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Gee Man
Holy Knights
Posted - 2004.05.07 03:29:00 - [1]

Edited by: Gee Man on 07/05/2004 03:32:24
Two ideas on music and sound:

First Idea:

I really think it would be a neat idea to have an option to have the music interact with certain situations or actions in the game.

You would have events like say combat, warping, in station, whatever, and be able to tag one of the in-game tracks to it.

But just thinking about it, the tracks are long so may not suit it so I guess maybe some new short ones for combat alerting for example? Hell! Might as well add some speech with your on-board computer saying: "Alert Hostile Ship".

Second Idea:

Please can CCP include ALL its music in the in-game playlist? I'm talking about tracks like:
Jon Hallur & Reynir - Modern Thinking .. and
Jon Hallur & Reynir - Seven Clans, also Akat Mountains and the other cool ones titled EVE Rock 01,02, Caldari002,003 etc which are hidden in the EVE's music folder!

Heard "It's Full of Stars (Drummix)" version?? It's cool. Most of them are awesome but they are not in the in-game playlist.

Also the option to alter the playlist would be cool too. But those other "hidden" tracks really do spice up the game and I'm sure will reduce the amount of people falling asleep while auto-piloting ;p



This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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