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James 315
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2008.05.18 17:40:00 - [1]

Hello again, gentle CAOD reader. I don't suppose you were expecting me? Very good, everything is in order.

I have been receiving a lot of mail lately from people asking what GoonSwarm is up to, especially given all the scuttlebutt about the Glorious War of Patriotic Righteousness Against the Evil Tyranny of BoB supposedly being over. Normally the responsibility for answering such questions would fall to someone in an official position of authority, such as a diplomat or spokesperson. But I guess the reason why people always look to me instead is that in addition to being a member of Goonfleet, I am also completely objective. Most participants in the G***RAtEToBoB have some sort of agenda because they want one side or the other to win, and their bias is reflected in their posts. I, too, want someone to win--like all Eve, I recognize that BoB must be destroyed--but I am unbiased because rather than speaking from a "perspective," I simply tell it like it is.

It is true, Goons have politely taken their leave of Delve and have gone to settle some other accounts. Not everything is about BoB, after all (most things, but not everything). Some have suggested this means I must somehow disown Goonfleet or distance myself from the Goons.

That I will not do. I can no more disown Goonfleet than I can disown my grandmother--*snip - Mitnal*

In any event, the situation should be clarified. The G***RAtEToBoB commenced when SirMolle declared that he would save Lotka Volterra and annihilate GoonSwarm, Red Alliance, and the Tau Ceti Federation. After failing to do any of those things, BoB lost half a dozen regions. In response, SirMolle did what he always does--declared victory on the forums.

Not on my CAOD, you don't!

SirMolle proudly announced, "We have come full circle and are back to where we began, only fiercer, sleeker, quicker and simply sexier than we were two years ago." Such a claim should not go untested. I have seen photos taken at various BoB barbecues and functions. Since they are still images, I cannot speak to the fierceness or quickness of the BoB members in attendance. However, I will say that the words "sleek" and "sexy" are not those which come most readily to mind. Presumably, then, SirMolle refers to the in-Eve quality of "the new BoB". But that would be an even more ridiculous interpretation of his words.

The old BoB prided itself on being exclusive and elite (elitist), the alliance that every serious PvP'er aspires to join. In examining the new BoB we can see how that has changed. The rigors of the G***RAtEToBoB drove away much of the original membership, and the threat of masses of enemy pilots caused BoB to undergo a frenzy of recruitment, accepting new pilots wherever it could find them. Those who had formerly been looked down upon as mere "pets" suddenly became "Brothers." Once completely impenetrable to spies, the new BoB was forced, in its haste, to recruit (horrors!) Goons posing as (double horrors!) Lotka Volterra members.

This change went largely unnoticed by Eve, but the walls came tumbling down when, at its lowest point, BoB was forced to recruit, intact, entire corps of former pets. "FinFleet" didn't have quite the same ring to it as "Evolution" or "TAOSP."

Thus, it is ironic that SirMolle would trumpet as his greatest achievement of the war the sleekness and sexiness of the new BoB. (And the '90s called, they want their corporate slang back.) It might have been more ironic if he had claimed BoB gained more territory or more respect, but it's still pretty bizarre.

(Proceed to section 2.) ****

James 315
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2008.05.18 17:40:00 - [2]

Shortly afterward, BoB members flooded the forums with whines about titans. Of all the alliances in the game, only BoB would whine that a game-breaking ship is going to be balanced. "Woe is us, we will have to fight rather than flood the grid with doomsdays." Happily, some of the BoB leadership has become aware of the impending fix to doomsdays, and they will console their members so we can see a repeat of "we didn't want that remote doomsday anyway."

But I digress. I have not even gotten to the MC eulogy yet, and over-long posts are a pet peeve of mine, so I will wrap this up:

Two hundred days after the "Why is BoB Losing?" series was launched on CAOD, BoB lost control of seven regions in addition to the two it had previously lost (and the five lost by its northern allies/pets). BoB also lost a small portion of Delve.

It has been another one hundred days.

Since then...

* Band of Brothers regained control of the rest of the Delve region.
* Band of Brothers regained control of most of the Period Basis region.
* Band of Brothers regained control of most of the Querious region.

This has been the third one hundred days.


