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Immortal Warrior
Posted - 2008.03.25 23:18:00 - [151]

Mu graph card is GeForce 7600.
After triniity i have random crashes with blue.dll triinity.dll d3dx9.dll errors.
I have also BSODS with nv4_disp.dll error.
No other game causes problems - just EVE. I didn't have ANY problems till trinity.
I turned off anty aliasing and I tryed 1.000.000 things to repair this issue from my side. I tryed drivers beta ver. andf full divers set fom XI. 2007 - still the same.
From my point of view this problem was created becouse of some Trinity and graphic card drivers incompatibility.

I send lots of logs and dmp files with my petition but ideas like windows instalation error, drivers update, drivers older version ect. didnt't work.
Funny that i could played crisis without any problems - i just read about some game crashes due to nvidia drivers incompatibility.

Sadly I think that only possible solution is waiting till next next EVE patch or next next next graph drivers update.

Posted - 2008.03.27 00:48:00 - [152]

Edited by: Galician on 27/03/2008 00:50:06
Getting similar experience here.

System: Core2duo 6600
Nvidia 8600gtoc

Crashes with usually a blue.dll error, sometimes other random ones.

Generally my game crashes at warp gates, or when the game renders a station upon warping in etc.. sometimes it crashes when I dock and the game builds the interior graphics of the station.

I am going to try letting the application control the AA settings like suggested, right now in the nvidia drivers config it was trying to apply 8x AA to the game. I would assume on everyone elses driver settings it would be doing the same. Will report back with results.

Posted - 2008.03.27 20:45:00 - [153]

This pretty much fixed my crashing issues I think. Played for about one solid night and didnt get the crash.

nvidia control panel > find where you can specify which programs use AA, find eve and tell it to let the game decide which AA settings to use.

Krxon Blade
Posted - 2008.03.30 11:31:00 - [154]

After latest patch my EVE becomes unstable, so I'm joining crashing club as well:

Eve crashes randomly, once in several hours.
No crashes after main expansion,
but crashes started after latest 1 or two minifixes

error message:
Faulting application ExeFile.exe, version,
faulting module python25.dll, version 2.5.1150.1013,
fault address 0x0002ce37.

Faulting application exefile.exe, version,
faulting module _trinity.dll, version,
fault address 0x000ddeff.

Sistem specs:
OS: win xp pro SP2, all fixes
Catalyst® Version: 07.11

MBO: Intel IP35
CPU: Core 2 duo E6750
PSU: 550 w corsair
GPU: ATI HD2900pro 1GB ddr4
RAM: 2 x 1024 DDR2
HDD: 500 GB seagate sataII

Nothing overclocked, no overheating, no viruses and other crap

* I have old catalysts because everything other works fine.
Only EVE started to crash after latest patch.

Johnny Gurkha
Silver Snake Enterprise
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2008.04.01 10:36:00 - [155]

TBQH I cannot play Eve at all... I'm certainly not risking anymore ships in PVP nor my alt's haulers so I'll try a downgrade of the NVidia drivers and report back but if that fails I'll have to set a long skill and stay away for a few weeks... BF1942 anyone? Confused

Posted - 2008.04.01 13:40:00 - [156]

Same problem for me....
It all starts with the Trinity 1.1 patch.

Blue.dll, _trinity.dll and a windows dll

I got a Asus 8600GTS video kaart at first, but i got a Asus 8800GTS 512 now..but same problem. I also install Windows Vista and XP from scretch. stil having problems.
Every 3 a 4 gate jumps or selecting a rat the client crashed.

I also create a bug report with a copy of de windowslog, dxdiag file and a log file from logserver.


plz. ccp fix this problem and stop the need for speed go for the need for stability.

Johnny Gurkha
Silver Snake Enterprise
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2008.04.01 16:57:00 - [157]

Downgraded my 7950GT NVidia drivers from the latest WHQL version to the ones that came on the XFX CD. Still craps out.... o/ til the next 'patch' Evil or Very Mad

Synergy Evolved
Posted - 2008.04.12 03:47:00 - [158]

Dont let this thread die

We want a fix, damn it!

Johnny Gurkha
Silver Snake Enterprise
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2008.04.12 05:28:00 - [159]

I'd like to point people to this thread, I've not crashed since.... might be worth a try Wink

-Mostly Harmless-
Posted - 2008.04.12 15:39:00 - [160]

Hello all I to have not been able to play EVE all my game wants to is CTD I have been try to fix it by uninstalling all my drivers and game reinstall all of it it has not help me the patch that come out on the 3-13-08 is when all this started for me I have a Petition in about this I been postting all over the Forums I been to and posted at
for help but got no help there ALL MY CTD's have to do with >>> TRINITY.dll <<<<<< and some times with>>>> d3d9.dll <<<< so If you have fix this Error with EVE PLZ let us Know how to do it so we can play its been from 3-13-08 to 4-12-08 and i cant play eve !!!!!!

