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Posted - 2003.06.14 11:50:00 - [1]

I simply dont understand why MORE people dont play this game. It seriously had 3x the features of the games in its market. Everyone I tell comes and plays and I dont think any of them has quit. Maybe there needs to be more market dollars being spent to advertise the game cause in the US it took most MMO gamers 'by suprise'.

I hope to one day see 10k on this server cause THEN it will truly be a living breathing economy full of fun.

Yatar Kindoki
Posted - 2003.06.14 11:54:00 - [2]

I don't know but I showed the game to my brother and two friends of mine, they all bought it :)

I like to see more players too, obviously. But the way it's now, isn't that bad either.

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Posted - 2003.06.14 13:42:00 - [3]

Maybe if CCP would not make you pay for still beta test the game. Ppl loosing valuable time to bugs, rollbacks.

Seeing other players gotten really far with exploits and such does not really get ppl to want to buy the game.

Posted - 2003.06.14 13:48:00 - [4]

Btw, Bonedancer from SB?

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2003.06.14 13:49:00 - [5]

Well here in the UK both of the main gaming mags have given Eve excellent reviews and I noticed that it was at number 7 at my local EB. Also the mags have been running double page adverts so they cant really do much more.

Posted - 2003.06.14 13:55:00 - [6]

Problem is not with advertising I don't think. More or less there are a few other games still in beta and some that have been released that most dedicated to support rather than Eve. Also maybe alot of people heard bad things about eve such as some bugs or whatnot, but then they may be waiting till they hear of less problems. Not sure really, but then there are alot of people who are just not into space themed games, and choose to play more medieval type MMORPG. Either way you look at it I think there will be alot more people choosing to play Eve, just time will tell.

Edited by: Elentra on 14/06/2003 13:55:31

Morkt Drakt
Black Omega Security
Posted - 2003.06.14 13:56:00 - [7]

The MOG market is fa rmore "word of mouth" orientated than most.

ATM the "word on the street" is that EVE is still too buggy, too crashy and has too many exploits/imbalances.

Its got another 2 months yet though before they need to start really panicing. Even then they can probably subsist on what they have now.

Posted - 2003.06.14 14:10:00 - [8]

Well... maybe they put 2 pages adds in the UK pc Mags, but i haven't seen anything, not a single add in the US (and as such, Canadian) Pc Mags, hopely, things will change with this month mags, but last month, nothing! not even a review! blah...

Quantum Matrix
Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2003.06.14 15:30:00 - [9]

Have to agree with Zo here. I haven't seen anything around here advertising Eve. It isn't available in stores or anything. All my friends are ordering it simply because I showed it to them. They all have to order it online. I think CCP focused more on Europe, as far as I know it's more of an underground thing here in North America.


Exilis inc.
Posted - 2003.06.14 15:35:00 - [10]

Muidired rollbacks? That's a new one :P
There have been ONE rollback, and that was after a week or so, and the rollback was only one day.

I think that EVE sells pretty good...number 7 at Game's toplist of most sold PC games here in Sweden.

To have 10.000 users logged on you need around 40.000-50.000 subscribers...and that's pretty hard without good advertising.
I have noticed that most people don't care about reviews, they buy the game with the most ads. Enter the Matrix is a veeery good example of this.

I also think that people (normal gamers, the big market) are a bit conservatice... "Do I have to pay with a credit card? No way! Some ****o site took my friends CC number five years ago and now I never gonna trust the internet" know.
People thinks that it isn't safe to pay with CCs over internet. That was maybe the fact a couple of years ago, but not anymore.

Posted - 2003.06.14 16:13:00 - [11]

In the UK PC Gamer has given it 90% and their game of distinction award thats very good going considering games like Quake 3 which peeps are still glued to got 95%. Without huge double page adverts that about as good as your gonna get. Give it time though as the review only came out couple of days ago imsre we will get lots of newcomers waiting to get their sweaty mits on this amazing game

Quantum Matrix
Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2003.06.14 16:18:00 - [12]

Yes, it seems to be big enough in Europe, but not many people in NA seem to have heard of it. As word spreads I'm sure this will change.


Posted - 2003.06.14 16:18:00 - [13]

I think the question you should be asking is how is CCP going to keep the players it has.

40 Comm
Posted - 2003.06.14 18:38:00 - [14]

The way the game is going at the moment i'm staying :)

Uragan Zelp
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2003.06.14 19:46:00 - [15]

I dont think CCP and EVE are doing too badly.

I dont know the offical figures of the number of subscribers, But taking experence from other MMORPG's, at peak times on aerage roughly one quarter of subscribers are logged in.

As far as I am aware the most people logged in at any time has been around six and a half thousand users.

