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Rat Katchers inc.
Posted - 2008.09.20 08:43:00 - [91]

Edited by: Phaedruss on 20/09/2008 08:46:54
Haven't read all the posts in this thread, but have a couple of observations:

1) Problems include computer freezing, client disconnects and computer restarts
2) Only happens when I have 2 clients running on the same computer at the same time
3) Has only been happening for the past 3-4 days
4) Does not seem related to 'peak' Eve times for me at all. since I play mostly 0300 to 0800.
5) Had the exact same problem earlier this year after a patch/hotfix...seem to recall it had something to do with sound. Think a temp solution was to disable sound on one client, tho can't confirm it is working now.

State Protectorate
Posted - 2008.09.20 09:10:00 - [92]


Just to add my 2 isk worth.

Been getting these random disconnections since the last patch, if i'm honest. Never had one disconnection prior to the patch.

I run 1 Client Only and i'm never normally on when server is very busy, such as this morning @ 9am UK Time, 7 Disconnections in 5 Minutes. After the 7th time my client wouldn't log back in, just sat with the Auth Screen on and never completed the logon after 5 minutes waiting, so gave up.

I have no Eve Lag, just says "Lost Connection to Server" and quits.


Kazilsho Antili
Posted - 2008.09.20 15:19:00 - [93]

Problem seems to be getting worse and worse.

Now it happens during non peak hours.

Words can't describe how irritating this is. I feel like I am playing on a private server or something, except... I am paying a subscription. >.>

Ultrasonic Screwdrivers
Posted - 2008.09.20 16:41:00 - [94]

I used to have a a lot of problems with random disconnects when I started to play Eve. I got a tip from one my corp mates back then that also had this problem. The solution was simply to ping the Eve server from outside of Eve.

I am running Linux so its just to run "ping" in the terminal, haven't disconnected a single time since I started to have that ping running in the background, but if I turn it off it starts again. Hope this helps for some of you at least. Not sure how you ping in windows but it should be something similar.

InterSun Freelance
The Forsaken.
Posted - 2008.09.20 23:04:00 - [95]

I'm having the same problem, it's becoming impossible to do anything except chat dropping every 10 minutes. I've tried to do the ping workaround on the post above this one to no effect, it's the same.

Posted - 2008.09.21 00:34:00 - [96]

Same here. I just logged on after a 2 month hiatus and EVE is all sorts of screwed up. It keeps kicking me off about once an hour, and I am not idle, and when I buy something on the market it does not buy it right away. About an hour later I get notified that my item has basically been bought. :-| Then the problems with Jita today. Is EVE growing at a pace CCP cannot keep????

InterSun Freelance
The Forsaken.
Posted - 2008.09.21 00:50:00 - [97]

About the ping test (read 2 or 3 posts above this one).

Curiously, even during the times that i was dumped, there was not a single failure or increase in ping response during a ping -t that i've been running for about an hour now (i've been booted from server some 5 or 6 times during that period).
I'm currently in abagawa (the forge) and my ISP is Zon (portuguese ISP), if it helps in therms of analisys.

Silver Snake Enterprise
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2008.09.21 16:37:00 - [98]

Frustration is setting in. Two months of no playing so far, which adds up to 10 months of wasted game time as I have five accounts. Is it time to demand CCP either reimburse the money or add time to my accounts because of the inability to play?

I do not expect any responses from CCP developers, I expect SOLUTIONS and I expect it NOW. I don't care what you guys think but this Sony kind of practice is ridiculous!! I am very, very angry because I was unable to stay online for more than 30 minutes and that was sheer luck. Some of my accounts couldn't even log on at all and were stuck at the log in screen permanently.

Thank you very much for a wasted weekend CCP. If this isn't sorted soon I will start accusing you of theft.

The Synergy
Cascade Probable
Posted - 2008.09.21 20:20:00 - [99]


Posted - 2008.09.21 20:27:00 - [100]

wow the disconnections are horific tonight i usually get about 3 discons per hour but tonight its every time i try to log in. How about some acknowledgement that there is a problem and its being looked into? These accounts are not cheap!!