Gimme Mypills
Posted - 2008.04.15 14:50:00 - [161]

Originally by: CCP Tanis.
After reading over this thread and looking into some of your bug reports it looks like there are two different issues being mentioned here:

1. the issue the OP posted about relating to 5000 series GeForce cards causing BSoD or other crashes

2. Folks with 8000 series GeForce cards are experiencing issues when AA is enabled.

I'd like to point out the following to clarify any misunderstandings:

EVE Premium does NOT support AA (Anti-Aliasing), there is no option to enable it in the premium client and enabling it on the card (driver) is known to cause issues.

AA support is planned for the future, but no specific details or dates are available about that yet.

I was experiencing constant CTD / BSOD. After Tanis's post I disabled Anti-Aliasing in my driver control panel : not a single CTD / BSOD for the last 3 weeks.

Selexxa Amarrian
Posted - 2008.04.20 17:57:00 - [162]

trinity.dll seems to be my problem. i dont know what a direct link libtrary does, but my event viewer states that. i have had problems for two mionths and am tired of it. i can log into the game but only for ten seconds or so. doesnt matter where i am.

Aequitas Veritas
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2008.04.21 15:55:00 - [163]

Edited by: Aequitas Veritas on 21/04/2008 15:56:52
same issue when running in windowed mode, seems to be more stable at least in fullscreen. same dll's involved

I have hte same problems as Galician with problems at gates and upon coming to station etc

Trinity Corporate Services
Terran United Federation
Posted - 2008.04.21 18:14:00 - [164]

Originally by: Aequitas Veritas
Edited by: Aequitas Veritas on 21/04/2008 15:56:52
same issue when running in windowed mode, seems to be more stable at least in fullscreen. same dll's involved

I have hte same problems as Galician with problems at gates and upon coming to station etc

yep same here!! Funny before trinity My computer could run 5 accounts if i wanted too but i only have. Since Trinity I could only run on classic clinet! I stoped playing eve for 5 months because it was unplayable as i can only use 1 account.

Then i come back and I still have that problem that my computer reboots. All driver upto date and setting on lowest! Tho when helped was the Tuneup memory thingy! I have 3 accounts running and see my memory getting very low and its a 2gb. SO I run it and all fine ! but every since the update I am back to the start again. A game i cant play :/

I am disappointed really that 5 months later the software unreliable!. I guess i sign opff again and come back in 5 months again?

Virgo I'Platonicus
Posted - 2008.04.22 18:31:00 - [165]

Keep having these problems since the latest patch (nvidia 8800 GTS here). Tried reinstalling EVE, reinstalled drivers, the ntried the new beta drivers, but no success.

I've just tried to force everything so it's application ocntrolled (so disabling all AA and stuff) waiting to see results).

Not gonna buy a new cpu fan just for EVE, there are plenty other mmos lying around, but thanks for intel.


Terminus adacai
Racey Bee
Posted - 2008.04.22 19:59:00 - [166]

Edited by: Terminus adacai on 22/04/2008 20:01:44
I just started having this problem on all 3 of my PC's after the latest patch.... I am not encouraged to see that some had it since Trinity and not only is it not fixed, it is spreading to other machines that had no problems with earlier patches....

it is a true pia trying to haul anything and getting the MS crash window every so few minutes.

forgot to add 1 pc has ATI 9800 Pro, other two are nvidia. CTD happens on all 3 since last hot patch

Virgo I'Platonicus
Posted - 2008.04.22 21:33:00 - [167]

Same here. This became a real problem since last hot fix or whatsitcalled.

Royal Star Ranger Family
Posted - 2008.04.23 18:16:00 - [168]

Best fix i know of till now is to run in Windows-mode and put the Interval on "Interval One".

I've run Premium and classic (fully re-installed), still have the crashes about _trinity.dll
As far as i can tell, sound on or off doesnt make any difference.
This all started when the Boost-patch came out, never had any trouble before this.
I would like to send you a Microsoft Error-thingy but it doesnt let me ugh

Anyway , my computer specs:
System Manufacturer: MSI
System Model: MS-6712
BIOS: Version 07.00T
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2800+, MMX, 3DNow, ~2.1GHz
Memory: 2048MB RAM
Page File: 700MB used, 2348MB available

DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904)
DxDiag Version: 5.03.2600.2180 32bit Unicode

Card name: NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultra
Display Memory: 256.0 MB
Current Mode: 1280 x 1024 (32 bit) (72Hz)
Monitor: Plug en Play-monitor
Monitor Max Res: 1600,1200
Driver Name: nv4_disp.dll
Driver Version: 6.14.0011.6921 (English)

Soundcard Description: SB Audigy Audio [E400]
Driver Version: 5.12.0001.1196 (English)

Royal Star Ranger Family
Posted - 2008.04.23 21:47:00 - [169]

Ok, found the turn-on button for this Microsoft report stuff (ofc. EVE didnt crash since i last posted here, so i couldnt test this yet, lol). See here: How To Configure and Use Error Reporting in Windows XPugh

Anyway, 1 more thing i turn off also in EVE (true-classic atm, which runs much better), is to turn off the cache. It runs stable when its off , and works even better when you turn it off if you run 2 clients from the same location. Smile

Rock Lobster
Harmless Debris Field
Posted - 2008.04.24 19:28:00 - [170]

All working 100% for me now, seems nVidia drivers were forcing AA on. Disabled that and everything has been peachy for over 2 weeks now (including some big fleet stuff).