From this:

6500 X 4 = 26000 subscribers

Now I realise that this is very rough maths and not exactly scientific, However assuming that I am in the right general area here I think 26000 odd subscribers after 6 weeks or so is a perfectly acceptable postition to be in

CCP does need to keep working to continue to build the numbers though.

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2003.06.14 20:01:00 - [16]

I was not in beta, and i just joined up after about 2 weeks after release. To me, the game is still brand new (althouth flying cruiser). Every change/improvement/nerf whatever that adds to improve gameplay for the majority is a joy in my book. CCP has done a brilliant job so far pleasing the masses.

I think one of the things that has kept players from buying the game is what has been written by players on various boards. Speaking for myself, i am an experienced MMOG player, and every experienced player knows the official site is not the way to look if you want the inside story of an online game. Instead i looked up every forum, board or even IRC chat i could find prior to buying the game.
My impression (no, i am not a sceptic) is that whiners ruin alot of the PR needed for the game.
But being experienced and all (yeah right), i know from the past that whiners/griefers/powergames are equal to 80% of forum posts. They are also the ones always posting first.
Put something nice about the game on the boards ppl, and more subscribers might join up :)

Posted - 2003.06.14 20:01:00 - [17]

I think better starting documentation would really help. If you really impress folks from the start much more likely they will recommend to their friends as opposed to if they struggle for a day trying to figure out the basics. Sure they might still play but less likely to recommend it.

Samual Vimes
Posted - 2003.06.14 23:02:00 - [18]

Remember also, the game hasn't gone fully world wide yet. It's still a couple of weeks before it goes on general release in France for instance. When that happens I'm sure that we will see an increase in the number of Gallent characters. <chuckles>

Sheriff Fatman
Posted - 2003.06.14 23:28:00 - [19]

I think the reason people don't play is that the game is not fun enough.

I bought it one week ago and am quitting as of tonight. I am a real space trader fan and would have liked nothing more than to have been able to enjoy the game, but it just isn't fun.

Here are some of the reasons:

(1) The are very few things to actually DO in the game. Once you've clicked your training to ensure you advance, your choices (as a starter) are mine repetitively, travel around for hours hoping to find a trade run which you can run back and forth repetitively on or go have some pretty dull fights with pirates.

(2) 90% of doing any of those things is inactivity. I played about 2 hours tonight before giving the game up entirely. My aim was to scout around Tash for decent asteroids or fights. I believe I spent about 10 minutes actually in asteroid belts fighting or looking and the other couple of hours reading a book while I waited travelled between them. A game that requires you to bring along your own alternative entertainment is surely lacking.

(3) Interface. I LOVE the way you can dock and move around windows. Very nice. However, the rest of the UI has been very poorly thought out. Getting to information is laborious. It requires far too many clicks and it is all too easy to accidently dismiss a window requiring you to go through it all again. This might not seem like a big deal to some people, but it makes doing anything more work than it should be.

(4) Docking/auto-pilot. Why on EARTH does your ship drop out of warp so far from gates and stations? It is ludicrous that the already cumbersome nature of the travel system be seemingly needlessly worsened by adding 2 minutes or so to every entry to a system or base. On a 20 hop jump - which is not uncommon - this adds 40 minutes. 40 minutes in which you are just watching a station or gate get slowly closer. Whose idea was that?

(1) Trade information is inaccessible. I can see why they might (given the absence of a more imaginative solution) restrict information about prices to a region level. However, making me ENTER a station to discover the prices for the region is absurd. One of the few thigns that could mildly relieve the tedium of travel would be perusing prices.

(2) Buggy/unstable. There are far too many bugs in the game. Unlike some players, I'm not prepared to excuse poor QA as "all MMORPGs have". Regular (at least once a session) crashing on my win 2000 os is far too much and missing all the easy to catch bugs is slack.

(3) Not enough people playing. If EVE was more conculsively fun to play, word would get around. People aren't prepared to sign up when the word is vague/contradictory. I only bought the game after being talked into it by someone and always had misgivings. Now they have been confirmed. More players would mean more fun, but there needs to be a better base level of fun to incentivise people to quit their current games.

Athren Soulsteal
Intergalaxy Salvage And Repair
Posted - 2003.06.15 00:10:00 - [20]

sherff are you freelancing? cause I have been playing since a week after launch and other than having a few annoying days have been having a great time.

The diffrence is that I did come in with a group of people from my old SS clan. So I have been playing with people that I have known for years.

When you are patroling with a teammate time seems to fly. Even when we have our ship/isk fund raising we compeat to see who can kill the most rock (see which pair can have the most full cans before the transport can make it back) is fun.

And the game has just started, heck we are even planing on some shuttle races through the serpents coil.

The funs just starting.

