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Midori Sakura
Posted - 2007.11.19 08:09:00 - [1]

Edited by: Midori Sakura on 19/11/2007 08:27:06

=== Re-auction cause of less response ===


26.3m skillpoints PvP miner/pirate gallente spec'ed char

Skills Link (is a few days old)

She's an innocent looking PvP specialist ex-pirate miner with -4.3 sec status (can get around in 0.5 empire space, or only a few hours of ratting to hit 0.6 space) and can fly all Tech 1 ships, also HACs, Intys, and Hulks with Exhumer lvl 5 !!
Stats: Int=26.4 / Mem=26.4 / Perc=25.3 / Wil=23.1 / Cha=12.1

4.0m in Drones
1.6m (almost) in Engineering
4.7m (almost) in Gunnery
4.4m (almost) in Learning !! Massive learner !!
2.3m in Industry !! Miner Spec'ed !!
1.0m in Mechanic
1.3m in Navigation
1.2m in Science
5.2m in Ships including HACs, Inty, Exhumer !! Hulks !!
0.6m in miscellaneous other skills

She has 3X Clones in all, i.e. Original and 2x Jump Clones
1X Clone has +4 implants set in her head, the other two clones have no implants. And loads of stuff (T1) all over.

Starting Price - 5 billions
Reserve - 8 billions
Buyout - 10 billions
Sniper rule - 15 minutes from last high bid
Pay ISK to - Kora D'Varo

Auction opens today, ends on next Sunday 25th Nov 10:00 hrs EVE time

Thanks and happy bidding !

- Midori Sakura

Kora D'Varo
Posted - 2007.11.19 08:10:00 - [2]

I confirm that I will receive ISK and will complete the transfer of the character to the buyer.

Midori Sakura
Posted - 2007.11.19 14:49:00 - [3]

daily bump

Saint Luka
Darkness Rising Alliance
Posted - 2007.11.19 14:55:00 - [4]

Just a little bit of friendly advise.

Miner characters generally go for little amounts of isk.

pure pvp gallente pilots at 26m SP would fly for 6b at best.

A mixture of the two would be less then a pure PVP.

Being a pirate degrades the value.

8b reserve? reconsider.

Napalm Death Industries
War and Pestilence
Posted - 2007.11.19 16:43:00 - [5]

The forum is full of people that can't decide if they wanna sell their teddy bear characters, so they set a huge reserve to say: "sorry, it didn't met the reserve". I won't waste my time posting bids here. Good luck with your auction.

Midori Sakura
Posted - 2007.11.20 13:21:00 - [6]

Well, I'm not about to sell for 3-4 billions anyways, so unless I get a decent offer, I'll keep the char, it's not a bad one anyway.

Midori Sakura
Posted - 2007.11.21 00:14:00 - [7]

daily bump

Midori Sakura
Posted - 2007.11.21 12:20:00 - [8]

daily bump

Posted - 2007.11.21 13:05:00 - [9]

lol overpriced
miner+low skilled gunnery for 8 mil?
you are crazy

Rob II
Posted - 2007.11.21 13:19:00 - [10]

10 bil buyout? Rolling EyesQuestionQuestionQuestion

Midori Sakura
Posted - 2007.11.21 16:23:00 - [11]

8b = 3m per 10k sps which seems to be the going rate, it's not too much to ask, and she's a great learner, so only a few more days to better guns, until when you can fly hacs or whatever. Buyout is supposed to be a high number :)

Duncan Bannatyne
Honesty Industries
Posted - 2007.11.21 16:35:00 - [12]

Edited by: Duncan Bannatyne on 21/11/2007 16:36:24
No.. the going rate for well specialized capital char's (all cap skills at atleast 4) is around 300m Per 1mil SP.

Your char is a pirate/carebear.. making it at best 200m p/SP but more then likely around 175m... These people are telling you your price is ambitious because they are trying to help you out. Hence no bids..

Edit: for your character i'd put a retail price of just above your starting price at best. I would be incredibly surprised if someone offers you more.. or 8b for that.. if they do i'll be buddy listing them and selling them my chars for out of the ordinary prices.

Midori Sakura
Posted - 2007.11.21 16:47:00 - [13]

Well, I'm willing to consider lower bids, but not as low as 3-4b. Which is why I have a 5b starting price and an 8b reserve where I might consider selling below that level, but not for peanuts. Ty to all for kind advice.

Midori Sakura
Posted - 2007.11.22 15:14:00 - [14]

daily bump

Duncan Bannatyne
Honesty Industries
Posted - 2007.11.22 15:22:00 - [15]

Well if you would accept lower than your reserve, remove your reserve. That is the reason people simply are not bidding.

Midori Sakura
Posted - 2007.11.23 12:23:00 - [16]

daily bump

Midori Sakura
Posted - 2007.11.23 16:19:00 - [17]

second last day ... come on get your bids in ...

Midori Sakura
Posted - 2007.11.24 12:02:00 - [18]

get your bids in before someone grabs this fine character

Khirzan Wolfson
North Eastern Swat
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2007.11.24 22:25:00 - [19]


Midori Sakura
Posted - 2007.11.25 06:21:00 - [20]

last day ... or what's left of it ...

Midori Sakura
Posted - 2007.11.25 18:36:00 - [21]

if i don't see any decent bids, this char goes back to the game :) wth ... i'm in no hurry to sell for peanuts


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