Posted - 2008.09.21 21:39:00 - [101]

I've been disconnected so often it's been completely unplayable today - plus 3 other corp mates are having exactly the same problem since downtime. Prior to that I never had a problem with it - plus the rest of my internet is fine. Really annoying!

Yllej Gniht
0rizen Nation
Posted - 2008.09.21 21:52:00 - [102]

Oh guys!

I found a way to avoid being disconnected:
"Stay at the docks of a station!"

"That's not playing", you will say, and you're exactly right!

But I wanted to try it out, to find a kind of solution to this disconnecting madness.

It's ridiculous, whenever I am out of a docking station, the disconnections come back. But, when in a docking station, I can stay connected for HOURS without getting a disconnection.

CCP should look into that...

(Oh, and by the way, I am pinging the EVE Server every 6 seconds with 16 bytes of data, and it does not help me to stay connected...just thought you guys should know)

The Synergy
Cascade Probable
Posted - 2008.09.22 03:45:00 - [103]

You know what I've seen this thread a bunch of times and no one from CCP answers these threads which is quite pathetic if you ask me.

Avalon Champion
Black Thorne Corporation
Posted - 2008.09.22 20:42:00 - [104]

Since yesterdays downtime I've noticed an increased disconnection rate on the premium client, I'll start doing something like opening the mail box, and the connection drops.

I have a laptop with the standard client installed, runing an 11mbps connection to the same router, and the main PC with 54mbps connection.

The laptops older client works better than the premium client, Both PC's are located in the same room and are the same distance from the router, if anything the laptop is further away.

Having monitored the network connection it seems that when the premium client is running its causing the Router->Web connection to drop but not the computer to router.

At first I thought it was because there was a router in the neighbour hood using the same wireless Channel, same thing.

Having checked the router logs there is no connection drop reported to the web, which is mystifying.

Router drivers are upto date
Waireless card drivers upto date
Graphics card drivers upto date (Nvidia GS7600)

So Im mystified, about whats happening.

Colonel Dearing
Posted - 2008.09.22 21:01:00 - [105]

ok, i run one account at a time, classic version, all of a sudden couple hours ago connection dropped. not been able to get back on since. EVEMON keeps telling me online then offline then online. wtf is going on here!

Silver Snake Enterprise
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2008.09.23 09:06:00 - [106]

Today was the first time in two months I was able to play EVE for a few hours but now the disconnects have started and there're less people online now than when I was able to play.

I don't pay to play one day every other month.

Yllej Gniht
0rizen Nation
Posted - 2008.09.24 00:16:00 - [107]

Hey folks!

Right now there is only 23 thousands players online and I am disconnecting like crazy. My ISP is fine, my other games (if tried, not running at the same time) are fine.

I hope this gets resolved shortly. I can't even mine one cargo-full of ore!

Apalonius Christ
KANGC Logistics
Posted - 2008.09.24 03:08:00 - [108]

Im having same issue. Whats even better is the same issue seems to be over at warhammer atm. Maybe it is hurricane Ike dmg still causing packet loss????

The Synergy
Cascade Probable
Posted - 2008.09.24 07:13:00 - [109]

No, its not a hurricane issue as the servers are in the UK, this problem has persist for well over 6 months for me and maybe more for some people. This is truely unacceptable paying for a game that I can only play around 3 a.m. EST. this thread is growing by the day and CCP should be responding as this is truely becoming an epidemic and NEEDS to be addressed.

Posted - 2008.09.24 16:38:00 - [110]

Originally by: Siuse
i tried 2 methods that solved my problem. two settings were tweaked in my DSL router which solved the problem where the ping to become more stable.

1. off firewall in my router (reduced loss packet to 3%)


2. tweak MTU setting in my router to 1302 (used to be 1492) by following how to estimate best MTU in this link - . The targeted ping test is to and seems '1302' worked best for my router and location.

This reduced my loss packet to 7% (used to be 50% loss recently) for eve. I continue to use this setting as I can enable my router's firewall, and there's no DC problem. Not sure if it will help the rest of you.

ok this has been working for me since my last post. however these few days it is back to haunt me again (tested different MTU setting like crazy). however I then read about xbox not compatible with modems with low MTU. at the same time, I discovered there is a "Do not enforce MTU" in my Aztech modem. This seems to have solved the problem for me tonite.

really hope CCP can help resolve/confirm this MTU issue.