As all loyal CAOD readers know, the great and powerful Mercenary Coalition recently closed its doors. It is difficult for any alliance leader to make a CAOD post that sufficiently encapsulates all of the emotions that the alliance feels and puts them into a proper historical context as they exit the stage. The challenge is even greater for an alliance that puts as big a mark on Eve as the Mercenary Coalition did. Fortunately, Seleene was up to the task, and in his final act as leader, he eloquently paid homage and brought closure to the MC.

Or not.

During such a momentous occasion as the closing of the MC, Seleene had the opportunity to say something meaningful, but instead he took the opportunity to make a thinly-veiled plea for SirMolle to let him into BoB.

Shameful. The Mercenary Coalition should not pass into the pages of history without first receiving a proper burial.

James 315, at your service. I do these things.

A Eulogy for the Mercenary Coalition

Anyone can rat, but it takes a certain amount of ingenuity to re-rat.
-- Winston Churchill

Given the level of esteem in which I am held by the Eve community, it is no surprise that I am often asked to deliver eulogies on behalf of alliances. Most of the time, I politely decline, explaining that I don't feel like it. Even more often, people who are assigned to deliver a eulogy ask me for advice on how to proceed. The most common question is, "where to begin?" I always give the same answer: if the subject of your eulogy were to be remembered by history in one word, what would it be, and why?

In the case of the Mercenary Coalition, it is a somewhat difficult question. Some would say "treachery," arguing that the MC's epic betrayal of BoB will always overshadow everything else they have done. But the first answer is not always the best, and I prefer not to view history in an overly simplistic fashion. It is true that the MC will be most remembered for double-crossing BoB, but I believe the word which best encapsulates both the treachery and everything else the MC has done is the word "cowardice."

Before submitting this post to CAOD, I ran the eulogy by a few former high-ranking officials in the MC to get their thoughts. When I asked whether it was too harsh to characterize the MC as cowardly, they instantly replied, "absolutely not." To them, the MC is finished, and is therefore neither the proper subject of insult nor praise. Instead, it is a lesson to history, and any good alliance's death should serve as a lesson to others not to repeat its mistakes. That is the MC's final contribution to Eve, and they urged me not to mince words. "Eve is for the living, not the dead," they said.

(Proceed to section 3.) ****

James 315
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2008.05.18 17:41:00 - [3]

I will now offer a brief history of the MC in order to support my thesis that cowardice was the defining feature of the alliance's life in Eve. In the beginning, the MC conceived itself as a "neutral mercenary alliance," one which had no friends or enemies, only a loyalty to its clients. If the goal is to have a lot of "not blues" to shoot, neutrality is not in itself a cowardly thing. But false neutrality always is. Like so many others who have flown the flag of neutrality, the MC was in fact secretly (or not-so-secretly) at BoB's beck and call. The MC's official position was that it was not a BoB pet, and would take a contract against BoB if given enough money. But it was a lie--there was never enough ISK in all Eve to turn the MC against its masters.

After the MC turned against BoB, the truth came out, as it always does. BoB and MC had a long-standing alliance, and BoB felt the sting of betrayal in a manner most unlike that of a neutral client. It was no big surprise; just as all of BoB's pets swore up and down (even to their own membership) that they were not paying rent, it always turned out that they had. The MC's rent was simply in a different form. It might be unfair to call the leadership of the pets liars, however--is it a lie if no one believes you?

But in another way, the MC was very much unlike the rest of the BoB pets, because it had something they lacked: potential. In its heyday, the MC was extremely powerful pound-for-pound, and despite its relatively small membership boasted one of the biggest capital fleets in Eve. Why would the MC be content to be pets when so many alliances of lesser power were willing to blaze their own trails in Eve and risk extinction? Again, it was the characteristic cowardice of the MC that sapped it of its strength.

This is not to say all of the members of the MC were cowards. Far from it. As time went on, the membership of the MC grew increasingly confident of their abilities and wanted their leadership to behave in a manner befitting the potential power of the alliance. Time and again, Seleene refused to cut the umbilical cord. Even as BoB grew reliant upon the MC for its firepower and capital fleet expertise, he would not budge.

At the outset of the G***RAtEToBoB, BoB had not yet mastered the art of the remote doomsday, and were forced to play Eve Online rather than Titan Online. Though BoB anticipated quickly sweeping the RedSwarm Federation out of Lotka Volterra space, they were unexpectedly tied down by the likes of D2, a northern alliance of questionable PvP capability. With BoB stuck defending its own territory in the southwest, the RedSwarm Federation marched across the southeast, eviscerating Lotka Volterra, whom BoB left to die. In a sudden reversal of roles, BoB relied upon its pet, the MC, to bail them out by breaking the deadlock up north.

