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Doctor Widget
Posted - 2007.11.01 19:28:00 - [1]

When I look at my status transactions for a given corp, it's listed as a percent gain. Example: .05%. Does this mean that the same mission repeated will generally give .05% of my current status? So this would mean as my status goes up, I am actually earning more status for the same mission?

Also, regarding corp status. If I am in a corp with a 7.0 status with an NPC corp, does that effectively mean I have a 7.0 (or higher rating with all agents) Could I just create a 1 man corp, get my status real high, then let an alt in, and they would instantly have access to the high level agents? And just kick them out prior to each downtime so my corp status doesn't ever go down?

Species 5618
Posted - 2007.11.01 19:37:00 - [2]

It's 0.5% of the difference between where you were before the standing and 10 (likewise, a loss is the difference between where you were and -10). So as you go up in standing, you gain less for the same mission.

I am pretty sure the only thing corp standing is especially helpful for is jump clones. I'll let somebody else discuss the things corp--->corp standing helps with, but I'm rather certain agents for members isn't one of them. I.e. I don't think you'll have any luck with your alt.

Vagrants Inc
Posted - 2007.11.01 20:26:00 - [3]

Another big thing standings are good for is refining, if you're into mining. At 6.5 (I believe.. I don't have the patience to grind missions so my corpmates do all the real refining) there's no refine tax.

Also the broker fee on sell orders is less at stations you have a high corp standing with.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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