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Brutal Deliverance
Gypsy Band
Posted - 2007.12.30 09:10:00 - [31]

CCP tried to make the Black Ops battleship flexible enough to fight or scout depending on the player, and they did a fairly good job of it IMO. However, I think most of us just want bigger recons with jump drives, so /signed.

Laila Eldgorn
Certified Household Sweeping Consulting
Posted - 2007.12.30 13:18:00 - [32]

Blackops seem quite fine for me as they're now, except jump range/fuel or the way this cov ops jump portal works. I'd say it would make it much more better ship if it could jump without cyno. I mean originally I thought blackops could get a team of recons/cov ops somewhere without cyno. I heard it's not the case.

All in all giving cov ops cloak doesn't seem fitting for a battleship and reducing damage output would just make them suck for most pilots who want to fly them, really.

The Final Stand.
Posted - 2007.12.31 19:42:00 - [33]


Bob Niac
freelancers inc
Imperial 0rder
Posted - 2007.12.31 20:08:00 - [34]

Jump Range: i dunno. I mean it's nice and all, but how would some1 use it other then a 'oh sh**!' moment to jump back to the fleet you are forward deploying for. I agree that jumping in is somewhat safer. But that conflicts with the Covert Cloak, no?

Two is a bit weird imo. You are the Daddy CovOps and it kind of makes sense you are gonna feed them with ammo, etc. If going deep and dark is the idea, then iI would think near marauder cargo would be VERY nice.

posting now, editing (finishing) later

ultima miner
Posted - 2007.12.31 22:08:00 - [35]


hell yeah that will make them really usefull

Syrus Speculations
Posted - 2008.01.01 00:09:00 - [36]


Fish Mittens
Posted - 2008.01.01 10:56:00 - [37]


Rjaiajik Kajvoril
Cloak and Daggers
SMASH Alliance
Posted - 2008.01.01 11:24:00 - [38]

/signed (again)

This badly needs to happen.

Solar Revenue Service
Posted - 2008.01.01 21:30:00 - [39]

/me prepares to get shouted at

Ok ive not been on for a while and just catching up on forums..

As I see it Black Ops ships are dedicated get in there stealthily and take a stealth gang with you... and they are NOT a major damage dealer.

Why dont we change some of these wep slots for gang assist modules and have them like stealthy cs's??

Only an idea

Redd Lenses
Red Federation
Posted - 2008.01.01 21:40:00 - [40]

Why not give it a separate fuel bay so it won't be overpowered by way of millions of cap booster in combat, but it can still have a 600m3 cargo bay for combat/loot while being able to jump.

Make them larger recons, with less weapon systems and more ewar (give the non-caldari races a bonus to ewar).

Also, an idea for splitting up sensor damps would be to give Minmatar one side of the damps bonus and Gallente the other side of the damps.

Krxon Blade
Posted - 2008.01.02 12:14:00 - [41]

Especially for warping while cloaked ability.
If we cant warp cloaked, how are we suppose to infiltrate?
Yes we can jump, but if enemy can see us, that is not infiltration.

Minmatar Ship Construction Services
Posted - 2008.01.02 16:48:00 - [42]

Edited by: Saladin on 02/01/2008 16:52:33
I don't agree with everything written here, but I do agree that these ships need a boost. My thoughts:

1. Increase jump range: It needs a slight increase. The suggested 5.5 to 6ly base range is too much. change it to 3.5ly to make it on par with titans.

2. Cargo Bay/Fuel consumption: Currently the Covert Jump portal is highly impractical because of the fuel consumption to push ships through. It cost me about 1500 and 335 to push a falcon and nemesis respectively, a distance of 2.6ly (out of a possible 4.5ly). Thats already half the fuel I can carry after a reasonable amount of ammo. Please find a solution here. Either reduce fuel consumption for the covert jump portal, increase cargo bay size or establish a dedicated fuel bay like the one on a POS. As for the consumption on actual cyno jumping, I think its fine and does not need a new bonus.

3. Covert Ops Cloaking. Again I do not think this is necessary. I do not want to see turret reduction or damage bonuses go away in favor of covert ops cloak or some sort of extra Jump Fuel Conservation bonus.

4. Covert Cyno module: For training up cyno 5, this module should have its current features and be useable in a cyno-jammed system as well. depends on 5

5. Portal-able ships: If covert cyno's are not changed and cannot be opened in cyno jammed systems, allow all tech2 ships to be portaled and not just recons/stealth bombers and covert ops. The ships allowed now are ones that have no need for portals anyways.

6. Resistances: I don't want these ships to become uber-mobiles, but the fact that something this expensive can be dd'd does not sit well with me.

Posted - 2008.01.02 20:14:00 - [43]

Edited by: SpoonBender79 on 02/01/2008 20:15:04
Haven't read much of thread, but not warping cloaked is reason enuf for me to sign ...


(can't use the damn things either)


Darian Edalth
Metal Mammoth Industrial
Posted - 2008.01.03 21:42:00 - [44]


Very much agree, I was totally going to train for these until I found out they can't fit Covert ops cloaks, which, since it's a Covert ship made about zero sense to me.

I would not like a damagae bonus, but EWAR or sensor bonuses would be fitting with it's abilities. Please CCP, make this some what useful? Right now it's a nearly billion ISK lead brick.

The Final Stand.
Posted - 2008.01.04 00:21:00 - [45]

Edited by: SoulOfAnnihilation on 04/01/2008 00:21:21
Originally by: Saladin
Edited by: Saladin on 02/01/2008 16:52:33
1. Increase jump range: It needs a slight increase. The suggested 5.5 to 6ly base range is too much. change it to 3.5ly to make it on par with titans.

