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Posted - 2008.07.19 22:58:00 - [1]


Origionally established on March 7th, 2006, GrindCorp has been recently re-established to become what it is today. We are a quickly growing, friendly, and extremely social corporation. We are mainly mining and industry oriented but do need pilots for ratting, mission running, and security. We accept pilots of all races, in all time zones, and are also glad to accept inexperienced pilots; our very experienced CEO as well as other senior members are willing to help out newer members.

We have offices in Ansila and Nakah and currently have a tower in 0.3 space, right on the edge of 0.0 space, and are constantly looking to improve it. We also have a new forum setup (, though non-members will be restricted to viewing our Recruitment and Trade sub-sections.

As a small corporation, we will have many officer and high-ranking positions open. These positions won't be necessary until our corporation has grown but when we do need to fill these positions we will be obviously be looking primarily at the members who have been with us the longest so do yourself a favor and join up today!

Member Information
  • Friendly

  • Social

  • Active Members

  • Growing Fast

  • Experienced CEO

  • Alcoholics Welcome!

Tactical Information
  • No SP Requirements

  • Officer Positions Available Soon

  • Offices in Ansila and Nakah

  • Tower in 0.3 space on the egde of 0.0 space

  • Help Offered to Inexperienced Players

  • Interactive Forum (

Member Requirements
  • Must be Active

  • Must be Social

  • Trial accounts are accepted as long as the player in question has already decided to play past the end of the trial

  • Must have been playing for at least 10 days and/or have a decent grasp of the game's basic concepts

To apply, message Commander Kraft, Hormel Chavez, or Abraxas666, or visit one of our two offices (Ansila VIII - Moon 14 - Caldari Constructions Production Plant - or - Nakah IV - Moon I - Ammatar Fleet Logistic Support)

Helman Blunic
StarFleet Enterprises
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Posted - 2008.07.21 22:17:00 - [3]

Bumpity bump.

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We're still recruiting!


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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