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Rifter Drifter
Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2008.06.02 13:34:00 - [1]

Most of us here have heard them at least once, thats right. Uncle Suas's awesome cover songs based around Eve
For those of you who have not heard them Here are the links

Little Bee's
Saleen Transvestite (somebody give me the correct title for this one :P

So the story goes like this, i'm sat in my study, piano under one hand, guitar in the other, browsing my favourites list with my toes, and i come across those 2 little gems again, and i spot a comment that makes me go Shocked.

"I am thinking EVE-O the musical" - VortecsOcPS

Well, that got me thinking.. How about it.

In the large diverse community we belong to in Eve, im sure we could muster the right people to make this a reality.

Of course, with such a proposed, and extremely fledgling project, nothing is set in stone.. what would the story tell, the histroy of eve? would it tell of the wars between the north and south? the comic "hate" between piwates and carebears?

If you feel you would like to contritbute to this project please contact me in game via eve mail, or open chat, or even just post any ideas or support in this thread.

it seems that at the moment whats really needed is:

Knowledgeable (and veteran) Eve players (accuracy ftw)
"Sound guys"
Story writers
Artists (think little bee's)
Musicians (orignal compositions perhaps?)

Support from Suas and perhaps a working relationship with him in regards to using his current 2 releases (and possibly collaberating as a group on more) would be loved.

To all Eve lovers and Creative People, lets get together!

Come and Join channel "Eve-O Musical" For a chat!

Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2008.06.02 15:44:00 - [2]

i hope you make it happen i will definatly want to play it on air .

Eve Musical
Posted - 2008.06.02 16:47:00 - [3]

Here's to hoping it will be a near full length project, but dont expect it soon.

Early days, and it wont be a one man project i hope :P

have had some interest so far which is good.

watch this space.

Eve Musical
Posted - 2008.06.02 16:49:00 - [4]


Eve Musical
Posted - 2008.06.02 16:53:00 - [5]

this thread will be used as a placeholder for any future previews and releases

For up to date info on the production

please go to the general discussion thread

Warped Mining
Strip Mining Club
Posted - 2008.06.03 10:37:00 - [6]

best of luck :)


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