station (will require 1 jump through low sec either through Fasse(safer), or Egghelende (faster))

2880 Enriched Uranium
3600 Mechanical parts
5040 Coolant
720 Robotics
15840 Oxygen
720 Gallente Charters

Price - Negotiable

Contact me through evemail or post here, with your price for this delivery, on a monthly basis. I need someone dependable, last person has disappeared after first delivery.

Thank you.

Laux IX
Posted - 2010.02.05 20:27:00 - [349]

Very fast and cheap. Perfect service. I love it. Smile

Captain Tavius
Picon Fleet
New Eden Research.
Posted - 2010.02.06 11:56:00 - [350]

Splendid service! The fuel was delivered sooner than quoted and cheaper than I expected.

Three cheers for Lady Patricia!

Shadow Company
Posted - 2010.02.06 20:10:00 - [351]

Another order another quick delivery, used lady many times always delivered very promptly and good prices. Very good service

Dr Karsun
Coffee Lovers Brewing Club
Posted - 2010.02.08 08:37:00 - [352]

Very reliable pos fuel service. Monthly deliveries without a problem.

Saves a lot of time :)

Transport Sheep
Posted - 2010.02.08 15:44:00 - [353]

Good service, punctual and very decent price.

Posted - 2010.02.11 01:03:00 - [354]

I've used Lady Patricia's service several times and recently switched to a standing monthly order. All deliveries as always have been right on time and the service itself saves me from a whole lot of hassle I don't have to worry about.

Zephyris Corp
Zephyris Alliance
Posted - 2010.02.12 15:27:00 - [355]

Thank you very much for your service.

Extremely fast and painless, door to door service.

Looking forward for future business with you.

Terminal Insanity
Convex Enterprises
Posted - 2010.02.13 00:49:00 - [356]

used Lady Patricia's service 6 or 7 times now, always extremely fast and honest

Lady Patricia
Pyro Tech Industries
Posted - 2010.02.20 18:05:00 - [357]

i have an Avatar bpc ME 0 for sale for 7 bil (2 bil !! cheaper than on contracts)
if you want it, contact me in game

Posted - 2010.02.23 15:52:00 - [358]

Great Service, always delivers on or before the agreed time.

Competitive pricing, and this time I even got a discount after
we agreed on the price due to a change in ice pricing.

Highly recommended.

Red Sun Industries
Fatal Ascension
Posted - 2010.03.04 16:53:00 - [359]

Lady Patricia service, used a few times
always spot on with delivers

Posted - 2010.03.04 23:21:00 - [360]

Always quick to answer any questions i had and i got the fuel within a day. Great Service.

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