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Seimor Jeneet
Posted - 2008.06.12 16:35:00 - [1]

Edited by: Seimor Jeneet on 13/06/2008 20:21:10
Edited by: Seimor Jeneet on 13/06/2008 20:18:20
Edited by: Seimor Jeneet on 13/06/2008 13:58:04
I am selling/trading my amarrian character Seimor Jeneet for personal reasons YARRRR!!

Skills link:

Skill highlights:
  • Amarr Frigate V

  • Amarr Cruiser V

  • Small Energy Turrets V

  • Weapon Upgr. V

Can fly:
  • All T2 frigs (Ceptor, Cov Ops, Stealth Bomber, AF)

  • HAC with a little skill training

  • Retriever Mining Barge

  • Basic Battleships for 0.0 ratting? :b

I am very open minded about trading as i have no idea of what i really want to do. I just want to do something new :)

Opening bid: 1bil
Increase: 100mil
Reserve: hidden
Buyout: make me an offer
Auction end: 20th of June '08

I will of course pay the transfer fee.

He comes with some assets in 0.0, but atm they arent reachable by me as they are on an enemy station. (this includes 2x Armageddon battleships, some POS modules and some moon mining materials, and random stuff)

Wallet will be set to 0.0, no negatives, Sec stat is atm -0,3 and he will be in a NPC corp.

slave will recieve the isks.

- Seimor Jeneet

Slave 0156
Posted - 2008.06.13 13:58:00 - [2]

daily bump
- i will recieve iskies

Posted - 2008.06.13 13:59:00 - [3]

Im interested if you open it up to auction I would pay you 1 bil as a openeing bid

Slave 0156
Posted - 2008.06.13 20:17:00 - [4]

Hmm. I will open it for auction and accept your bid, but i would have to put a reserve on then. And it will be hidden.

Garoun Investment Bank
Posted - 2008.06.13 20:26:00 - [5]

Startt the bid at 1.1bil

Slave 0156
Posted - 2008.06.14 17:55:00 - [6]

daily bump. do i hear 1.2bil?

Slave 0156
Posted - 2008.06.15 08:42:00 - [7]


Mallus Wolf
Posted - 2008.06.15 08:44:00 - [8]

when are you online i would like to discuss

Slave 0156
Posted - 2008.06.15 08:48:00 - [9]

I can come on right now...

drogn lok
Posted - 2008.06.15 09:24:00 - [10]

eve-mail was sent to you, will be waiting reply.

Slave 0156
Posted - 2008.06.15 10:16:00 - [11]

Buyout accepted at 1.7b from Drogn Lok.
Waiting for isks to be paid to Slave 0156

Slave 0156
Posted - 2008.06.15 16:57:00 - [12]

Money received, will be sending har in 17h when all roles have been removed.
Pleasure doing business with you :)


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