CCP Wrangler

Posted - 2003.06.15 00:24:00 - [21]

Well, EVE isn't for everyone I guess, though I enjoy it. And keeping subscribers, and getting new ones isn't a problem from what I've heard ;)

Exilis inc.
Posted - 2003.06.15 01:15:00 - [22]

"(4) Docking/auto-pilot. Why on EARTH does your ship drop out of warp so far from gates and stations? It is ludicrous that the already cumbersome nature of the travel system be seemingly needlessly worsened by adding 2 minutes or so to every entry to a system or base. On a 20 hop jump - which is not uncommon - this adds 40 minutes. 40 minutes in which you are just watching a station or gate get slowly closer. Whose idea was that?"

MWDs ffs man! :p
It takes me a couple of seconds to fly the ~20 km to the station...

And btw, no that's not 40 minutes watching stargates, that's 40 minutes surfing. Ever heard of window mode?

Posted - 2003.06.15 02:09:00 - [23]

Granted I won't go out fully promoting the game until the game is more solid. Otherwise you may disappoint more people than make them happy. When the game is more mature, then you can afford greater promotion.

I think the game has not been released yet in other countries and should be: Australia, NZ, Southeast Asia, Korea, Japan, France, Italy, Spain, Germany. I would especially place my sights on Germany because this would surely appeal to X:BTF fans.

Also the entry cost is rather high, and I think when the game matures, they should just make a free promo version that still requires you to pay for first one month subscription online, and put this version in the PC magazine disks or free for download. Then they should also consider using selling subscription cards like E&B and other games. This "promo" version should only come when the game is mature in a sense (ver 1.1 or 1.2).

BTW, a lot of people don't buy games like 1.0 anymore. They wait for a patch and only consider the game worth buying when it is mature, usually a 1.1 or 1.2 version.

Posted - 2003.06.15 03:24:00 - [24]

Well I dont know what pipe you guys been smoking but this game is a "ROCK" of solidity and excellent performance compared to "SOME" of the games on the street. I think it already has more content and a feature rich world then anything short of UO.

Lots of things they can do to easily imrpove it as well, Ill be playing it for some time to come, and yes this is the same Bone from Sinister/Rolling 30's of Shadowbane.

Posted - 2003.06.15 04:20:00 - [25]

I'm a Shadowbane refugee too Bone, good to see you here. I agree Eve is a great game and I know I won't be leaving this game for a long time to come, if at all.

Spread the word about Eve!

Posted - 2003.06.15 04:27:00 - [26]

one way to get more subcribers is to get the game card or paypal or a better pay option so people without credit cards or ones that dont want to use on internet can get on :)

Posted - 2003.06.15 04:52:00 - [27]

What gets me is how folks new to the game think thay can play for a week, and know it all, and wonder why they aren't in a battleship, with all skills trained to lvl 5. This game will grow over time, and word of mouth!

Just tonight I brought two new players in from my old guild in E&B. Even though one is having a problems with crashing, they both say it is flat out way better and would rather play EVE (As Noobs), then E&B.

You want more players? Go get them!

And yes, I did help them. I gave each of them 50K isk, and a bantam. WOW that cost me alot! ;) and Im a freelancer!

EVE has the promo stuff going, and is getting the good reviews! But if you, as a player, do not help the new players, and only wish to exploit the new players, and offer no help to them, then you are the one that is keeping EVE from growing, not CCP! IMHO!!

Sheriff Fatman
Posted - 2003.06.15 09:52:00 - [28]

Erty, yes, I could surf. As I said, I have currently been reading a book to pass the time. Either way I'd be entertaining myself through alternative means because the game is not entertaining me.

Some1else, I didn't stay for a week and think I know everything. I didn't want to be in a battleship. All I wanted was to do something that was interesting and fun. If you need to play for more than a week before you're able to have fun, there will be a lot of potential subscribers dropping off like me.

Posted - 2003.06.15 11:37:00 - [29]

"I only bought the game after being talked into it by someone and always had misgivings"

Well i can see why after only a week you are bored if you had that attitude before you even started playing it.

It does seem to be only a small minority moaning about travel times, i think most people playing this game accept that long travel times 'have' to be part of a game that has a HUGE galaxy. If you want shorter travel times you may as well ask for a smaller Galaxy, same thing.

Thats something i certainly do not want!....i love the fact that the Galaxy is so big

Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2003.06.15 14:28:00 - [30]

Like what's in the PC Gamer review, this is a "slow burning" game. You have get into it. And sure, this may not be suitable for some people, but I alone have convinced five of my friends to get the game and we have a blast. I just joined my first corp and that's only making it better.

All the time you spend traveling, you can use that time to chat, make new friends, plan out what you'll do next. Or, run in windowed mode and browse the net.

Just chill out and enjoy what's there. Think of the possibilities and how quickly CCP is to acting. Sure there are bugs, every MMOG has had it's bugs, just give it some time.

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