The MC cut through the northern alliances like a knife and began conquering regions of its own. Meanwhile, BoB finally turned the southern campaign into Titan Online and began to make progress. Even so, the MC's titan-less successes up north completely overshadowed BoB. Beyond merely stealing BoB's thunder on the propaganda front, the MC had installed itself as ruler of the north. In June, CCP lessened the imbalance of titans by removing their invulnerability and remote doomsday. This transformed Titan Online back to Eve Online, and BoB started losing ground immediately.

(Proceed to section 4.) ****

James 315
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2008.05.18 17:41:00 - [4]

Edited by: James 315 on 18/05/2008 17:41:59
A few astute observers of the conflict wondered whether BoB would once again ask the MC to bail them out. But ordering the MC to give up their own hard-fought territory to serve BoB elsewhere would be an audacious move--and the ultimate humiliation for MC. It would be almost as unthinkable as the job the MC leadership would have, persuading their members to give up their trophies of conquest to behave like pets. The downgrading of MC would be BoB's revenge for having overshadowed their masters. If BoB did make the outrageous request, the MC would have a game-defining moment of decision.


In June of 2007, Yet Another CAOD-Inspired 1-Man Alt Corp was a mere fledgling start-up, a far cry from the premier 1-man alt corp it would later become. But with some of the best leadership in all of Eve, YACAODI1MAC was destined to make waves. That month, YACAODI1MAC created a tsunami with what is considered by some to be the most influential single post ever made on CAOD, and one of the most prophetic. The thread was entitled The Mercenary Coalition's Big Decision.

The intrepid CEO of YACAODI1MAC had determined in advance that SirMolle would, at long last, call the pets home and demand rescue. But the MC did not have to obey. If they so chose, they could make what was clearly the correct decision for the alliance: to become an independent power in the north and rule over it as BoB had formerly ruled over the southwest. Furthermore, YACAODI1MAC's top analyst made an even bolder prediction: that Triumvirate would transform itself into a territory-wielding, POS-shotting entity that would grow into the next great power of the north--and an unaligned one at that. If the MC and Triumvirate joined forces, they would rule over an extent of territory of hitherto unknown proportions.

With the benefit of nearly a year of hindsight, these predictions seem incredibly obvious. Some would even go so far as to say that history could have taken no other path. But at the time it was written, The Mercenary Coalition's Big Decision was ground-breaking heresy. The established Eve community was at once repulsed and intrigued by the ideas it espoused. The post was copied and distributed abroad--even finding its way to the normally aloof Scrapheap-Challenge, where CAOD is despised (because the forum has its roots in CAOD).

The primary reaction to the post was that it would be absurd for MC to alter its arrangement with BoB, and that MC must always and forever be tied to the Period Basis region, where it could be safely attached to BoB's hip. At the outset, only Dianabolic was receptive to such a discussion. The top echelon of BoB's leadership knew they would need to call on the MC, and reading the reactions of the MC in the CAOD thread would serve as an excellent trial balloon--and a test of loyalty for Seleene.

Cowardly, Seleene played the role of the good pet, laughed off the assertions made by YACAODI1MAC and assured BoB that he would do whatever they asked, no matter how ridiculous. Ironically, in doing so, he ensured that BoB would give the order.

Some members of BoB and the MC decried the YACAODI1MAC thread for what it was: a transparent attempt to divide BoB and the MC. It was true. But the transparency of the attempt did not abrogate its effectiveness. In fact, the public and open nature of the attack on their fidelity to one another was the point. Many among the MC had already privately considered the possibility of staying north. They feared that rushing to the south to help BoB would cement their status as pets, which it did. By framing the Eve community's discussion about the MC as either "northern independent power" or "pet helping BoB in the south," it was guaranteed that the MC membership would feel cheated when the order was inevitably given.

(Proceed to section 5.) ****

James 315
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2008.05.18 17:43:00 - [5]

The seeds were planted. All those in the MC who had wanted to take a different path would know that they were not alone, and that the public opinion--the one thing the MC cared the most about--would be shaped by their fatal decision to leave the north.

