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Posted - 2007.12.11 01:01:00 - [1]

At the moment i seem to be having several issues flying my taranis effectively. I usually got for a t2 ion x3 nos, mwd scram web, damage mod, small rep and a DCU. My issue is, when i get in fights with other ceptors, it's hard to get close enough to be effective. What can I expect from the taranis? it seems too slow to dictate the range of a fight against other ceptors. So... are rails the way to go if i want to pop other inty's? Any setup suggestions would be nice. atm my ranis is going 3750m/s or so. So this is a call to ranis pilots out there. How can the ranis be effective against other inties? Thanks in advance.

Boran Tisk
The Hawk Bats
Posted - 2007.12.11 01:37:00 - [2]

The ranis is going to have trouble catching almost all the other interceptors so rails would be the way to go.

Close range weapons on a taranis is rather foolish to be honest because you wont have the speed to get in range against other ceptors and against larger targets, once you are inside web range you are as good as dead anyways.

Vale Heavy Industries
Molotov Coalition
Posted - 2007.12.11 02:43:00 - [3]

ranis is the gallente pod killer with ion or neutron and blaster in low slot.
get a sensor booster and you'll be doing lotta damage and pod kill in gang. solo this is also good agasint non web ships ;)

Nulli Secunda
Posted - 2007.12.11 02:48:00 - [4]

Edited by: Cadiz on 11/12/2007 02:58:21
First off, for this role you should always be fitting railguns. The range is critical to help offset your sluggardly pace.

However! Fitting isn't going to be your best friend here; superior piloting is. You're going to have to hope that the opponent is sloppy enough with their orbits and the like that, by jinking suitably, you can make them automatically "reverse" their orbit which will give you a window to get in there and get the web on. This will work on more than a few inty pilots out there, especially those damnable Crows which tend to be a bit more lazy about their handling than other intys. If they're not orbiting you directly, then you'll have to kinda eyeball their flight path and do your best to intercept it. If they are manually tweaking their flight route and playing close attention to their position relative to hostiles...well, yeah, you're going to just have to do whatever you can to minimize transversal and pray for the best, because you're basically at an innate disadvantage here. Slow interceptor is slow, and your tracking is not the best.

'Ranis isn't great as an inty hunter, mostly due to the lack of speed which you have recognized. The 2x Warrior IIs you can tote are pretty damned useful in this role though (assuming your opponents are not going over 6km/sec or so), and the new cap reduction bonus for warp disruptors should make it a lot easier for you to slap some overdrives in there without worrying about capacitor burnout in 1min, too. In my opinion, where the Taranis really shines (other than being one of the most versatile intys - it will serve competently in pretty much any situation) is as pure punch in inty gangs: with blasters fitted, it hits exceptionally hard for a ship of its size.

twit brent
The Scope
Posted - 2007.12.11 04:40:00 - [5]

Ranis is the best inty hunter in the game.

My setup.

3 light ion blaster II (void ammo)
MWD II, fleeting webb, 20km scram
mag field II, DCU II, overdrive II
2 warrior II

I have killed dozens of inties 1v1 and even 1vs2 in this with no probs. If the inty you are chasing is fast you will need to overload the MWD and maybe the webb aswell.

Most inties I kill have to be baited into range by using warp to planet tricks and other methods im not going to talk about.

Right click approach isnt always the best waay to go, alot of the times you have to maunually fly your inty into webb range.

Get a corpmate or someone in a nano'd up inty with overdrives or something and practice cathing him because i tell you now that it takes alot more than right click approach.

good luck

Red Arsenal
Posted - 2007.12.11 05:58:00 - [6]

I agree with what's been said in this thread; the blaster 'ranis is a good ship, but it's no good at killing other ceptors.

Actually, contrary to what's been said about carrying Warrior IIs, if you really want to kill other ceptors, carry a pair of Acolyte EV-300s and your current setup. WTFPWN Neut drones. Zomg. Bbq. Trust me ;)

I currently run 125mm rails and a 24k on mine, and get about 5400m/s out of it with no extraordinary mods (faction, polycarbs, etc) fitted. It's beyond missile damage of any sort, and at 20km there's very few ships that can track you. As you gain experience you'll figure out which ships those are :)

Posted - 2007.12.11 08:38:00 - [7]

Edited by: Muser on 11/12/2007 08:39:20
Edited by: Muser on 11/12/2007 08:38:40
So, ok, now i know that i'm gonna fit rails (thanks guys), how would i go about it? Do I just replace my three x ion with 3 x 75mm's? or do i fit 3 x 125mm's and leave my highs empty? what would you do with that fourth slot?

If you don't mind sharing your hours of toiling secrets you could even let me know your best raileranis setups.
Twisted Evil

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David Yanakov
Avis de Captura
Posted - 2007.12.11 10:42:00 - [8]

You might try dropping the nos and repper to upgrade to neutron blasters and an overdrive II. I did this with mine and got the speed up to 4.7 km/s and have enough dps that when I catch something it melts.

Also, you might want to try small neutralizer drones. Having a 54km small nuetralizer goes a long way toward slowing your targets down

Nulli Secunda
Posted - 2007.12.11 16:19:00 - [9]

Huh, never thought about neut drones before, but that's actually a really good idea. Capless inty = dead inty, after all...although 10 cap every 6 seconds isn't exactly a huge drain going on there. Fight is really going to have to drag out for that to net results.


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