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Kaleigh Doyle
Racing News Network
Posted - 2007.12.24 09:40:00 - [1]

The end of the standard year is upon us, and with it the birth of a brand new one. Many see this time as an opportunity to wash away old habits or start new ones. Be it the desire to begin with a clean slate or bloody one with the corpse of the nearest victim, now is your chance to state your resolution for the public!

For some of you this will make it easier to stick to your promises and your friends to keep an eye on you if you foul up. In either case, I'll begin right now:

I resolve to not use illicit substances while under the allure of beautiful-yet-dangerous women.

I resolve not to get married a third time, and for heaven's sake someone please stop me! *grins*

And finally, I resolve to be a better sister and visit my family back home more often. *blows a kiss*

Yoshitaka Moromuo
Distant Light Galactic
Apocalypse Now.
Posted - 2007.12.24 09:54:00 - [2]

I hereby resolve to give back to all those who have helped me in the past. Their help has not been forgotten.

I also resolve to figure out what the frack is going on with these Gods-damned drone-like barge pilots. It seems they're just growing in numbers... like asexual reproduction...

... and sorry, I seem to have dropped into a fit of minerspeak.

Knights of Kador
The Black Armada
Posted - 2007.12.24 11:16:00 - [3]

I resolve to be a better husband, father, and friend.


Veto Corp
Posted - 2007.12.24 12:31:00 - [4]

I resolve to visit my sister more often.

Oh, and to rid the cluster of the plague that is Pator Scotch... by consuming every last drop in existance.

Megumi Iwasaki
Caldari Independent Navy Reserve
Posted - 2007.12.24 13:35:00 - [5]

Wouldn't if you drank that much??

As for me...I think I shall try to serve the state better and to annoy my father more often. Very Happy

Atropos Group
Posted - 2007.12.24 16:28:00 - [6]

To finally get into studying the market more along with beginning my own production line of -something-. Not sure what yet, but I do have a few ideas. Maybe my own clothing line? My other longer term goal is to find a way to rid the galaxy, peacefully, of the drone miners using M.A.C.R.O.S. especially in Gallente space. If peacefully doesn't work, I would seek out concords approval to ending them, less diplomatically.

Its almost as if CONCORD turns a blind eye, but thats for another discussion.

Kendar Zek
Interstellar Aid Society
Posted - 2007.12.24 17:14:00 - [7]

Edited by: Kendar Zek on 24/12/2007 17:15:03
This is such a delightful tradition, Kaleigh. I can, however, only resolve to do those things which I set out to do on each new day, regardless of the turning of season or passage of years. The resolutions of the new day are as follows:

I resolve to make today better than yesterday, for myself and those around me.
I resolve to sow the prosperity I have reaped into the lives of others.
I resolve to spread hope, faith, and love; the greatest of these is love.
I resolve to settle my disputes with my neighbor before the setting of the sun.
I resolve to be slow to anger and quick to forgive.
I resolve to do unto others as I would have them, indeed invite them, do unto me.

Andreus Ixiris
Mixed Metaphor
Posted - 2007.12.24 17:16:00 - [8]

Originally by: Verone

I resolve to visit my sister more often.

Oh, and to rid the cluster of the plague that is Pator Scotch... by consuming every last drop in existance.

I resolve to ask Verone to check his EVE-mail more often Wink

Garion Avarr
Adhocracy Incorporated
Posted - 2007.12.24 22:29:00 - [9]

I resolve to be more profitable.

Also, to do my best to save the Empire from any threats, serve God, and to seek peace between all peoples, but especially between the Amarr and Matari.

Lastly, to increase my understanding of science, a topic that has come to fascinate me in recent weeks.

Veto Corp
Posted - 2007.12.25 11:54:00 - [10]

My Resolution for 110 is:

To spend less time at work, delegate more to my talented directors and spend more time assisting my husband ridding the cluster of the Pator Scotch Curse.

Cmdr Baxter
The Synenose Accord
Celestial Imperative
Posted - 2007.12.25 12:08:00 - [11]

- I resolve to work harder and more efficiently for the benefit of the State, the megacorporations, and the citizens of the State.

- I resolve to finally acquire that Raven class battleship that has eluded me for so long, so that I may begin grinding level 4 missions for the Caldari Navy.

- I resolve to be a better security specialist for my corporation, so that I may more efficiently contribute to corporation operations.