Time and again, YACAODI1MAC hammered the point into the public consciousness: the MC was at least BoB's equal and should not be forced to do its bidding. The "Why is BoB Losing" series repeatedly emphasized the MC's accomplishments while downplaying the abilities of BoB. Only once did BoB receive a respite from its mortal CAOD enemy: the results of the YACAODI1MAC contract made fun of the Eve mercenary charade, with the MC as its express target. Because it made fun of the MC, BoB loved it. The MC avoided the thread like the plague, but BoB members felt free to have a laugh at the MC's expense, without realizing that they were doing so.

After the MC was forced into the southern campaign to save BoB, they left a vacuum. The MC's northern enemies swept in, having been spared final destruction. But the primary beneficiary of the MC's sudden departure was, as predicted, Triumvirate. The public awareness and admiration for Triumvirate grew--there was even talk of Triumvirate being an "elite PvP alliance," a description traditionally only given to BoB and the MC. To fulfill the other YACAODI1MAC prediction, the MC became bogged down in a fruitless campaign against the Russians. They could only watch in regret and despair as their land in the north was taken by others--others who had the privilege of seeking their own fortunes instead of BoB's.

While it was perhaps inevitable that the MC's campaign against the Coalition would be fruitless, BoB made sure it was also thankless. BoB did not have enough titans to transform the game back into Titan Online, and it continually lost ground as summer turned to autumn. More importantly for their leadership, BoB lost prestige. BoB had no choice but to put its blame on the MC for failing to crack the IAC/AAA front. The MC, whose ego had been puffed up by the YACAODI1MAC-inspired plaudits on the forums, now found themselves on the receiving end of BoB's scorn and ill-treatment. BoB continually forced the MC to change strategies or relocate, and then changed plans again without telling them. BoB's morale was at an all-time low, and the only way they could make themselves feel superior again was to continually walk all over their pet, which had dared to overshadow them.

The final straw came when the MC finally achieved the conquest of a coalition station in Catch. Eager to rouse his own troops and caring little for the effect on his pets, SirMolle waltzed into CAOD and declared victory for himself, completely downplaying all of the MC's efforts. This, along with BoB's utter indifference at the destruction of the MC titan by Coalition forces, deeply poisoned the MC against BoB. The MC had given everything to BoB, and they finally realized they would receive nothing in return.

In spite of all the abuse the MC received, they were still too cowardly to turn against BoB and stand up for themselves. Only cowardice could motivate them to switch sides. As BoB lost more and more ground against the Coalition, the predictions made by YACAODI1MAC seemed infallible: BoB was going to lose the war. If the MC were still tied to BoB, it would be destroyed, just as all of the other BoB pets were destroyed. In fear for its life, the MC withdrew from the conflict.

(Proceed to section 6.) ****

James 315
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2008.05.18 17:43:00 - [6]

The MC's first switch in sides came in true MC style, half-hearted and behind a shield of false neutrality. The MC declared the contract over and went back home to lick its wounds, waiting to see if BoB would continue to lose. Though the MC did not realize it, the timing was impeccable for the Coalition. The Coalition had been on the receiving end of the combined MC/BoB capital fleets, and with the lag produced by their swarms of fighters, little could be achieved against them. The leadership of the Coalition feared that the united, one-front strategy of MC/BoB could turn the tide in Catch and knock IAC out of the war. Then MC/BoB would be able to suffocate the RedSwarm Federation with its carriers. But BoB's incompetence and arrogance led to the MC's withdrawal before this could take place. With the MC out of the way, BoB was bound to lose.

BoB began to lose territory so fast that its leadership decided to stop the bleeding by amputation, evacuating three regions at once. While this measure was taken to prevent the endless, slow drip of negative news and loss of morale, it also had the effect of convincing the MC that BoB was, in fact, going to be destroyed. For the longest time, the MC refused to believe it. After all, the only way they could justify being pets to BoB was to imagine BoB as an all-powerful, worthy master. The loss of so much territory in so little time shook them, and they plotted the means by which they could save themselves.

In the popular imagination of the Eve community, all of the anti-BoB sentiment and independent spirit that existed within the MC is concentrated into the person of Mynas Atoch. While Mynas may have possessed more bravery and self-respect than most MC commanders (he's former ISS Navy, after all), it is quite an exaggeration. Mynas did not infect the MC with some alien disease; he simply reflected the opinions of a large cross-section of the MC. After the MC destroyed itself, Mynas became a convenient scapegoat for all MC members who wished to disavow their disloyalty and join BoB.