Royal Star Ranger Family
Posted - 2008.04.25 16:57:00 - [171]

Edited by: StarRanger on 25/04/2008 16:58:04
Originally by: Rock Lobster
All working 100% for me now, seems nVidia drivers were forcing AA on. Disabled that and everything has been peachy for over 2 weeks now (including some big fleet stuff).

I'm a nVidia user myself, but an idiot when it comes to settings Very Happy
How do you turn AA off when using the nVidia Control Panel?

Gavin LeMarque
Posted - 2008.04.28 14:34:00 - [172]

Been experiencing this issue as well in Vista w/ 8800 GTS and forcing AA 16x when running in windowed mode only. Guess I'll be going back to no AA since windowed mode is too important to give up. At least I can enable HDR now.

Hey CCP, DirectX 10 client for HDR & AA support? =D

-Mostly Harmless-
Posted - 2008.04.29 00:43:00 - [173]

Thank you for your bug report. Your report ID is 56498
I had no help from CCP steel cant play EVE CTDing all the time from
and YES i have reinstall directx 9.c this is all CCP will tell me
According to the data files you have provided the dump files show that it is being caused from a DirectX communication malfunction between your graphics drivers, DirectX and EvE. Installing the Omegadrivers might very well solve this problem as it would eliminate one 2 of the 3 pathways that are causing the issue.
GM *********
EvE Customer support

Posted - 2008.04.29 02:40:00 - [174]

Hey there, I'm having this same problem. I tried switching back to classic graphics, completely reinstalling the game, and it still doesn't work. I don't error out during any specific event that I can tell. I error out when i try to log in, when i'm going through gates, when i'm just sitting there...just randomly. There's no apparent cause for the crash, but it is always the exefile.exe, _trinity.dll and the other applications that others have mentioned. If someone can tell me how to fix this I will love them forever.

Eternity INC.
Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2008.04.29 06:11:00 - [175]

Edited by: ER0X on 30/04/2008 17:25:04
Edited by: ER0X on 30/04/2008 17:23:35
Edited by: ER0X on 29/04/2008 06:13:48
Been out of game for a month or so came back about a week and a half ago and since patching been getting these crashes also.

Event Type: Error
Event Source: Application Error
Event Category: None
Event ID: 1000
Date: 29/04/2008
Time: 06:10:25
User: N/A
Computer: 0RAK
Faulting application exefile.exe, version, faulting module _trinity.dll, version, fault address 0x000de17f.

My box turns it's self off completely at this crash.

9/10 times the client also resets to default values.

And I'm not using either of the Gfx cards mentioned.

MSI 7900GTO 512

Virgo I'Platonicus
Posted - 2008.04.29 15:29:00 - [176]

Hi guys.

Disabling the AA setting for EVE-online profile in nvidia control panel solved the problem for me.
Unfortunatelly :S


Eternity INC.
Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2008.05.01 07:51:00 - [177]

Are we any further forward with this issue?

It appears that my rig goes into some sort of hibernation, any mouse movement or keyboard stroke brings my rig back out of the sleep mode, even though I have this facility turned off.

Makaio Gentilis
Queens of the Stone Age
Posted - 2008.05.01 20:37:00 - [178]

AppName: exefile.exe
ModName: unknown ModVer:
Offset: 783848b0

Thats the message I get when Eve.exe crashes. Athlon ~2,4 GHz, 1 Gig Ram, Win XP and a GF6600 (premium content without AA) are my system specs. Can't really see a pattern in the crashes. Yesterday we set up a POS and I would just crash every 10 seconds when the forcefield was finally live. While running missions today I had major problems with IO so I though it might be related to large objects in space but the crashes occur when I'm watching the market, typing in chat - I even had crashes while shutting down eve. No fun really ATM. Turning of sound, voice or other graphical setting won't do anything.

Trolls From Outer Space
Posted - 2008.05.01 23:01:00 - [179]

Edited by: FugginNutz on 01/05/2008 23:08:02
Same thing happening to me....only happens in windowed-mode (I have two accounts) and while I am warping...if I am sitting, docked...its fine.

Been submitting windows error reports

NM....saw the GM post about AA causing the problem...I had it enabled in my card driver....will disable it...

Posted - 2008.05.01 23:12:00 - [180]

im having the same problems thought it was just me so i reboot opertion system

btw were can i turn off (AA) and whats it,s real name ****ing me off now cant do any fleet ops cos of this

gf 8800 gts oc
2 gig amd
2 gig of ram

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