The Herrick
Autistic Sharks
Spreadsheets Online
Posted - 2007.12.25 13:09:00 - [12]

I resolve to stop feeling sorry for myself and maybe be a better captain.

Kendar Zek
Interstellar Aid Society
Posted - 2007.12.25 15:32:00 - [13]

Originally by: Cmdr Baxter

- I resolve to finally acquire that Raven class battleship that has eluded me for so long, so that I may begin grinding level 4 missions for the Caldari Navy.

It would be my pleasure to provide a Raven-class battleship, provided you have every intention to use it in a lawful and just manner as you claim. Please feel free to contact me to arrange the delivery details.

I assume, of course, that you are qualified to pilot such ships.

Able Citizen
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2007.12.26 16:37:00 - [14]

- I resolve to consolidate all the assets that I have littered across the cluster in one region.

Usagi Tsukino
Rote Kapelle
Posted - 2007.12.26 18:38:00 - [15]

I resolve to spend more time with my father, to stop being ashamed of who I am, to stop buying ships I do not need, and most importantly, to never, ever let something important to me slip away again.

Bruno Bonner
Lutin Group
Posted - 2007.12.26 19:17:00 - [16]

My resolve is

Stop being a tool for those who wish to control the galaxy from the shadows.

Revy Daidros
Re-Awakened Technologies Inc
Electus Matari
Posted - 2007.12.26 19:32:00 - [17]

Resolve for the new year hmmm...

Really makes one think, because we're so caught up in the day to day so to speak. I think my biggest resolve is to hate less and love more. To play like I used to, and to stop worrying about things outside my control.

nether void
Brotherhood of Suicidal Priests
Posted - 2007.12.27 18:52:00 - [18]

My new year's resolution? Get better at killing.

I'm tired of having a mining lazer strapped to my back, with just the rocks keeping me company. Where's the joy in that? Hell, even the mighty god of Amarr can realize we weren't meant to live under a rock, selling its scraps to feed ourselves and buy these cold hunks of scrap, flying around the dead of space with no real experiences to speak of.

For now that means blowing up the dirty rats in my own backyard for the Navy. Sure it's almost as mindless as killing rocks, but at least I'm cleaning up something. Doing some good.

But my real resolution is to get out there and lay claim. Kill some people, and really learn what it means to be alive. Without the thrill of conflict, how can we be anything more than the damn rocks we have to blast just to build ships for surviving out here in space?

My new year's resolution? Meet some people. Kill some people. Be somebody.

Krystal Vernet
Posted - 2007.12.27 21:52:00 - [19]

My only resolution to find my way and myself. In this day and age of technology, fast-paced action, global politics, and discord, it's ... rather easy to get lost, it seems. At least for me.

Madam Dinahkarr
Neh'bu Kau Beh'Hude
Posted - 2007.12.28 00:11:00 - [20]

I suppose my resolution -- not that it hasn't been for a very long time -- is to finally fully graduate from the IAC and complete my studies. I'm begining to think that my schooling there is never going to end.

Mirkur Draug'Tyr
Posted - 2007.12.29 11:14:00 - [21]

i resolve to come for my people more in space than on galnet

Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2007.12.29 13:35:00 - [22]

I don't need to make any resolutions.
I'm perfect.

Gilbert Elsmere
Posted - 2007.12.29 19:48:00 - [23]

Join a real Caldari Navy-oriented corporation and ditch the Academy. Get in on something big. Get some excitement into my life other than sweeping bits of deadspace for pirates. Get a battleship or a covert ops ship.

The Ice'Demon
Posted - 2007.12.30 05:49:00 - [24]

One has but one desire and wish
to achieve and shall endeavour
to the fullest to achieve this
prize and purpose, one shall do
what ever must be done to strive
through all hardships and over
come all trials and triviations
if needs be but one doth know
that one shall in deed gain and
hold for all eternity the heart
nd body of 3ll3 for his soul
shall be redeemed before the eyes
of god!

shabel detaril
Posted - 2007.12.30 06:29:00 - [25]

My promise is to bring glory to the blooded one and to add
a certain gallentian to my collection of male slaves
though as a capsulier he will have a special place in my
collection since he like my self will never truly die, the
fun I shall have with this individual will be exquisite in
the suffering and pleasure I shall gift him with.

Posted - 2007.12.30 06:35:00 - [26]

Ya could well sister but not before I be having my way withs da boy first arrr! But hes be more than enough ta share an those who dare trifle wit us shall walk space for the swab will be our bootie arrr!


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