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Posted - 2008.01.18 07:29:00 - [1]

Edited by: Kaltael on 18/01/2008 07:30:35
Good morning Citizen fellows.

Yesterday I started playing the trail with a friend of mine.
As we tried to do the first missions together (as a fleet) a problem occured to us.
We tried to jump both as a fleet to the mission designated area but as we did our mission only the one who jumped first got his task done. The other had to do the same mission once more to accomplish the mission.
I.e. if I (as fleet commander) warpe to the mission area with the whole fleet and we do it my mission is finished but the mission of my fleet buddy is not flagged finished so that he has to jump to his mission area and do it one more time.

Also we didn't understand the difference between accomplishing the mission as a fleet or single when it comes to the agent. Do you share the mission rewards with your fleet mates if you go to the agent and say that you made the mission as a fleet?
Should the mission be accomplished for your fleet mates if you have the mission item and your fleet mates don't have it (when you mark the mission done by the fleet?)

So much questions, so few time (only 13 days left of the trail) YARRRR!!

So thanks for upcoming answers to my questions ;)

Melme Rahka
Vulcan Foundry
Posted - 2008.01.18 09:23:00 - [2]

2 people never have same mission. Mission description and name might be same, but mission deadspace is generated for each mission separately when you accept it. Only way to 'share' the mission is to pick the choice of splitting the reward with fleet when returning (it splits isk and LP, not sure about standing though).

So, you two had two different missions, each of which has to be finished separately.

Eleana Tomelac
Eclats de verre
Posted - 2008.01.18 09:50:00 - [3]

Telling your agent that you and your fleet completed the mission does this :
-Share the isk reward and bonus (if the rewards and bonus are isk)
-Share the Loyalty points
-Share the gained standings to the corporation and agent

Just being in a fleet and killing NPCs does this :
-Share the bounty
-I guess it shares the lost standing to the faction of the destroyed ships (pirate factions all hate me)

So, running a mission in fleet does both because you kill the NPCs and then tell the agent you done it in fleet. All fleet members needs to be in the system to get a part of the splitted rewards (those not in the system don't receive it and those in the system get his share instead of him).

Running missions in group does not complete the same mission for all fleet members. It completes the mission that the one talking to the agent took (and the same one has to warp the fleet to the mission).

So, there is no need for several players in the fleet to take a mission, only one needs to do it. If you want to have choice, everyone in the fleet can ask for a mission and you pick the one you want to do, others can refuse the mission (not too often, only every 4 hours or standing loss occurs) or do/refuse it later as you have one week to accpet or refuse the mission.

I hope it helps.

Posted - 2008.01.18 10:14:00 - [4]

Edited by: Vordakr on 18/01/2008 10:21:44
You could do this two ways though usually only one is done.

1) You go to the agent and ask for a mission. The agent gives YOU a mission - and your buddy flies along to help. When your little fleet has completed the mission you fly back to the Agent and then YOU report that the mission is accomplished and - if required - YOU hand over the mission object item and report that you and your fleet accomplished the mission. At this time - both you and your buddy get equal amounts of standing (that isn't split you both get the same as if either one of you had done the mission alone), then the cash IS split between you. If the cash was 60,000 ISK then each of you will get 30,000. If there is an item reward - such as an implant - the item will go to YOU the person who asked for the mission. I'm not sure about Loyalty Points.

2) Now here - I've not tried this - so I'm just guessing how this might work but it sounds closer to what you seem to have done.

Here, each of you goes to possibly different agents (one agent may refuse to give two missions to people in the same squad).

2a) You each complete your missions individually - yet report that you and your fleet completed each mission.

2b) You help each other do one mission, then help each other do the other mission. You go to your agents and report that your Fleet completed the mission.

Rewards are handed out as in 1 above - with any reward items like implants or ships being given to the individual who requested the mission.

Now here's what may have happened to you when you tried to do your missions.

If you both went to an agent and asked for a mission and each of you was given a mission, then each of you would have a link to a mission area - but it would be a DIFFERENT mission area for each of you.

You could either both fly to your separate mission areas and complete your missions separately - then each report that you'd completed them as a fleet.


The fleet boss could right click on the link and select "warp fleet" which would take the both of you to the same mission area where you complete the mission together and the mission owner (the guy who's link you went to) reports back to his agent that the fleet completed the mission.

Then - the mission owner of the other mission can do the same. Here - if you want him to be able to warp the fleet to the mission area - then he must be made fleet boss (boss and fleet/squad commander aren't the same thing so you need to make him the one that can warp the both of you). Then he does the same thing as before. Or - if you don't want to fool with who's in charge of the fleet - if he's not the fleet commander or boss - he can warp himself to the mission area - then - you can warp to him as a member of your fleet. This will get you both to the same mission area though one after the other.

When you've completed this mission - you fly back to his agent and report that the fleet completed the mission. Here - he, as the mission requester, will be given any individual reward items but you will split the cash equally and each get the same standing as if you had done the mission individually.

Anyway - that's what I understand of how this works. If someone sees I've made a mistake somewhere please let me know.

[edit: Well Eleana and I seem to disagree about the mission standings being split so I may be wrong about that.]

Posted - 2008.01.18 13:11:00 - [5]

thanks a lot guys that was all I wanted to know ;)

Posted - 2008.02.11 16:59:00 - [6]

This was helpful, guys, especially about the standings, I've been wondering about that. Thanks.

My question is about doing courier missions as fleet. The first time I did it, the other fleet member was not in the system with me, so I figured that's why I didn't have the option of reporting the mission finished by the fleet. But this time, the fleet was in the system, the cargo was divisible (50 crates) and yet, I didn't have the option of reporting the mission done by a fleet.

Is there a rule that fleets can't do courier missions or is it something else?


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