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Hastur DragonTooth
Optimus Crime.
Posted - 2008.06.19 09:02:00 - [841]

I don't care about a price increase, as much as I do the utility of having 30 and 90 day GTC's as an option.

Let's see how CCP responds. We already know the CSM is worthless. This heavily supported topic will be a good indicator whether the CSM raising issues to CCP is just as worthless.

Rionnag Alba
The Requiem
Posted - 2008.06.19 09:47:00 - [842]

Edited by: Bobafeit on 19/06/2008 09:47:47
Originally by: Hastur DragonTooth
I don't care about a price increase, as much as I do the utility of having 30 and 90 day GTC's as an option.

Let's see how CCP responds. We already know the CSM is worthless. This heavily supported topic will be a good indicator whether the CSM raising issues to CCP is just as worthless.

what he said, give us back our choice's

Inquisitor Berthez
Alien Pancake Bonanza

Posted - 2008.06.19 09:53:00 - [843]

And fix the US/Europe price differences!

Colonel Rykef
War Eagles
HELM Alliance
Posted - 2008.06.19 09:57:00 - [844]

clearly CCP are pushing ahead with their idea im thinking about not resubing in protest

Joe Widowmaker
Quantum Industries
RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2008.06.19 10:48:00 - [845]


Drake Kashyma
Posted - 2008.06.19 12:13:00 - [846]

$38.85 : 90 days : $0.43/day
$34.99 : 60 days : $0.58/day

Around 34% more expensive, very bad way to earn more money from players CCP Evil or Very Mad

Posted - 2008.06.19 23:07:00 - [847]


Phil Miller
Posted - 2008.06.20 01:08:00 - [848]


Factor Mystic
Posted - 2008.06.20 01:09:00 - [849]


Ling Xiaoyu
Posted - 2008.06.20 01:09:00 - [850]


Aero Zolic
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2008.06.20 09:19:00 - [851]

"Yes" vote. Not a good decision by CCP.

Nyx Cyth
Posted - 2008.06.20 11:27:00 - [852]

so this not being discussed by CCP then?

Jade Constantine
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2008.06.20 12:54:00 - [853]

Its getting discussed on Sunday - the agenda for the formal meetings is a little bit different from the order we submitted issues in.

Drek Grapper
Posted - 2008.06.20 15:39:00 - [854]

Edited by: Drek Grapper on 20/06/2008 15:39:16
$%^&ing bullsh!t this...a 60 day GTC now cost more than double a 30day GTC. Absolute ripp off you sly sharks..


Posted - 2008.06.20 21:22:00 - [855]

I'm one of those that will be leaving the game when my 2 accounts run out if this is not fixed immediately.

Vindicated Blast.
Posted - 2008.06.21 06:22:00 - [856]

Originally by: Hominaary
I'm one of those that will be leaving the game when my 2 accounts run out if this is not fixed immediately.

me to im doin same i mean come on they raise prices delete some GTC's and wat do we get some wat i can only assume now are slackers that want some kerching (well even more kerching) and wat do we get for this better petition answers not copy past crap better time taken and thought into patches not litening to whinners and moaners that have no idea about pvp atm we have petitions were they just enter a random petition and copy paste from last answered petition and patches its like u have some one sat there thinking hmmm wat do i do with this one then I NO ill through this in o and this ooo and this now lets send it out so every1 dl's it ooo no the server is down for a week o well lets sit on our ass's and drink tea and think about other stuff frickin ridicules just FYI guys me and my mate worked out that ccp would end up earning around 4-5 million pounds a month from us payers they earn at least 1-2 million now WAT A RIP OFF CCP

Posted - 2008.06.21 06:55:00 - [857]

CCP has increased the monthly price to play the game significantly and this is unacceptable.

Ranita Drell
Intaki Liberation Front
Posted - 2008.06.21 09:14:00 - [858]

Edited by: Ranita Drell on 21/06/2008 09:16:42
The OP puts it well.

This amounts to a rate hike, and as a customer, I can't say I ever appreciate those. As someone trying to bootstrap myself up to the point where I can comfortably afford to pay for one or two accounts with ISK, I can only see this change discouraging my progress towards that end. I lose the cost effective option of paying 90 days in advance, and I lose the cheap option of keeping an account going in the event that I'm strapped for cash (or trying to save for something else).

And I can offer this as far as a testimonial: I might not be playing EVE right now if the decision to remove 30-day time cards had been made somewhat sooner. I had a lapsed account, and wanted to give EVE another try, but didn't feel like paying real cash to play a game I might tire of in a couple weeks (plus the idea of paying with in-game currency appeals to me, since I tend to be a sort of on again/off again MMO gamer). So I decided I'd just go ahead and try to buy a GTC with any ISK that might be available on my dead account. It turns out I had just enough for a 30-day card, hence my return.

