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The Cosmopolite
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2008.03.23 00:42:00 - [1]

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Operation Terminus Est Comes to an End

Earlier on today, the Concord-sanctioned war declaration against Sev3rance alliance from the Star Fraction came up for renewal and this time we chose not pay the fee. By this decision we invalidate the sanctioned war status and signal a conclusion of the Terminus Est campaign within the current 24 hour cool-down period. The Star Fraction will be ending all organized military action against Sev3rance targets in 0.0 for the time being (but will be maintaining Sev3rance at -10 diplomatic standing and considering them targets of opportunity for the future as and when they present). The Star Fraction would wish to salute all those who fought alongside us, not least the brave warriors of the Ushra'Khan who we have come to regard with respect and affection as fellow fighters for freedom.

In essence the war is over. And while the Star Fraction believe we have honoured our declaration in demonstrating consequences for Sev3rance's unprovoked attack on our vessels with an intense six-month period of hostilities, with over a thousand confirmed kills on enemy ships and attendant fiscal impact on the KBP pocket, we acknowledge that Sev3rance itself has persevered and survived our offensive. The Sev3rance alliance can hold its head a little higher in the society of slavers in Providence to have weathered the storm their pilots brought upon them through unwise acts of random aggression.

The result is therefore inconclusive and what the future brings, unknown. But be certain our grievance and casus belli remain in the absence of diplomatic reconciliation and direct hostilities may be reviewed and renewed without warning at any point in the future.

For now however the conflict is over. Once the administrative details are cleared the Star Fraction will be leaving Dihra, and all proximity of Providence, and moving to fresh skies, clear horizons and a future bright with sweet uncertainty, fresh challenges and potentials.

As always, we dare to dream.

The Freecaptains of the Star Fraction

Not kings nor princes,
Dukes nor counts are we;
We are the Star Fraction

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Karn Mithralia
Neh'bu Kau Beh'Hude
Posted - 2008.03.23 02:26:00 - [2]

May your dreams carry your forward in freedom brothers of the Star Fraction.

You know where to find us.

Mirkur Draug'Tyr
Posted - 2008.03.23 08:58:00 - [3]

Respect to Star Fraction who have been very loyal and equally skilled Allies.

MJ Maverick
Posted - 2008.03.23 16:32:00 - [4]

Edited by: MJ Maverick on 23/03/2008 17:53:20
Although I do not personally understand what angle you are coming from so to speak...

Good fight, and fly safe. o7

My post appears to have caused some confusion to some people so to clear it up a little. It is by no means an attack on SF, I wish them well in their future in Eve, they have been by all means a respectable foe. What I meant was:

Although I don't understand quite where you are coming from as I am not a role player and I believe SF are? They deserve my respect for the fights they brought. Wish you all the best.

Saul Dhampir
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2008.03.23 17:30:00 - [5]

Whilst I see -7- as a shield for larger Amarrian Block, and as an extension of the Amarr Empire as a whole, many pilots within the alliance are worthy of respect as skilled and very capable pilots.

There are a number who spring to mind, and this is by no means a complete list but Snakester, Lorna V, Dreamy, Furious Pig, Mace Storm, BlueKind, Bazzed, Saleman 1969, Wiaf, to name but a few have my respect for there combat prowess, and more importantly for consistently fighting for what they believe in, regardless of my opinions of that cause.

They are a credit to there chosen alliance and I hope one day they will move passed there ambitions of space holding and use there talents to help humanity move forwards to achieve its potential that is kept hindered by the Empires and the old territorial ways.

Imperial Retirement Home
Posted - 2008.03.23 17:30:00 - [6]

Congratulations to Sev3rance for shrugging of what I am sure were some hard hitting attacks from The Star Fraction. Not only this but also helping developing Providence into one of the most neutral friendly and safe regions there is in 0.0 while under constant harassment from our mutual enemies.

Amarr Victor o7

Sarz'na Khumatari
Posted - 2008.03.23 20:29:00 - [7]

Was a pleasure flying with you free captains, i hope our paths cross again soon.

Mystic Lion Hearts
Posted - 2008.03.24 10:34:00 - [8]

I must say, I never thought that The Starfraction would have such a long breath in holding Sev3rance under preasure because I attacked a single pilot in the constellation of sukanan.

I think many pilots of SF earned our respect during the period of fighting too. You have skilled people with good fighting abilitys in your rowsand I think you'll make your way in the depths of space.
We decided to help our friends here to make providence to a peaceful place between all the very dangerous regions around the Empire and we learned a lotin PvP-Actions during the conflict.

