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Band of Brothers
Posted - 2004.05.26 08:43:00 - [1]

Edited by: Faramir on 29/05/2004 15:23:56
Since the SCC has finally made the prices of the empires known it is now time to put a new impulse in the obtaining of the jove bodyparts.

Nightfang started the First Thread for the Gallente just over a week ago and had Artegg, Lord Eidolon and myself support him in this. However due to activity, investments and reputations the organisation has shifted a little.

The Gallente gatherers have so far been able to collect around 450 jove body parts from mainly donations and hopefully will be able to continue to do so.
The names of the players that donated parts can be found here.

However, if you prefer to receive money for the parts, you can also sell them to the gatherers of the Gallente. Being Lord Eidolon, Digitalcommunist, Nightfang and Faramir (me). I am currently the holder of all the jove parts and I will be the one buying the jove parts at the prices set by the empires.

Cerebral Slices: 250,000 ISK (SCC value: 133,333 ISK)
Liver Biles: 125,000 ISK (SCC Value: 100,000 ISK)
Blood Drops: 50,000 ISK (SCC Value: 50,000 ISK)
Bone Splinter: 30,000 ISK (SCC Value: 26,667 ISK)
Epidermic Sliver: 25,000 ISK (SCC Value: 20,000 ISK)
(Prices changed due to Blood raiders dropping parts like there's no tomorrow Mad)

All these purchases will be done from my own wallet.
However, the intention is to sell none of the bodyparts through the empire buyorders but to present the items in a roleplay-fashion, so there will be no (ISK)-profit out of this gathering.

So, if you want the Gallente to gain the positive standing from the Jove (or if you merely wish to sell your parts) please come to the "Gallente" chatchannel ingame and donate or sell us your bodyparts. You can also Escrow the parts at above stated prices to "Faramir" preferrably at the Duvolle labs station in Luminaire. I am willing to retrieve escrows from distant locations, but I would like to receive an eve-mail about the location and a limit of 2 days to retrieve the escrows. I will check the escrows there regularly to obtain the parts.

Hopefully this will inspire Gallenteans and those that dwell within the borders of the Gallente Federation to participate in getting the Gallente Federation to gather the most bodyparts.


The Initiative.
Posted - 2004.05.26 12:43:00 - [2]

I am simply amazed at the coordination efforts to bring this cause to the forefront of all of our minds. Gallente can be proud of its natural leaders within the community.

Lord Eidolon

You each deserve to always be remembered for your significant contributions to this monumental effort. I am sure there are others so deserving as well. Those that have stayed behind the scenes, collected within your corporation, and assisted the organizers.

To the numerous spammers bringing the message to local channels everywhere, Salute!

To each donor: You are to be commended for your committment to your heritage. Salute!

To all those still waiting to share your body parts, please read Faramir's post above, and follow his lead.



Rod Blaine
Band of Brothers
Posted - 2004.05.26 13:13:00 - [3]

Im afraid the fact that those corps that can sell the most batches will get a cloak bpc, will hinder this coordinated effort alot. Many big corps will try and get one or two batches together alone, as such possibly contributing to all races instead of one.

I would like to donate my body parts to the gallente efforts, next time i get around to it ill bring em along to empire space. and escrow em to you faramir. Isk is not needed, tho a cloak might be appreciated if you get a bpcWink

HeartVenom Inc.
Posted - 2004.05.26 14:35:00 - [4]

i was gonna start doing the same, but i dont have the patience to do anything like this

Posted - 2004.05.26 14:35:00 - [5]


HeartVenom Inc.
Posted - 2004.05.26 14:46:00 - [6]

Originally by: Rongbuk
Wrangler: "please dont bump 14 hour old discussions" "*click*"
(note: wrangler is caldari!)

Posted - 2004.05.26 14:52:00 - [7]

Well it was a very positive thing that the above mentioned ppl did to get this effort going. And to my knowledge many have donated in the effort for Gallente to win.

Sadly after CCP post the news, that the Seller/parties will recieve a limited BPc of Cloaking device ahead of general release, will now just turn this into a personal matter most likely motivated by greed. Damn what would you pay for a Cloaking device now?

Ok the sell value of Jove bits is rather small per Item, but what is the price on owning a Cloaking Device BPc?

So now the ones with buying power can now slap a silly price on the buying of Jove bits in order to gain a BPc.

Well whats done is done. Shame this couldn't have been something just for the whole race and not any individual gains. Apart from the positive standing towards Jove

O well, hurry up guys I want to try some Cloaking techno :P

At a discount from those that got donations ;)

Posted - 2004.05.26 14:55:00 - [8]

It also appears you can hold onto your bits for rewards further down the line.