InterSun Freelance
The Forsaken.
Posted - 2008.09.25 02:40:00 - [111]

It was fixed, now its back :(
Tried the chat channels tip from early in thread, seemed to work...signed up for power of 2....dc is back with a vengeance! :(

May have to quit both accs when the period runs!

Posted - 2008.09.25 10:38:00 - [112]

I get disconnected nearly everytime i enter Motsu or warp in Motsu. Its very strange. Also when the dissconect isn't a problem I experience major frame rate issues again in Motsu.

Yllej Gniht
0rizen Nation
Posted - 2008.09.25 11:58:00 - [113]

Hey guys!

Allright, I've noticed that everytime you "lose connection with the server", you experience a kind of 'Eve world lag'. Like, non-player pirates stop firing and just drift in space, you stop firing, stuff like that.

Now, when this happens, you usually have the time to write-up to your corp and say "well, disconnecting, comming back" or something. If you try to type-in something else, is just 'pops' this annoying sound...

SO, I was running WinMTR with 16 bytes of data all along in the background. Somebody told me that with a bigger packet, maybe I would lose my connection less often (I don't really know why, but hey, I was up for anything).

SO, this morning, 1 hour before server reset, I tried that out. At some point, the 'Eve World Lag' came in, I tested the chat and it did this annoying sound that you know you're going to disconnect. But, I tried to type in my stuff in the chat a few more times, just in case. After a few 'bwehhh' from the annoying sound, chat returned to normal and 'Eve World Lag' faded out!

Am gonna try it tonight, but this might work!

Try to ping continuously (I ping it every 6 seconds) the EVE server with a big packet (between 1000 and 1450 bytes) to see if you're going to loose your connection. This may very well be a solution!

...and please inform us if it works or not...thanks...

Avalon Champion
Black Thorne Corporation
Posted - 2008.09.25 14:26:00 - [114]

i tried running a continuous ping of 32bytes, and as soon as the client started i started to get lots of packet losses (80-90%) and the connection dropped, stop the client and packet losses dropped to 1-2%.

As a rsult i went through everyone of my router and card settings. one curious thing i did notice was that the router was set up to broadcast on both the 802.11b and 11g versions, and 54g protection was on.

I've set the router 802.11g only and turned off the 54g protection which seems to have done the trick, I've also switched the IBSS 54g mode settings on the card to use 54g performance.

so far preliminary tests look good, Though I'll reserve judgement until after tonight, when the network will be running at peak again in about 5 hours.

BTW : Im UK based, i wonder if its a problem on the uk network thats caused this, being managed by BT i wouldnt be at all suprised.

Paradigm Rise
Posted - 2008.09.25 16:17:00 - [115]

Getting lots of lag and disconnects on my accounts on different PC's. Never had this problem at all in nearly 2 years of play.

Posted - 2008.09.25 16:24:00 - [116]

Yea. I too have to re-enable my MTU setting and try a different setting tonite. The connection is bad, with lots of loss packets when testing ping.

Spriggen Ma'for
Section XIII
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2008.09.25 16:26:00 - [117]

Some news:

I have less disconnections issues... I even thought that it was solved until today...
One disconnection, while DOCKED! (unlike the post above).

I am really disappointed CCP doesn t answer!

Tze Mallory
Posted - 2008.09.25 16:38:00 - [118]

All very interesting about cache, router settings and the like - especially as Virgin ("b*st*rds") Media have just upgraded my broadband to 10Mb here in the UK... hmmm maybe it COULD just be the fault of my kit/ISP as there has been a change.

Cue Columbo impression:
Just one thing if I may before I go... If the problem is outside the world of CCP - how come its just dropped me at login (quote "15K players online") and NOW it says "Tranquility is starting up, come back in 10 minutes"?
(obviously I'm paraphrasing the usual login blurb there... and apologies to Peter Falk..)

