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Echoes of Space

Posted - 2008.05.23 18:47:00 - [91]

Edited by: Jameroz on 23/05/2008 18:46:55
Originally by: Heroldyn
i like being able to see who is supporting an issue.

I support the ability being able to support without posting, yet it wouldn't be bad idea to give us ability to list all those people.

Tamia Clant
New Dawn Corp
New Eden Research.
Posted - 2008.05.23 19:20:00 - [92]

Agreed, having to post to show support seems a bit unnecessary.

Ummon Mu
Posted - 2008.05.23 20:40:00 - [93]


Exodus Alpha
EVE University
Ivy League
Posted - 2008.05.23 21:24:00 - [94]

This support post is soooo ironic... Laughing

Star Section 9

Posted - 2008.05.23 21:51:00 - [95]

I give my support to the idea/discussion going on. Wink

The Higher Standard
Posted - 2008.05.23 22:10:00 - [96]

I support the option of a support or disagree on the first post as well as the option of a reply for those who wish to make a statement or clarify. (debate)

Purgatorial Janitors Inc.

Posted - 2008.05.23 22:13:00 - [97]

Absolutely. I hate to post. :)

Bane Glorious
Ministry of War

Posted - 2008.05.23 22:25:00 - [98]


Having to post to pledge support does more harm than good; anonymity would make people more likely to support sensitive topics.

Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2008.05.23 22:26:00 - [99]


Hesod Adee

Posted - 2008.05.23 22:28:00 - [100]

Agreed. Open source forum software like [url=""phpBB[/url] can handle polls, so why can't this forum ?

Posted - 2008.05.23 23:23:00 - [101]

supporting this idea

Akiba Penrose
The Praxis Initiative
Posted - 2008.05.24 00:58:00 - [102]


Slug Jefvel
Intrepid Crossing
Posted - 2008.05.24 02:11:00 - [103]

I agree.

xena zena
The Money Shot Inc.

Posted - 2008.05.24 02:49:00 - [104]


There should be a big thumbs up and a big thumbs down icon/button below the OP's first post and above the first reply to the topic. Replies should be just 100% neutral, discussion. Those wishing to affect the vote can click the thumb up or thumb down icon to cast their single vote for the topic.

Adrian Steel
Kabukimono Exploration Syndicate
Greater Realms
Posted - 2008.05.24 03:36:00 - [105]


Notorious BIG
Inside out.
Posted - 2008.05.24 06:54:00 - [106]


Nomakai Delateriel
Ammatar Free Corps
Curatores Veritatis Alliance
Posted - 2008.05.24 08:02:00 - [107]

Addendum: Even if CCP is worried about people post all kinds of weirdness because it would make them anonymous that could easily be solved by each [Issue] automatically generating a list once you've voted.

The important thing isn't anonymity (or rather, anonymity is a whole different issue), but rather that people who wish to express a more advanced opinion than "yay/nay" shouldn't be drowned in "/signed" spam, and that it shouldn't be more difficult than signing your name to a petition.

Draugrist Ithil
the oNe Academy
Posted - 2008.05.24 08:19:00 - [108]

I support this issue. I'd hate to go through pages of /signed just to see the actual discussion about an issue.

Tonto Auri
Vhero' Multipurpose Corp

Posted - 2008.05.24 08:22:00 - [109]

Originally by: Mystic Twilight
I personally like posting
"I endorse the above product and/or service"
Though I can see why a button would for some people. I guess this kind of prompts you to have an opinion rather than actual standing.

It would increase the number of votes occurring, but posting like this lets people see how strong the opinion is.

Against this topic.

If you want to make separate post, noone can stop you from doing that, it's a forum.
But for me, if issue correctly explained and contains everything that I feel required to explain, i'd rather just "vote" for it than make separate post. I hate useless "+1" flooding.
It would be also nice to see final count of votes and be able to see the list of pilots who have raised voice in support.

But option for simple vote rather than floodpost would be good.

Posted - 2008.05.24 08:39:00 - [110]


Although I assume requiring posts makes the system more transparent.

Sang Jin
Heretic Army
Posted - 2008.05.24 12:17:00 - [111]

Not having to reply to do this = win!

Etil DeLaFuente
Posted - 2008.05.24 12:32:00 - [112]

Not supported.

Always good to know why you're supporting the idea or not.

2H Industries

Posted - 2008.05.24 13:15:00 - [113]


Solarflare Heavy Industries
Posted - 2008.05.24 14:45:00 - [114]


Mr Stark
Posted - 2008.05.24 15:04:00 - [115]

agreed, just some for of count to say how many agree would be sufficient.

Fringe Roamers of Goa
Posted - 2008.05.24 15:20:00 - [116]

Yes and No Razz

I believe we should have a poll for major issues. But before a poll is created (by a CSM member) it should be discussed in this type of thread so that all of the pros and cons can be weighed.

As this thread stands I have to vote Nay!

Kazuo Ishiguro
House of Marbles
Posted - 2008.05.24 15:58:00 - [117]

The whole point of these votes is that issues can be raised without any of the CSM supporting them, so requiring CSM members to set polls goes directly against the intended function of this forum.

Fringe Roamers of Goa
Posted - 2008.05.24 16:02:00 - [118]

True. However, with a requirement of posting to support or not, you will only get a fraction of the player-base to even respond. However, a poll that is created after enough debate will allow the CSM members a better picture on wether or not it is worthy to bring to CCPs attention.

Master Akira
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2008.05.24 16:05:00 - [119]


Phoenix Propulsion Labs
Omega Vector
Posted - 2008.05.24 16:43:00 - [120]

Downside is that current system makes it easy to identify Who supported something. A good source of intel on what people think.

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