However, I'll be doing my part and arranging a delivery of my Sliver to the Gallente Federation. :)

Max Mayhen
Orbital Resource Reprocessing Collection Agency
Posted - 2004.05.26 15:31:00 - [9]

personnally i dont care which race gets good standing with the jove, im minmater myself, but wouldnt care, as long as i get paid for the 2 parts that i have, i'll be holding onto them till i find better prices, or until some1 makes me a decent offer, Very Happy

Posted - 2004.05.26 15:56:00 - [10]

the Gallente are scum (especially Evolution corporation) -- donate your jovian parts to a more valiant effort .. the Caldari people.

Posted - 2004.05.26 17:59:00 - [11]

I'll pay 10k more than the Gallente. Kthx.

(w00t! go free market caldari capitalism go!)

CCP Eris Discordia

Posted - 2004.05.26 19:14:00 - [12]

Bumping is not allowed, whether it is a new or an old thread. You need to post constructively and syaing 'bump' isn't constructive.

The Initiative.
Posted - 2004.05.26 19:26:00 - [13]

Oh my Eris, you said Bump twice in one post!

I can see why Jadrut loves you so.... Can you please teach him how to make his heart-thingie in s sig to be red like yours? :-)

Anywhoo, the "prizes" sure do throw a different spin on things. But nonetheless, the overall standings increase is certainly worth it. Please join channel "gallente" to arrange delivery of your piecey-parts, as collections are still very active.

Band of Brothers
Posted - 2004.05.26 20:13:00 - [14]

changed prices to get more players interested.

Band of Brothers
Posted - 2004.05.26 20:54:00 - [15]

I forgot to add that we have collected over 600 parts so far for the Gallente Federation.

Hope this motivates people to join us Smile

Cut Throats And Wise Guys
Posted - 2004.05.26 22:42:00 - [16]

I am on my way to Lumi with my Sliver.

Good effort! Very Happy

The Initiative.
Posted - 2004.05.26 23:38:00 - [17]


What was the link to the totals again?

Band of Brothers
Posted - 2004.05.26 23:44:00 - [18]

Serge Tahlon
eXceed Inc.
Minor Threat.
Posted - 2004.05.27 00:42:00 - [19]

so if this endeavour succeeds the bpc will be auctioned off and the profit split between the people who donated parts ?

November Corporation
Posted - 2004.05.27 01:02:00 - [20]

Just to clarify questions about the cloaking bpc:

The cloaking bpc will be distributed amongst the biggest donators and organizers of this collection event, as payment for the time and isk they have invested so far, both of which are overwhelmingly huge.

Each of us have made hundreds and hundreds of jumps, some maybe a thousand, collecting everywhere in empire and the far reaches of 0.0 space. We've also devoted all our free playing time since this started. Unlike the Caldari, we're not taking your isk - in fact we've flat out refused to take other people's money. We have our own, and we've spent a lot of it to get parts from other races, all in the name of the Gallentean Cause.

Considering that, even with the 20mil from the sales on these items - we are still in the negative.

IF you want cloaking, either collect parts for yourself, or help us enough to make an impact. Giving one part won't entitle you to cloaking, but it will help your race to win - and thats why we're all here for anyways. Very Happy

Goldar Hektu
Posted - 2004.05.27 02:37:00 - [21]

Originally by: Eris Discordia
Bumping is not allowed, whether it is a new or an old thread. You need to post constructively and syaing 'bump' isn't constructive.

hmmm, that's not very discordant Laughing

The Maverick Navy
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2004.05.27 06:47:00 - [22]

Nice post guys,

I have atleast 5 jove body parts and hopefully will be able to get more, I will make sure I get them to you as soon as I haul my ass out of 0.0
Very Happy
Magma Industries

The Scope
Posted - 2004.05.27 10:42:00 - [23]

Seems the Gallente are doing a good job of keeping the Caldari behind them.

Keep up the good work guys.

Lord Eidolon
Posted - 2004.06.01 11:46:00 - [24]

Over the past couple of days, we've seen a lot of action fighting Bloods. We've had pilots coming back from successful hunting trips with dozens of Jove body parts.

The total number of parts we have collected is continually changing due to this constant influx. At the present moment I believe it to be in the region of 900.

Fellow Gallenteans across the galaxy, the time is now to join in the Gallente Cause™, to lead our race to ultimate victory! Join the "Gallente" channel to meet the Gallente community...

Nikolai Reidar
The Scope
Posted - 2004.06.01 18:00:00 - [25]

We're very close to completing buy orders for both our parts. Just a little more effort, guys!


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