Also, before I heard about the discontinuing of the 30-day time card (a couple days ago), I thought I might introduce the game to a few of my RL friends (as I have none that are playing EVE presently, which is one of the things that puts a damper on my enthusiasm about EVE) and giving or loaning them the money to buy a 30-day GTC as a sort of "extended trial." I don't see myself doing something like that with a 60-day card, at least until I'm capable of making ISK a lot faster than I currently do.

So what CCP should understand is that having a variety of payment options available makes the game more accessible to more people -- which means more subscriptions. I'm sure CCP has already taken this into consideration to at least some extent, but perhaps it has been as carefully weighed as it should be.

Arron Daris
Posted - 2008.06.21 12:10:00 - [859]

agree, removal of the other payment options is a backwards step only justified by ccp trying to maximising its profits

Posted - 2008.06.21 15:31:00 - [860]


Posted - 2008.06.21 15:48:00 - [861]


Rudolf Miller
Dawn of a new Empire
The Initiative.
Posted - 2008.06.22 04:32:00 - [862]

30 days time cards are almost universally gone. 90 days are soon to follow. please support the motion to stop the 60 day domination!


Smacko Thug
State War Academy
Posted - 2008.06.22 09:28:00 - [863]

CCP see other companys selling ISK for cash and making decent money from it...

This is their way of making cash from doing the exact same thing.

Its a long time since CCP have cared about the customer, theyve seen the almighty dollar, now they are just trying to figure out ways of taking a bigger chunk of it.

Id have more respect and in turn more active accounts (if for once, theyd stand up and have the balls to be honest about things instead of putting a t20 spin on everything.

Francis Dent
Posted - 2008.06.22 09:37:00 - [864]


Dav Barsco
Ars ex Discordia
Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2008.06.22 11:36:00 - [865]


Adding 60d GTC is fine.. but removing the choice of 30d and 90d GTCs is not on.

Posted - 2008.06.22 14:46:00 - [866]

As a new entrant to EVE, who brought all of his soc/guild mates from other games here, I can say that the "no 30 day cards" idea is totally ridiculous. When I have 14 days to decide if I want to stay, just enough time to get some friends to come over and make toons, then CCP says we have to commit to two month's at a time or we just can't play anymore...?

I won't tie myself up like that when gameplay during the trial is so limited (many stats can't be learned, etc), to find out if I really like the game, now I'm stuck with multiple months? Nope. This really caused fits for my friends too, so thanks CCP for screwing things up for us offline as well as on.

I'm hopeful the 30-day ETC will be back before the end of this 30 days, or I'll just have to say goodbye. Seems a raw deal to have the company do this. "60 days is inductry standard" is simply a lie - try any other game and you'll find 1-month cards are "the standard". Nobody wants to lose flexibility in where and how they play.

Inanna Zuni
The Causality
Electus Matari
Posted - 2008.06.22 14:53:00 - [867]

This subject was discussed during the CSM-CCP
meeting today. Although both sides recognised
that this is a commercial decision for CCP and
not directly within the remit of the CSM the
issues involved have been taken on board by CCP
and any announcement by them will be made in due


Pyrii Tanyoko
His Infernal Majesty
Gunboat Diplomacy
Posted - 2008.06.22 19:55:00 - [868]

As a fairly new user, I found the 30 day option helpful to see if I would really stay the course within EVE Online. Once those 30 days were up, the 90day GTC offered value for money so I went ahead and paid for 90 days worth which I am currently using. For me in the UK, paying under 8 a month for EVE was rather good. Let's see how this translates, especially with the increase inthe US dollar recently:

30 day = $14.95 = 7.57
90 day = $38.85 = 6.55 (per 30 days x 3)

So at this point you have a short term package for the undecided or those who don't need 90 days, and a long term package which offers better value for money as reward for long service.

60 day = $34.99 = 8.85 (per 30 days x 2)

This new card doesn't compete with either card, blows the limit on what I want to pay per month and is just plain profiteering. The excuse that CCP wants to reduce confusion does not roll as this sudden change only increases confusion and covers up blatant profiteer for those who can't look at the sums like me.

As such I no longer see EVE Online as an option and will not be renewing till I can pay the same as I already have per month.

As for staying competitive...

WoW-US 60 day timecode = $29.99 = 7.58 (per 30 days x 2)

CCP just priced itself out of my online gameplay needs.

(USDGBP Forex used for conversion from:

Wrecking inc.
Posted - 2008.06.23 12:21:00 - [869]


Posted - 2008.06.23 19:03:00 - [870]

keep it the way it was.

link to my thread that i probably shoulda posted here (thanks for the guy that pointed me to this main one) - yeah most of what i said has probably been said here, but its another opinion :)

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