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Papa Gwan
Tribal Liberation Force
Posted - 2008.06.07 11:32:00 - [1]

Here is a list of some basic features I'd like to see added someday.

Packaging Modules: Why? Is there any reason to have this mechanic in place? Suggestion: reduce unpackaged volume to current packaged volume and remove this annoying, unnecessary mechanic.
Mission Information: Any chance we could just get the name of the system where the encounter takes place added to the name? So instead of seeing “Worlds Collide” we would see “Worlds Collide(Rens)” to indicate that the encounter takes place in Rens. Alleviates the annoyance of having to open each missions page and figure out where they are.

Station and Storage:
Station Vaults: Why are we unable to fit modules or use skill books directly from the vault? Instead, we have to move it to the hanger and then use it. Small problem but easily fixed!

Missile Launchers: Would like to see a graphical addition on your ship when adding a launcher. I know, most ships have a built-in launcher model, but this is un-animated and remain on the ship whether a launcher is equipped or not.
Missile Fire: Just like having a physical launcher on the ship, I think the firing animation needs some lovin'! Currently, it's a little smoke and some glowing blobs.

Weapon Systems:
Launcher/Turret Info: Would like to see some auto-magic info come up in the details of any turret or launcher depending on ammo type. For instance, rather than showing “Damage Multiplier: 13x” or whatever, it would show “Damage – EMP S( 65 EM, 52 Explosive, 26 Kinetic)” This would give us a better method to determine damage output and enemy ship resistances.
Defender Missiles: Something needs to be done about these. In their current incarnation, they are pretty worthless. I propose a new weapon system as follows;
Phalanx Defense System – this small auto-cannon is placed in a high slot. When activated, it consumes X capacitor every Y seconds. While active, it will constantly scan for any incoming missiles and attempt to shoot them down. Must be loaded with Z ammunition.

Presto! A dedicated anti-missile system for those who want to bother with it!
Underpacking Hardpoints: Underpacking a hardpoint would allow you to put a module which requires a lower hardpoint to fit in a higher one. For instance, allow a Shield Extender to be Underpacked into a high slot if the user so chooses.

General Additions:
Macros: Would very much like to see the addition of some basic macro language that we can use. For instance, commands would be available to cycle ammo, handle distances/maneuvers, handle weapon systems vs. various targets, etc. Could have many, many uses.

Comments/Criticism/Flames welcome!

Nikita Alterana
Kumiho's Smile
Posted - 2008.06.07 18:24:00 - [2]

I agree with all of it.
the one thing you didn't take into account is damage to modules, thats why they need to be repackaged, so you don't go selling damaged goods. And the missile animations probably won't change.

the rest of it though I am in agreement with.

Armageddon Day
Posted - 2008.06.07 18:38:00 - [3]

Edited by: Femaref on 07/06/2008 21:07:40
Packaging is there because of the database. If it would be removed, EVERY item ingame would require one entry in the database. Now, if you repackage an item, it has its additional properties removed from the db and is just an item. So if you would have 100 items of type $x, you would have 100 lines following your idea. Now, if you repackage these 100 items, it will be become one stack of 100 items of type $x, needing one entry in the db instead of 100.

E.g. taking a ship, it would just be $ship with basic properties. Unpackaged $ship will have basic properties + armor stats + hull stats + etc.

This would hurt the db alot and because of that will never be implemented.

Armageddon Day
Posted - 2008.06.07 18:39:00 - [4]

Edited by: Femaref on 07/06/2008 21:07:52


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