I was wondering that The Starfraction was visible following a path of NRDS too and that you are not only a bunch of terrorists or pirates as I thought in the beginning of the conflict. Probably there is a small flame of hope burning in your alliance ;)
I that case I want to apologize to your alliance that I called you only terrorists or pirates (my point of view).
It's sad that we have so different viewings in political questions.

But never mind, maybe our ways will cross again in the future, somewhere.

Good luck out there...

CO-CEO of Sev3rance

Mirkur Draug'Tyr
Posted - 2008.03.24 10:58:00 - [9]

words of respect from all sides, other pilots should take that as an example for themselfes.

Minmatar Ship Construction Services
Posted - 2008.03.24 11:48:00 - [10]

Originally by: zoolkhan
words of respect from all sides, other pilots should take that as an example for themselfes.

The best words to grace GalNet in an aeon. ugh

Xeno Xandovar
Nebula Rasa Holdings
Nebula Rasa
Posted - 2008.03.24 11:55:00 - [11]

Respect to Sev3rance: "From conflict comes growth".

Spoon Thumb
Khanid Provincial Vanguard
Vanguard Imperium
Posted - 2008.03.24 12:32:00 - [12]

Hard not to sound vitriolic, but for a few weeks it really hung in the balance, and it is great to see our neighbours and friends -7- really bounce back and achieve great things.

There is no love lost between CVA and SF. However, be interesting to see where SF go next and also U'K 's policy with regards to Providence as a result of this move.

Posted - 2008.03.24 12:48:00 - [13]

Over the last six months Sev3rance have continually earned the respect of Star Fraction and it's pilots for displaying many virtues we hold dear ourselves. Whilst there are clear ideological differences between our two alliances Sev3rance has shown great tenacity in pursuing their dreams and for that I salute them. On a personal note this campaign marks the first time I have flown in the ranks of Star Fraction as a member for the entirety of a campaign and thank all those who made this a interesting and varied six months on both sides.

Posted - 2008.03.24 15:47:00 - [14]

To a simple POD pilot this war was definitely a diverse, complex & mind boggling clash of ethics & beliefs. I would never have suspected, for a moment, that the longest war I have ever fought would be over the definition of NRDS!

Certainly it has been a campaign of well documented highs & lows, making many new friends (& enemies) along the way. Of worthy note CVA, Cold Steel, Sylph, Paxton, Ushra Khan, Eternal Rapture & Stimulus. These & many more I wish to thank for providing a diverse & rich tapestry of support or opposition.

Regardless of who is right & who is wrong, both sides have fought with tenacity & resolve that exemplifies loyalty & integrity. All combatants have earned my deep felt respect. It has been an honour to fly with you or against you.

Finally, for anyone still reading, if one of our pilots attacks you & you fell aggrieved. Lets try & sort it out Diplomatically!

Jade Constantine
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2008.03.24 15:55:00 - [15]

It was in many ways the most extensive and focused period of campaigning in the modern history of the Star Fraction alliance. We knew going into this war that there were voices amongst our foes doubting the endurance of the free captains in extended warfare and that previous opponents had promoted the wisdom of "waiting out" the offensive and hoping the attacks would simply go away from boredom and lack of focus.

In the event this turned into a climatic clash of wills with many significant fleet battles and great destruction wrought on both sides. We scored victories and suffered defeats, we learned to love our allies and comrades in the struggle even as we developed respect for the tenacity and stubborn resolve of our enemies.

In the final summary it was a campaign we had to fight, and a strange ideological struggle between two groups of NRDS neutral-respecting enemies doing their level best to fight around the occasional confused neutral hauler who would jump into our battles and have no idea why he or she wouldn't be immediately destroyed by the bubbles and interdictors and firepower on display all around them!

We failed to destroy Sev3rance. But even in the knowledge of this failure comes the seeds of hope, because the captains of that alliance have grown in knowledge and capacity and perhaps even through the seeds of self-determination and independence that will free them in times to come.

Their fighters are worthy of respect and note, their leaders also. From such things come freedom and in time the desire to dream and who knows ... perhaps one day as equals we might find a different future than the one current political division mandates.

A salute then to the Ushra'khan our staunch and beloved allies. And a toast to Furious and his Sev3rance alliance members.

A hard fight, a red fight. A war of wills and cunning and bright clash of arms. At the end neither heart is broken and neither side the weaker for it. A campaign without losers then, and even the crows go hungry.

Rage and Terror
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2008.03.24 16:12:00 - [16]

Originally by: Xeno Xandovar
Respect to Sev3rance: "From conflict comes growth".

