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Bella Verde
Posted - 2004.05.14 21:26:00 - [31]

We should all reimburse CCP for all the hardships they have to go through.

Savvy Gents.
Posted - 2004.05.14 21:34:00 - [32]

Yawn , heard it all b4.

For all your ****ty wee 50p, c or whatever your currency is that you want back for losing x hours of a GAME , it will cost more than double that to process it.

Think about the big picture here , we have a relatively stable service , DT for up to an hour on average every day probably removes 99% of the problems that will arise. IMO it is only when something serious ****s up that we have unscheduled DT , or if upgrades are required. I can live with that , 99% of players can live with it , we may not be 100% happy about it but we are "adult" enough not to bleat and whine about it in public.

If you have ever worked in IT you will know that **** happens on a regular basis and to keep even a small amount of service contstantly available is nearly impossible without making changes but when there is regular hanges to a system , well you can forgot about 100% availabilty. Hell evenbanks have DT every day for all systems

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2004.05.14 21:36:00 - [33]

Well, I think that while giving us free game time is wrong. However, and despite the EULA I think a little act of good faith from CCP to the players could be in order. Not much, maybe a nice random bonus item or skill book. Something as small as that would go a long way with me and whats better is it would not cost CCP a thing.

Nothing ever goes to plan with EVE, every patch or hardware upgrade goes wrong to some extent and goes over the expected downtime. Now again, these things happen but just that little bit of an in game gift would show that they actually give a damm about customers cuz at the end of the day repeated "oh we are sorry" messages wont wash anymore.

Posted - 2004.05.14 22:05:00 - [34]

Fair enough guys the engineers have to go through a ****load to get the servers up and i understand the extended downtimes and so on and so forth

BUT WHY the **** when the servers are supposed to be up and running i get disconnected/stuck/kicked off/ and so on and on......

KEEP all the downtime you want but for ****s sake when the servers are supposed to be up make ****ing sure they are up.... not 25% up 100% UP

and to the dimwits that states the downtime for less lagg.... i have had more lag in the last 3 weeks then ever before.... i cant wait till the servers are all upgraded and it will still happen and i will laugh in your face

so someway everyone has a point Evil or Very Mad

Mirus Crosius
Minor Threat.
Posted - 2004.05.14 22:30:00 - [35]

So, do you roll up your EVE and smoke it, or do you give yourself continuous intraveinous injections of it?

Seriously, CCP do a pretty good job of things. Sure, they're a bit secretive... but no more than most of the other MMORPG devs out there.

Posted - 2004.05.14 22:58:00 - [36]

They are rewarding us.. in the end we will have better hardware to play on. Allowing for the usual teething problems.

Now if the servers went offline for 5 days straight, I'm sure we'd all see some for of compensation, but the odd evening here or there is nothing in the overall scheme of things.

CCP Wrangler

Posted - 2004.05.14 23:01:00 - [37]

Well, honestly, if it were longer downtimes and it was some form of usual malfunction I might agree with you. But it's a few hours here and there, maybe a whole evening sometimes, and it is to upgrade the server, to get everyone better service.

So ok, you lose a few hours of playing time, but you do get something out of it. Smile

Norse'Storm Battle Group
Intrepid Crossing
Posted - 2004.05.14 23:29:00 - [38]

To the original poster... get a life for gods sake man! you missed a few hours playing time, big deal!. you're gonna miss what? 4 -6 hours max due to extended downtime this month, would you have spent this time actively playing or would you be asleep or at work while this was happening?

If you was gonna be playing, then switch the pc off and go and sit in the sunshine and read a book or something. EVE is only a game after all, and if your gonna moan about a few lost hours due to planned maintanance then you need a break from the PC *sheesh*

Posted - 2004.05.15 00:04:00 - [39]

I've a sad git and must confess to have played most MMO's out there and EVE "issues"-downtime seems minimal next to games such as AO, SWG, PS, EQ (and every other friggin' acronym you can think of)

That is so untrue. I have a level 214 player in Anarchy Online, and have been playing that game for four years before recently cancelling my account, and started playing EVE. Now, I like EVE alot, but (maybe I joined at a bad time) since I started playing 2 months ago, I have been unable to log on so many times that im starting to get REAL ****ed at it. Remember.. I come from a MMORPG that doesnt have the best reputation on it when it comes to stability etc, but AO does now have NO downtime except from when they are patching, and the servers come back online when they say the are 90% of the times. And guess what? AO has NO daily downtime. Also: They actually GIVE OUT INFORMATION about what's gone wrong when something rarely does go wrong, in the logon window. The AO crew has been flamed alot in the past for not providing enough information, and has pulled themselves together, and now is the good boy in class, while CCP totally fails.

I like this game, but CCP does not seem like a company that values theyr customers as human individuals, paying customers, and consumers, that is as much worth as a normal consumer. Now, please start to be a bit more open minded, and give us the information that we want to see when things go wrong, PLEASE.

No, you cant have my loot, im not quitting. Im staying, and frankly, that cliche is getting old.

Broski Enterprises
-Mostly Harmless-
Posted - 2004.05.15 01:03:00 - [40]

..... Or we could just not act like spoiled little *****es.

Serge Tahlon
eXceed Inc.
Minor Threat.
Posted - 2004.05.15 01:54:00 - [41]

what are you complaining about ??!!

for me the downtime is daily 9pm -10pm , best gaming time interupted !!!

Rolling Eyes

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2004.05.15 02:32:00 - [42]

i just dont like the fact that on top of hte extended downtime, we also get unexpected downtimes, with no word from ccp until around 3 hours into it, then i go on and its unstable for an hour...

i dont want any money back, but i would like something, especially when this is the only time i can play with my friends this weekend and i cant because of extended and unexpected downtime, and no im not talking about the 4 hours downtime im talking about the other 4 hours unexpected lag and server resetting.

when will they have all the new upgrades done? any eta?

Federation of Freedom Fighters
Posted - 2004.05.15 04:38:00 - [43]

Edited by: swisher on 15/05/2004 04:44:41
I think all these problems can be CCP selling Eve to a bigger named gaming company that has the "know" how in running such things and marketing it. Because a Noob in the world of gaming and it will only get worse I think unless..someone buy's them out..or they contract over to another company for a %.

sad..but true


Posted - 2004.05.15 05:02:00 - [44]

Originally by: swisher
Edited by: swisher on 15/05/2004 04:44:41
I think all these problems can be CCP selling Eve to a bigger named gaming company that has the "know" how in running such things and marketing it. Because a Noob in the world of gaming and it will only get worse I think unless..someone buy's them out..or they contract over to another company for a %.

sad..but true


Yes, let's sell Eve to EA so they can cancel it after it doesn't automatically make them millions of dollars overnight.

Seriously, CCP is the best possible producer for this game. If it were sold to a bigger company, it would just be one of many projects they would be doing. At least with CCP, this is all they have, so we know they're dedicated to its success. They may have some problems, but there aren't many mistakes anymore that the big guys don't make too.

So whining about the downtime is just silly. Aside from the EULA argument, which nullifies any complaints anyway, it's just a game. Play something else if you can't log in. Or go do something else. There's plenty of other things to do in life.

Posted - 2004.05.15 06:17:00 - [45]

Just one quick thing.. Just becouse it says something in an EULA it doesnt make that legal.

For instance most of Microsofts and other major software manufacturers EULA´s have alot of stuff in them that are illegal in several countrys like Sweden, Finland etc.

So dont just trust the EULA as is.. It may be against the law in the country you/someone lives in...

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