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Mad Scorpion
Raiders of the Open Stars
Posted - 2007.12.13 05:50:00 - [31]

Mad Scorpion reads and laughs so hard he almost falls from his seat.

Well. so much for inferior Minmatar technology.

He wipes his eyes, then starts laughing again, finally turning off the vid.

Andreus Ixiris
Mixed Metaphor
Posted - 2007.12.13 11:37:00 - [32]

The rather "involved" process, as Wren described it, is based mostly on Caldari gravitational physics. I have only just integrated the Graviton Physics skill package, but I believe I can explain the fundamentals in fairly simple terms.

The warp disruption sphere and mobile warp disruption device were the first iterations of this technology, and each work on a fairly similar principle, in that they project create a cloud of highly charged particles confined within an intense magnetic field (I should point out that direct exposure to such an intense field would be almost instantly fatal - if pod death were not already so). This explains the instantly recogniseable "shimmer" of the field. What it does next is rather more complicated.

Using a gravpulse generator, the disruption field projector induces rapid and highly unpredictable graviton chain reactions within the particle cloud, causing intense gravitational field flux between particles. Although they have almost negligeable individual weight, the field flux, within a few seconds, becomes so intense that it becomes measureable from distances of many thousands of kilometres. The gravitational shear within the disruption field makes forming a warp bubble technically impossible - the chaotic distortions in the fabric of space quickly overwhelm the compensation methods of any known warp drive technology, and the bubble collapses the nanosecond it starts to form.

The mobile warp disruption emitter had to build up the disruption field over a period of time, which explains the delay in its activation. The interdiction sphere can cause the neccessary spatial fluctuations instantly, but such an undertaking brutalises the emitter to such a degree that it becomes one-use-only. The mobile disruption field emitter is not really a surprise to me - it's the next logical step in the process. The main problem was finding a way to deploy a field instantaneously without requiring massive ammounts of power or destroying the emitter. Morphite conductor alloys, as usual, however, have made that a fairly simple problem to solve.

The focused warp disruption system, ironically, actually uses part of the agressor ship's warp drive technology - it uses the warp drive's spatial warping capability to force the violent spatial fluctuations into a thin, tube-like area, which is capped into a sphere surrounding the targetted ship. A simple, elegant, and, importantly, effective method - the technology is already there, why not use it?

Horatio Nately
808 Enterprises
Posted - 2007.12.13 11:47:00 - [33]

808 Enterprises Applauds your capitalistic ways.

Msana Foundation
Posted - 2007.12.13 15:22:00 - [34]

Congratulations on being the early bird, Wren. Wink

I am sorely tempted to buy one of these fine vessels, not least because of the trivial training burden required for me. Honestly though, I really don't have a need for this kind of ship in my current line of work, so it is hard to justify the expense. Still, no doubt there will be no shortage of customers...

Gilbert Elsmere
Posted - 2007.12.13 20:35:00 - [35]

Originally by: Alexi Borizkova

I'm surprised to see sane business principles so ardently embraced by a matari business institution, I can only hope your people take this as an example and continue to move away from savage zealotry and work with the forces of law, order and commerce instead of against them. Your corporation is a credit to your people.

I wanted to say this too, but was afraid it might offend them.

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