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The Initiative.
Posted - 2008.08.08 21:40:00 - [1]


- 5x 425mm Vulcans
- 1x Hvy Missle Launcher


- T2 Warp Distruptor 24km
- T2 MWD
- 2x Large Shield Extender


- 3x T2 Gyros
- 1x T2 Inertia stabilizer
- 1x T2 RCU


- 5x T2 Warriors

Total DPS: 468/sec

I welcome any and all input for this setup. It's worth mentioning I've never flown a Vaga before now, and my ship and I have yet to see actual PvP combat together. I've been pouring over many threads and discussions, what I've learned is that there are many ways to dress a Vaga for combat. It all depends the pilots style. My style is like most others, strike fast, strike hard, and live long. (Atleast long enough to gtho of an unsavory situation)

High DPS coupled with the high defense is my top two priorities, but if I had to place an emphasis on one of the two, I'd choose DPS any day. That is why I'm gunning for 425mm ACs. (No pun intended)

I'd like input on my setup overall, but also like input on some more specific things:


- T2 425mm AC vs T2 220mm Vulcan AC
It seems most use 220m, but why? Is it simply because they lack the skills needed to equip all 5 due to pwr grid issues? (which is a great challenge if you don't have AWU 5 and the ability to equip an RCU II like I do) Or is it because they fear the tracking speed on the 425mm is too low by comparison?

- Ammo
Barrage, Republic Fusion, or Hail. This is important to me. Barrage seems like the best choice with its 1.5 fall off bonus, but what about its .75 tracking speed penalty? Republic Fusion's only bonus is a slight increase in DPS, but it also has a 25% range penalty. Hail has the highest DPS potential, but it has been slapped by far too many penalties to be useful for a Vaga.

- Heavy Missle Launcher vs Nos
I fail to understand how a T2 Nos is can of much use when it drains a mere 36/6sec off the cap of a ship which will be more than likely of cruiser size. I understand their usefulness vs frigs, but that's what the high DPS is for. Pop'em before they blink and become a nuisance. (again, I've yet to test this theory in actual combat)

- Drones
I've also been toying with the idea of exchanging my warriors for logistic or combat utility drones. Any thoughts on this?


- Enough said. . .
The T2 WD, MWD, and LSE are all essential. I've played with the idea of 1 T2 Invul + 1 LSE, but in the end the passive tank seemed like a better choice. Always, comments and suggestions for better alternatives are always welcomed.


- Again, enough said. . .
The 3 Gyros, and RCU are needed to maintain optimal DPS and the 5 425mm. Instab, overdrive, or nanofiber are really what is still plaguing my mind. Again, comments and critiques are welcomed.


- Honestly this time, there is absolutely nothing to say. . .
Agility is important to me, I want to be able to align and warp out at the first sign the odds have tipped significantly in my target's favor.

Bottom Line: In the end I know I have to make up my own **** mind, but is it so wrong for me to get a second opinion, and perhaps a third, and a fourth, (and a few more) from the entire community?

My Vaga's Specs
Ignore the red bar. That will be gone just as soon as I finish training a few last minute skills.

Holding Corp
Posted - 2008.08.08 21:41:00 - [2]

Kill the RCU, fit 220s.

Then sell it and buy 3 hurricanes.

Northern Coalition.
Posted - 2008.08.08 21:42:00 - [3]

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Edited by: Trojanman190 on 08/08/2008 21:44:29
Originally by: AstroPhobic
Kill the RCU, fit 220s.

Then sell it and buy 3 hurricanes.

What he said.

But since you will be needing more of them, I will HAPPILY sell you my vagabond for jita price + 10 mil for the poly and aux thruster I have on it.

And you should buy it, because you are going to die, a lot, trying to fly vagabonds.

Yes nerf, no nerf, you die a lot when learning this ship.
Post nerf, you will die A LOT if you are experienced and fly this ship the same way as before the nerf.

Dude, did you miss all the save the vagabond threads?
Also, I'm 100% serious about the sale.

The Initiative.
Posted - 2008.08.08 23:19:00 - [4]

Not all of them. . . . but c'mon, all can't be lost for the Vaga. CCP wouldn't completely render a ship useless. It's merely a matter of adapting, am I wrong? (It would be tough for a Vaga newb to adapt, which is why I'm accepting comments/suggestions still.

Child Head Injury and Laceration Doctors
Posted - 2008.08.09 00:02:00 - [5]

CCP wouldn't completely render a ship useless

yes they would

Holding Corp
Posted - 2008.08.09 01:10:00 - [6]

Originally by: Ulasim
CCP wouldn't completely render a ship useless

yes they would


Omu Matol
Destry's Lounge
Important Internet Spaceship League
Posted - 2008.08.09 08:42:00 - [7]

if i say epic fail vaga fit will u get mad ? :( reactor control on a vaga lol ...ergh in case u didnt knew already vaga is a hit and run ship not the " stay and deal dmg tipe " so u should remove the 425mm's start putting 220mm they track better and shoot faster and the dmg will be kinda the same as for the 3x gyrostabs and inertia stab and **** ..your low slots should be something like : 3x overdrive t2 1x nanofiber internal t2 and 1x gyrostab t2 ..With a 10mn mwd t2 and those 2 x poly + good navigation skills and overheating u should jump to 7-8 k /sec so u should be ok against most ships ..personally if a cruise raven starts shooting your 3.7 k /sec moving vaga u will be toasted :)

Rote Kapelle
Posted - 2008.08.09 14:25:00 - [8]

Not only would they render a ship useless, Jen, they are apparently going to render an entire ship class (interceptors) useless, as well as put the boot to ships that not only didn't need nerfed, but were arguably already handicapped (Tempest).

You have to consider what the Vagabond was designed to do - go faster than anything that can kill it. That's it. That's what it's bonuses are geared towards, and to not take maximum advantage of those is foolish. You could feasibly make a good tank out of Minmatar T2 shield resists, but we don't have a single ship besides the Sleipnir/Claymore that has enough mid slots to do so effectively. The dual LSE buffer on the Vagabond is more than enough, for a good pilot, to keep them alive long enough to GTFO when things that can kill you show up on the field.

If you want something that does respectable damage you're better off in a Hurricane, they're infinitely cheaper and more forgiving. If you want to learn how to fly a Vagabond (at least pre-upcoming-nerf) then get a fistful of Stabbers fit for speed. More than anything you will learn what sort of targets you should and should not engage, how to pulse your MWD, maintain cap stability, etc. And it'll be a lot easier on your wallet.

Even after you do, like Trojan said, be prepared to die a lot. The Vagabond to a greater degree than almost any other ship in EVE requires high player skill to be effective, but it's also one of the most rewarding ships to fly.

In re: your fit, it's geared towards all-out combat, which is not what this ship is designed for. The modest DPS will not save you more often than an extra 2 k/ps of speed will. Use at least 2x OD II and one Nano II, and preferably 2 Polys. You will likely lose your first Vagabond before the nerf hits, and after that, well, we'll see if they're still worth flying.


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