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McLeod Namo
Black Panthers
Posted - 2003.06.13 17:51:00 - [1]

i got from my tutorial agent a lvl1 agent.. after 11 mission i got third lvl1 agent from my second lvl1 agent..

after over 30 finished missions I get still no level 2 agent from my third lvl 1 agent! is this a bug or a feature?

Calista Industries
Posted - 2003.06.13 19:41:00 - [2]

It's generally considered that you will have no chance of getting a L2 or above agent until at LEAST 30ish missions with a given agent.

Have you at least received some L1 agents? BTW, if one of the new L1s has a higher quality than your current one, I'd advise switching. (Staying with the same agent is usually a good idea, but it's worth the extra work to start over with a new agent if it means you're running missions for a +17% agent rather than a -13% agent.)

I got my second L1 referred at 11 missions from my first L1. I got an L1 every 12-15 missions after that from the +17% agent I was running missions for, and then I got a *level 3* agent next at 44 missions. :)

McLeod Namo
Black Panthers
Posted - 2003.06.13 20:07:00 - [3]

@44 missions? hm.. good, i need only a little patience :) thx4answer

Li'l Mol
Freelancing Corp
Posted - 2003.06.15 15:46:00 - [4]

i finally got my lvl 2 agent last night, i have 5 lvl 1 agents, but i only did 28 mission for her, and the level 2 agent was the 3rd agent she pointed me to. i havent tried the new agent out yet. itching to go see if she'll give me any new options other than missions, but real life got in the way :)

Mirkur Draug'Tyr
Posted - 2003.10.23 14:41:00 - [5]

It might help to train yur social skill.
I got my lev II agent after 26 missions with my charisma on 11 and socialskiil on 3.

The Arrow Project
Posted - 2003.10.24 00:20:00 - [6]

Dam my social skill is only 2, and I'm butt ugly. Well 54 missions down we will see when i get my level 3 agent. Does it have anything to do with my security rating?


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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