Well i was speaking more so, the 5.5 LY would be the Black Ops Skill to lvl IV or Battleship skill to lvl V. not as a base. would be skilled out with calibration to lvl IV or so. along those lines.

Other than that, great job guys. awsome ideas, hopefully CCP reads these!! =D

reg keeper
IRL Research
Posted - 2008.01.04 05:18:00 - [46]

Ok I have read up and down on the forums and as yet to find a single response from CCP to the black op's problems.

I fly and pvp with a redeemer.
So please allow me to just comment on the Amarr ship.
To me its faults are in a few basic areas.
Armour resists are too low. ( this is supposed to be Tech II )
No Covert ops Cloak so no chance of being totally Covert.
Jump range is just that bit to small and the cost just that bit to hight to make it of no use to any fleet situation.
I paid the 500 million for my Redeemer, And at present its just a slightly better Armageddon with fancy paint.
I do hope ccp look at what they are fixing in the next patches adn give us Black Op's some love.

Dont Look
Posted - 2008.01.10 04:00:00 - [47]

Today we found a gang doing a mining op. We had everything setup to attack them Cyno charracter were in system prepaird for the cyno field.
Redeemer were ready and sitting next to a can with fuel.
We had 12 ppl in gang ready to portal jump in to the system.
We were going to jump in some arazus first for putting points on the targets and then the rest.
We had a coundtown, cynoship decloaked and fired the cyno. Gogogo and jumper nr 1 tried to jump (arazu) and we wait and wait but he is denied to jump because because target system is to far and ship to big for the amount fuel BO had in cargo (dont know exacly how mutch fuel BO had, But it were most of the cargohold.)
It ended up us only being able to jump in some Stealthbombers, but with no points we did not kill as mutch as we thought when we found the gang mining Sad

long story short:
Signed for a jump fuel cargo hold.
would also be nice to use the Covert ops Cloaking devices.

The Final Stand.
Posted - 2008.01.13 03:24:00 - [48]


The Graduates
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2008.01.15 17:00:00 - [49]

absolutly 100% needs a covert ops cloak without this it is totaly useles as a covert ops ship?? its ment to stay undetected.... thats the point?? whats the pointof a 'covert' ship that cant infiltrate??
if it had one,i would buy one,especialy a widow for the ew big bonuses which could be genuinly tacticaly usefull. Why would you want any weapon bonuses thats just not its role it should be a big stealthy force recon flagship not a damage dealing combat ship. you dont get many weapon points anyway so its not like you can do any real damage so its just a wast much beter off with EW mods and a usefull cloak.

and the fule issue is a real problem in practice and could definatly use a little tweaking its too underpowerd and thirsty thow i wouldnt change it that much.


Killer Koalas
Posted - 2008.01.16 02:19:00 - [50]

Edited by: Danny3388 on 16/01/2008 02:20:54
I am not yet able to fly the black ops ship yet, but i will be able to soon. Anyway i totaly agree this ship needs its own fuel bay atm from looking at the fuel usage their may as well be no jump drive on the ship, not to mention the such low jump range.

Totaly agree with the fact that the black ops needs a cov ops cloak if we pay half a billion for a specialised cloaking ship we expect to be able to warp while cloaked. Also i do belive that this wont make black ops ships uber powerful, as basicaly if we jump into a system with a bubble on the gate we are basically screwed anyway as battle ships dont have the agility of speed to make it out of the bubble safely.

With this fact an interceptor can decloak you even before you make it anywhere near the edge of the bubble. This ship seriously needs a cov ops cloak because atm its just flying half a bill of liability.

Also \signed 100%

Posted - 2008.01.16 06:17:00 - [51]


Not training for it either till these changes come into effect; right now it doesn't quite cut the cosmic mustard.

The Final Stand.
Posted - 2008.01.18 10:20:00 - [52]


The Final Stand.
Posted - 2008.01.21 07:50:00 - [53]


Demolition Men
Posted - 2008.01.21 13:03:00 - [54]

This ship has damage bonuses you would expect to see on a ship that has a full set of turret/missile hard points so it is undergunned at the moment. I dont see a trade off by further reducing its dps being viable as it is allready currently pre-nerfed.

The ability to use the covert ops cloaking device is a must. This ship should have had that ability right from the start.

Iwould also agree that the black ops ships need their own fuel bay to increase the amount of time they can spend in hostile territory.

Lethos Aranis
The Arrow Project
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2008.01.21 14:01:00 - [55]

As someone very interested in the Black Ops ships, I definitely agree with the changes. They seem to be hindered by a few things which could be fixed by the above suggestions.

Mia Corp
Posted - 2008.01.21 16:55:00 - [56]


Killer Koalas
Posted - 2008.01.23 19:46:00 - [57]

Thought of another solution to the black ops problem, what does everyone think about having the jump drive removed because atm lets be honest its more or less useless anyway and having a cov ops cloak instead. I think it would be a good compromise to make for the ability to use the cov ops cloak.

The Final Stand.
Posted - 2008.01.26 10:57:00 - [58]

bumpity bump bump, bumpity bump bump, bumpity bump bump, bumpity bump bump, bumpity bump bump, bumpity bump bump!

The Final Stand.
Posted - 2008.01.29 04:41:00 - [59]


Lobster Man
Pigs On Teh Wing
Posted - 2008.01.29 04:55:00 - [60]

Edited by: Lobster Man on 29/01/2008 04:55:46
I don't know if I agree with the whole 'able to use covops cloak' thing. My arazu is already pretty deadly to npc'ers and mission runners, if I could now warp my dampening domi around while cloaked...

425mm rails + heavy drones = YARRRR!!

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