Amen to that ...Respect to all SF pilots. Wish you all the best in future.

Hats off to Heartstone, Axen, Cosmos, Jade, Saul, Jdok and many others :)

As always <3 Zoolkhan.

Posted - 2008.03.24 16:38:00 - [17]

To all of Providence:

Good Fight!
I wish you good luck in your future endeavours.

Rage and Terror
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2008.03.24 16:51:00 - [18]

Being fresh out of a POS war, joining SF and getting deep into this conflict was really a great experience. I really got to refine my guerrilla hunting techniques, inflating my ego until it was brutally swapped down in fiery defeat. I'll probably never know if that was a clever trap or just really good timing when you guys nailed me after I tried to kill that hauler, but either way I was impressed. It kinda gets to your head to run around invincible for months, then suddenly feel like you've become a hunted man. I definitely had to be more careful when I saw certain names in local. Making note of the ever increasing rapier/huggin pilots on your side was getting rather nerve racking. Very few alliances give me the jitters when I hunt in their space, and you guys were definitely becoming one of them I must admit.

Whether or not I became a figure of horror stories severance pilots would tell each other and their children, I'll never know. I definitely tried, but many Sev pilots held out well, and earned my respect. See you around, make sure to keep an eye on local, you never know when I'll be coming through.

Jonathan Swift
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2008.03.25 09:55:00 - [19]

Edited by: Jonathan Swift on 25/03/2008 09:56:02
This conflict has indeed been one off the more memorable episodes in my pod-career, and I've learned many new tricks and tactics (the hard way). To sev3rance and the other entities in the region I can only say good fight!
Special respect and thank you for the lesson learned goes to Snakester, Lorna v, Bazzed, Dreamy, Wiaf, Bander darkstar, Guri Janeff + everybody else who had the pleasure off initiating my new clone, or otherwise made my life in hostile space exiting.

Hope to see you all on the battlefield again!

Claudius Tiberius
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2008.03.25 13:50:00 - [20]

Edited by: Claudius Tiberius on 25/03/2008 13:51:43
Edited by: Claudius Tiberius on 25/03/2008 13:51:15
Ive partaken in only 1 of the fights in this conflict, but probably the biggest one. A HUGE number of ships in a laggy but very epic fleet battle. At the end of the fight only a few where standing on both sides and chaos ruled. None of our FC's where left in the fight and primaries where being called by the remaining pilots. I Remember trying to bump a Nyx back into the bubble with my rescue pod, a last heroic (but foolish) attempt to catch this behemoth.

My attempt was cut short abruptly by the massive shockwaves caused by the motherships smartbombs ripping my tissue apart.

Great fight!

Ps. This is actually 128th ABC123, accidently posted with an alt.

Mr Reeth
Posted - 2008.03.25 16:07:00 - [21]

This love-fest is boring! Somebody throw a chair! Evil or Very Mad

Seriously though, this show of respect and maturity is quite heartening.

Scots Crusader
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2008.03.25 19:30:00 - [22]

Scots Crusader lifts his glass in salute to foes he came to respect since he joined the free captains of Star Fraction.

"Fly safe." he says, as he turns back to the bar and continues his slide into drunken oblivion.

Lorna V
Posted - 2008.03.25 22:15:00 - [23]

Star Fraction showed great resolve in their campaign against us, and proved themselves time and again to be an adaptable and skilled opponent. If one tactic began to fail them, they quickly brought new ones and again found success. As the political environment around the conflict shifted, they pressed any advantage to be found fully. They were in it to win, and showed it everytime they stepped out onto the field. Their war strategy was sound, and their execution of it remarkable. They displayed great tactical prowess in individual engagements, and it was clear they possesed both excellent FC's, and as importantly, practiced squads in lockstep behind them. They have earned my respect as a fighting force, and I do not suggest they be taken lightly by their next opponent. While I appreciate the mention given to me by a few of their pilots, I will not return the favor, as it would be shorter to list those who do not deserve mention, than those who do. I wish you luck on your next campaign. I hope it is against someone we can all agree deserves it.


Lorna V

Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2008.03.29 23:36:00 - [24]

Hard fights, lots of lessons learned, ships lost, ships destroyed.
All the best in following your ideals also if they do not match mines.


Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2008.04.03 12:06:00 - [25]

I've been through many wars and tbh and this was one of the best, although it was tough for -7- for a spell. However they responded well and by the end held their own (without CVA in toe).

I am sure this war will stand to -7- pilots (and ours). Donít get Lazy though!

See you in space



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