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Posted - 2007.12.06 20:31:00 - [1]

When you use a target painter on a target, the signature radius of that target increases.

Is this increased signature radius only used in calculations of damage done by me or does it apply for others, fleet, gang etc. too ?

Thanks in advance,

Species 5618
Posted - 2007.12.06 20:35:00 - [2]

It changes their signature radius, so it affects everybody/everything who tries to lock and/or attack them.

Falka Lakadaka
Posted - 2007.12.07 01:46:00 - [3]

One of the best uses of a target painter (in my opinion) is for a frigate to "light up" an enemy frigate so that his mate in a battleship can get fire onto it.

A battleship would normally have difficulty hitting a frigate, but if it's webbed, scrammed and painted the BS will take it out with one volley.

Dirk Magnum
Blue Republic
RvB - BLUE Republic
Posted - 2007.12.07 01:54:00 - [4]

Edited by: Dirk Magnum on 07/12/2007 01:54:37
If you've got both target painting and signature focusing at a high level and you're flying a throw-away Vigil with three painters, you can make an interceptor look as big as a battlecruiser. If he slows down for a second or you have someone with a webber, it's bad news for interceptors.

There's also an anti-ceptor setup on the similarly cheap Bellicose cruiser that utilizes it's four mids for painters and a web. Throw out five warrior II's and again, bad news for ceptors. In both cases the Vigil and Bellicose are not likely to get called primary because everyone underestimates the value of target painters.

Horst Schimanski
Posted - 2007.12.07 04:38:00 - [5]

Originally by: Dirk Magnum
everyone underestimates the value of target painters.

In more ways than one.


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