I suspect CCP have an issue and are looking at it, all this work on number of players in systems tells me they have scalability issues and are trying to resolve them.

It would be nice if somebody told us mere mortals what the service was like though. We're the customers and we pay for a service - I expect to be able to hold somebody accountable when its not there...

How about a regular bulletin from the CCP guys on how they measure up against there service uptime targets? A "Service Report" if you will... You can probably guess what I do in RL...

Posted - 2008.09.25 18:55:00 - [119]

Edited by: Seberitron on 25/09/2008 18:59:32
CCP designers have their heads so far up their *!#%@(#*@ that they need a window in their gut just to see where they are going.

I have been a networking engineer for 22 years. Mind you, an engineer, not a desktop hacker. I have read this entire thread and any of the other remotely related threads to these disconnection problems people keep having.

CCP is 99% of the problem, not the users of the game (I say 99% because there is always something unknown to the writer). I have been reading of all the efforts people that are trying to help fix the problems, all while they are paying for game time and not getting paid for development.

Disconnections are one problem that is aggravating and actually can rob the users of time they are rightfully paying for. BUT, if you read the EULA, they can give you less than 0 minutes per month of play time and charge you the full month. Legally sound, ethically bankrupt.

HOWEVER, when a disconnect happens, people loose ships and equipment and THAT is done at great expense to the user. When a petition is filed as a result, all we get is the smarmy "We're sorry for your loss...bla, bla, bla..." and the user (and their corporation) is just plain out of luck.

Cold hard fact is that CCP couldn't care less about our losses. Save all of us the lies CCP and just give it to us straight and say "Tough luck, sucker!" Evidence of this is the fact the second (literally) your monthly bill is up, you can't get it. Interesting how THAT portion of their business model NEVER fails.

A note to CCP: Yes, I understand that the principals of accounting have been in existence for several hundred years, at least while the principals of stable code writing is less than 2 years old. Therefore, it's understandable that your billing is wildly more accurate than your code.

It's painfully obvious that the code in the game and your backbone network that supports it are far from stable and not acceptable and will never be perfect. It appears that you have directed your staff to come up with new features, but are lacking on the stability of the game itself.

But it would foster good relations to your "customers" to at least refund them something for the massive disconnections you are experiencing. In addition, when our ships and equipment are lost as a result of the unstable backbone of your network, replace their ships.

But to tell us you are sorry for our losses when those losses are a direct result of YOUR malfeasance, frankly, that makes all of us a bunch of CHUMPS!

Time to step up to the plate and treat your customers as they are. CUSTOMERS

Silver Snake Enterprise
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2008.09.26 02:00:00 - [120]

Imagine going to a carshow and ordering a car and being told it will be delivered at a certain time. When the time arrives you go to the carshow and you ask for your car and are told "What care? We showed you the car didn't we?" and then you're shown fine print that says they are in no way obliged to deliver the car if they don't feel like it. You want to bet the CCP's CEO would have that company in court in days? CCP's EULA does not, under any circumstance, overrule national or international trade laws. CCP ARE obliged to provide service. If not please show me in Icelandic and UK law where it says that CCP are permitted to take money and that their EULA overrules all laws.

Those who do think it does need to go and take a look at the class action lawsuit against EBAY and Paypal. Paypal was forced to pay 10 million Dollars to those they had ripped off and stolen money from and yet it says in their EULA that Paypal are not responsible and do not have to refund you your money after the 90 day grace/investigation period. I am not going to go into details because Paypal'f fraudulent behaviour is not at discussion here, CCP's fraudulent behaviour is.

I have filed a petition demanding time be added to my account and I will not give this matter up. CCP owe me weeks time and I want the game time I payed for but did not receive because of their server/ISP. As I have said, I don't care whether it's their ISP or their server. We pay CCP, CCP are to provide a service regardless of their EUF(raud)A and if that service is not provided they are liable. If it's their ISP then CCP need to do something about it, force the ISP to upgrade or maintain their network. If CCP don't they they are, once again, responsible and liable because we pay CCP who pay their ISP. If it was our responsibility we'd be paying CCP's ISP and not CCP themselves.

CCP I want the time you have stolen from me!!

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