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James Fragglerock
Posted - 2008.01.17 05:35:00 - [1]

I was wondering if lvl 2 missions are triggered when you reach a certain standing with a lvl 1 agent or when you reach a certain standing with the company as a whole, or what. Please let me know because I am dominating lvl 1s and need to get to lvl 2s as fast as possible before I go insane doing the 100th "destroy the habitat" mission. :) Thanks guys.

I'm also looking forward to better salvage and reward money.

Jei'son Bladesmith
The Storm Knights
The Cool Kids Club
Posted - 2008.01.17 05:53:00 - [2]

find a L2 agent and do Show Info, and under the Agent Info tab it will tell you what corp/faction standings you need to use him.

Now just wait till you've gotten your 100th Massive Attack mission then you can talk to me about going insane.

God I hate that mission. Massive Boredom is more like it. *goes on 5-hour rant about how it should be reduced to a level 3*

Torfin Sigsonn
Ghost Recon Squad
Posted - 2008.01.17 12:06:00 - [3]

Train up social skills - IIRC connections helps alot to improve your standing and get the lvl 2 missions

Posted - 2008.01.17 12:19:00 - [4]

Edited by: Vordakr on 17/01/2008 12:25:36

My understanding is ...

Level 2 Missions come from Level 2 Agents. No matter how many missions you do for a Level 1 agent - they will never give you anything but Level 1 missions.

Once you have achieved enough status with their Corporation - then you will be eligible for Level 2 missions - but must find one of their Level 2 agents to get them from.

If you do a Show Info on the Level 1 agent you are using - you will get to see his corporation. Right click on that and do a show info on the corporation. This will give you a display of the corporations info - including - an Agents Tab.

Go to that Agents Tab and review them. They are listed in various categories but each category is split into "Agents Available to You" and "Agents Not Available to You"

Look through those Agents Available to You and see if there is a Level 2 Agent in there.

If there is - you can now get Level 2 Missions from that Agent.

Or ... that's how I think it works ...


And yes -
Social/Connections will help improve your access to your own agents.
Social/Diplomacy will help improve your access to other factions agents.
Social/Negotiation will help improve the rewards you get from doing missions.

These are the things that the Empathy and Presence Learning Skills are good for as they improve your Charisma. Having a high Charisma attribute will let you train these skills - and the other Social Skills faster.

Nigel Crow
Republic University
Posted - 2008.01.17 12:50:00 - [5]

Vordakr, you just made my life so much easier. Thanks!

Mirkur Draug'Tyr
Posted - 2008.01.17 14:10:00 - [6]

James, be warned, lvl 2 missions can be A LOT harder than lvl 1.

I've just started them myself and got the "human cattle" mission - yikes!


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