Others say that the MC's decision to turn against BoB was the result of greed. This assumes that servitude to BoB is one's natural state, and the desire to be free must come from greed. If it is so, I am very grateful for the existence of so much greed in the world.

In December, the MC openly broke with BoB and attacked BoB fortifications in Period Basis. This, too, came in MC style. The MC did not simply switch sides; it created an entire confederation and invited them to help secure Period Basis. With BoB facing the full force of the Coalition in the east, it was intended to be a true fait accompli, a betrayal free from risk. The MC even attempted to downplay the move, characterizing it as simply securing their home in Period Basis, a region which was supposed to mostly belong to them anyway.

The power play was a complete success. BoB could not long withstand the attacks from all sides, and it retreated into Delve. The MC had been BoB's pet for so long, and had taken every step in constant fear of what BoB would think. Now BoB was on the brink of destruction. At last, the MC was free from its endless fear of BoB. After the Coalition secured its first Delve station, even BoB's many titans could not save them. While BoB attempted to recreate Titan Online with the possibility of multiple doomsdays over its cyno-jammers, the combined Coalition and MC fleets were poised to simultaneously hit multiple systems. No matter where BoB defended, it would lose ground somewhere else.

(Proceed to section 7.) ****

James 315
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2008.05.18 17:44:00 - [7]

But the MC took no joy in its impending victory. Instead, all it was capable of experiencing was fear. They knew that their previous loyalty to BoB had earned them many enemies among the Coalition. Goons openly spoke of how they would destroy the MC once BoB was gone. And everyone knew Evil Thug thirsted for MC blood. With each Coalition success, the MC grew more concerned about what would happen after BoB died.

At once, the MC realized how foolish the "Tortugan" plan to secure Period Basis was. The YACAODI1MAC plan would have them go up north and secure space of their own, while Seleene's plan was to remain in service to BoB forever. Tortuga was a compromise plan with all of the perils of staying in the south and none of the advantages of going north. No matter what happened in the G***RAtEToBoB, the MC would be surrounded by its enemies. Now BoB, which had once ruled over the MC, became a necessary buffer between the Coalition and the MC.

The MC became consumed by cowardice once more. It did the unthinkable. It switched sides. Again.

The MC informed leaders of the Coalition that it would not take part in the multiple-front attack against Delve, only minutes before it was scheduled to take place. The MC crawled back to BoB on its belly and attacked the Coalition, hoping to prove that it could be loyal to BoB once again. To the MC's utter amazement, SirMolle informed them that they had doomed themselves to destruction with their first betrayal. It was the only logical response: Period Basis had always been one of BoB's core regions.

Once losing the capacity to launch multiple-front invasions of Delve, the Coalition could not prevent BoB from packing target systems with titans, recreating Titan Online and preventing the front from advancing. Once again, the MC was gripped by terror: what if BoB pushed southward? The MC, after betraying both the Coalition and BoB, did what was now thinkable (only for them): they switched sides yet again. But deep down, the MC knew they had placed themselves in an impossible position, and they lacked the heart to continue fighting BoB. Besides, they could not realistically count on the trust of the Coalition after so much side-hopping.

The Mercenary Coalition had no true friends, and it had enemies on every side. In the irony of ironies, the Mercenary Coalition had truly become what it had always pretended to be: neutral. The MC no doubt could have continued, but this would have required a sliver of courage and independence.

The Mercenary Coalition became a neutral coalition of mercenaries. Finding such a state bizarre and intolerable, Seleene had the alliance commit ritual suicide and close its doors.

While I criticized Seleene's eulogy of the MC, it was oddly appropriate. By making a vain attempt to prostrate himself before BoB, Seleene ensured that the MC would die as it had lived: in abject cowardice.

As for the north? As YACAODI1MAC prophesied, the destinies of the MC and Triumvirate were intertwined. By making the wrong decision and moving south, the MC deprived Triumvirate of the powerful ally it needed to survive and conquer the north. Just days after the MC closed its doors, Triumvirate, heralded by so many as the next great power, closed its own.

And what of the "Mynas factor," the remnant of the "greed" and independent spirit that smoldered in the MC, suppressed beneath the cowardly leadership of the alliance? Will they find themselves wandering into the northern reaches of space, looking for the homeland that Seleene denied them so long ago? Will they act as the seeds of a great new northern empire that existed only in an alternate path of history?

Perhaps. But that is a story, my dear CAOD reader, that must wait to be told another day.

