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Reapo 2
Malevolent Intentions
Dark Solar Empire
Posted - 2008.05.20 20:21:00 - [1]

looking for small tight knit pvp core uk euro tz.mail me with offers if interested.

madd cat
People Eating Ethernopians Incorporated
Posted - 2008.05.20 20:43:00 - [2]

Maybe check CELES out mate Linkage

Ghosting Corp
Posted - 2008.05.21 02:27:00 - [3]

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Caught with the hand in the cookie jar. :P

xBounty Hunterx
Posted - 2008.05.21 03:13:00 - [4]

Welcome to Cold Fury Coalition!!! Where team work is the way to success. We support one another to make us stornger on the battlefield. We have fun and thats what counts. We make the word boring no such word. We pirate when we feel like it :)

Current Operations;

> PVP - Empire wars, tournaments, 0.0, etc
> Co-Op Mission Running (Level 3 and 4)
> Co-Op NPCing (0.3 -> 0.0)
> 0.0 Access
> and more...

Requirments are --
- Vent
- Active
- 14 Days min.

Legio Imperium Invictus
Posted - 2008.05.21 05:23:00 - [5]

We are now seeking new & Old players to join Three 6 MaFiA, to share in the work and the achievement. Our Corporation Goes By an NBSI Policy

What we offer you:
- 25 - 30 active daily
- US and UK Player Based Corporation
- We are Mercenary PVP Based Corporation
- PVP Training available
- Ship Replacement Program - Replaced if lost on corp ops
- A chance to pvp against our enemies.
- PVP Fleet Ops
- Advice and help from our older playerbase (our avg sp is in the 20-30 mil mark).
- Fun.
- Based In The Forge Region/Pure Blind
- 0.0 Access - Pending Ask upon request
- Ships and skill books are paid for at 50% Of Cost

What we expect in return:

- Teamwork, the entire corp is built on this premise..the more you put into the corp the more you get in return.

Our requierments:

- Ventrilo.
- Dedication to Corporation goals.
- The desire to work as part of a team.
- 5 Mill sp Minimum Requirement

For more information join our public channel
36M Recruitment


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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