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Posted - 2004.03.24 17:38:00 - [1]

Since I mentioned this in another forum, I guess it should be posted here in the hope the devs read it :)


kinda makes me wish corporate branding was enforced so that you could look at a battleship and say ooo XXX corp sold em it, lets get them.

Or, XXX corp hides in safe space so lets go after XXX corps clients and damage XXX corp indirectly.

Then add a skill that allows for a set % of the manufacture cost the ability to "erase" the branding. Kinda like stolen cars with the part numbers removed.

Then you could add another option for even more isk that could allow a fake branding to be made, so corp XXX makes goods and sells them, but they look like they came from corp YYY. With a percentage chance of the forgery failing and not been possible to try again on that item.

Finally there would be a way to start wars between corps :)

Corsairs Inc.
The Spire Collective
Posted - 2004.03.24 17:57:00 - [2]

Nice idea.

I'm a programmer among others. And I know what it cost to add a column to the database.

Even if it just 4 octet (I hate byte, can be confused with bit), 4 octet for all the item in a region is a big load of data.

Actually they have a price, region, solar, station, probably that the name is client side and they send us an ItemID.

After that, what happen if a corp die ? Their product are still sold ?

Well, it could be fun but there a lot more work to do before making the actual system more fun and bugfree (the chat windows bugging, error on the pub).


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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