- 315

Shin Ra
Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2008.05.18 17:45:00 - [8]


Posted - 2008.05.18 17:45:00 - [9]


Lucias Trask
Divine Power.
Wildly Inappropriate.
Posted - 2008.05.18 17:45:00 - [10]

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Serenity Steele
Dynamic Data Distribution
Posted - 2008.05.18 17:47:00 - [11]

Nice to see a long post on CAOD. Would be even nicer if it came with an Executive summary Wink

The Collective
White Noise.
Posted - 2008.05.18 17:48:00 - [12]

this is long, ill edit when iv read it all the way lol

Band of Brothers
Posted - 2008.05.18 17:49:00 - [13]


KIA Corp
KIA Alliance
Posted - 2008.05.18 17:49:00 - [14]

Edited by: KIAEddZ on 19/05/2008 11:53:34
An enjoyable work of fiction.

Phrixus Zephyr
MEK Enterprises
Posted - 2008.05.18 17:49:00 - [15]

Edited by: Phrixus Zephyr on 18/05/2008 17:51:58

Originally by: James 315
As for the north? As YACAODI1MAC prophesied, the destinies of the MC and Triumvirate were intertwined. By making the wrong decision and moving south, the MC deprived Triumvirate of the powerful ally it needed to survive and conquer the north. Just days after the MC closed its doors, Triumvirate, heralded by so many as the next great power, closed its own.

Havn't read the rest, but this caught my eye, being vain and all that.

MC had nothing to do with Tri going down like a bag of spanners, we didn't need an ally and the majority of us hated every second that MC were blue (hi thar). Secondly, Tri didn't 'not survive to conquer the north' the alliance broke up because half of us didn't want to conquer anything.

Nobody was threatening Tri, nobody had the stones to. We could have sat in Dek for months to come and it was have been exactly the same as it had for the previous 6+ months. We would have proberbly ended up shooting each other. Oh wait, we did.

Boobs Ahoy
Posted - 2008.05.18 17:51:00 - [16]

too bad deathtear already spoiled the day.

teh punisher
Suddenly Ninjas
Posted - 2008.05.18 17:51:00 - [17]

Can I get the tl;dr version please?

Marko Zhang
Ministry of War
Posted - 2008.05.18 17:53:00 - [18]

Edited by: Marko Zhang on 18/05/2008 21:33:45
another great post from J-315, mad props.

Band of Freelancers
Posted - 2008.05.18 17:56:00 - [19]

Anyone have the Coles Notes version?

Srsly, someone post summary... ugh

Harmony Loveflange
Chocolate Flairs
Posted - 2008.05.18 17:57:00 - [20]


epicly long, someone with a greater sunday attention span tell us if it was good smack

Posted - 2008.05.18 17:59:00 - [21]

Nice read, cheers :) To bad Roadkill (the new goons) will want to spoil it :P

The Maverick Navy
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2008.05.18 18:00:00 - [22]

Originally by: Culbrik
Nice read, cheers :) To bad Roadkill (the new goons) will want to spoil it :P[/

Posted - 2008.05.18 18:02:00 - [23]

Originally by: belzebub1
Originally by: Culbrik
Nice read, cheers :) To bad Roadkill (the new goons) will want to spoil it :P[/

you fail at quoting

Red Goats
Posted - 2008.05.18 18:02:00 - [24]

Edited by: PsychoBones on 13/06/2008 02:48:49

The Illuminati.
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2008.05.18 18:03:00 - [25]

Originally by: James 315
I am also completely objective.

Originally by: James 315
but I am unbiased because rather than speaking from a "perspective," I simply tell it like it is.

really should have stopped reading there. Also you were wrong about tri. Being able to write massive amounts of text doesent make you a good writer, unbiased or right in any way. It just makes you able to waste alot of peoples time.

Atari Snr
Posted - 2008.05.18 18:04:00 - [26]


to actually read it i bet, good read as allways, however, are u sure ur not jade C's alt? :)

Habitual Euthanasia
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2008.05.18 18:04:00 - [27]

Nice ;o

Posted - 2008.05.18 18:08:00 - [28]

Edited by: Dazhbog on 18/05/2008 18:08:46
pg 2?

edit: booyah, also that was a lot of words for "welp"

Posted - 2008.05.18 18:16:00 - [29]

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Tribal Liberation Force
Posted - 2008.05.18 18:22:00 - [30]

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