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Arctic Tribe
Posted - 2008.07.10 13:26:00 - [1]

No matter which net framework i install, after that eve always crashes at the start up. Anyone else having the same problem?
My system is winXP 64bit.
Log servers last messages shows errors in the NetClient.dll.
AsyncSocket::Connect(, 26000)
AsyncSocket::Recv. The input queue is empty will wait for next message, mReadCont = 4
Any fix for this/disable net framework from eve? I kinda need framework for some other software too.
If i uninstall net framework, eve works perfectly. Confused

Chaotic dynamics
Posted - 2008.07.11 01:05:00 - [2]

I'm a programmer and I have visual studio and .NET v 1.1, 2, and 3.5 all installed plus many other programming tools and I have no issues.

I have a hard time believing that it's the .NET framework causing your issue as EVE was not written in .NET and doesn't use managed code. If your having problems it's most likely a 3rd party program. EveMon perhaps? It's .NET.

Arctic Tribe
Posted - 2008.07.11 14:32:00 - [3]

You have 64bit windows xp? SP2.
I didn't have this problem ever with 32bit.
Event viewer showed strangely an ahead nero error sametime as eve crashed so i uninstalled that but no work. No errors in the event viewer anymore.
I have installed and uninstalled every net framework there is and always, after reboot of course, eve crashes at startup but after uninstall, and even without a reboot, eve works like a charm. It could be some other program that needs net framework that makes it crash but i have uninstalled those too to my knowledge. I have no idea what could make the crash. The only implication is that it always is related to NetClient.dll according to the logserver. If there is any more extencive logger/analycer, tell me. Right now no net framework and eve is a solid as a rock. ugh

Posted - 2008.07.11 15:35:00 - [4]

You need to be a little more clear about what exactly is going on here. Remember we aren't at the computer with you to see what is happening. It sounds like you are saying after you uninstall .NET framework EVE will load up, but once you reboot after uninstalling .NET framework EVE will not longer load. When eve crashes does it give an error message or does it just close itself abruptly? Netclient.dll is one of EVE's dlls and there have been some problems with it in the past with MAC and LINUX OS's after certain patches.

If I were troubleshooting the problem I would use "process explorer" and "process monitor" it see what is going in behind the scenes when it gives this error. If you don't know how to use these programs though or have the knowledge to understand what they are doing, it won't do you any good and this isn't something I can really walk you through or give you a quick primer on. I am not a really big fan of XP 64-bit as it has way to many quirks to it and the only viability I see for it is in Scientific and Mathematical programs instead of using Linux 64-bit. As far as gaming goes, 64-bit has yet to yield a significant increase in performance over 32-bit. I am not too sure why you thought XP 64-bit would be a good idea. The only thing I might give XP 64-bit a little cred on is the home server side. Then again, why not just use another more robust Windows server OS or Linux.

Falkrich Swifthand
eNinjas Incorporated
Posted - 2008.07.11 16:11:00 - [5]

I'm not having any problems like this, and I've been using XP x64 (orig SP1, now SP2) for years. Only problems I've ever had is with running very old games or installers (no 16-bit code can run when an x86-64 cpu is running in 64-bit OS mode) or with games that use 32-bit-only copy-protection drivers (fixed by patching or cracking).

Never any eve problems.

Beltantis Torrence
Posted - 2008.07.11 16:34:00 - [6]

The way I usually fix these sorts of issues is basically to run Process Monitor to capture all ".dll" read's while the program is loading. I then have a program that I wrote which parses out all those files and checksum's them and stores their checksums in an XML file. Then, after you make the change, make another checksum file and diff the two - that will tell you which files have changed. Look through that list and carefully consider rolling back the files until your problem goes away, or at least send the problematic file to CCP so they can see why there's a problem. Make sure you back stuff up though so you can undo your actions if they cause problems.

Osric Wuscfrea
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2008.07.12 19:58:00 - [7]

Obliterate your cache from your hard drive...Arrow

CCP Explorer

Posted - 2008.07.13 11:31:00 - [8]

We use C++ and Python. There is no .NET code in EVE.


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