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Ymandra Raystara
Posted - 2007.10.29 16:53:00 - [1]

So, I hit Drones 5 and got a few new skills to buff my single wee Hobgoblin I. Now that I've got some cruiser skills I'm thinking of upgrading to a Vexor for the drone bonus.

Now, the question is not what ship to get... but rather what drones to get. The Vexor has a drone bay big enough for a fleet of drones. Looking at the stats of medium drones and up... I'm not really sure if it's a good idea to ugprade from scout drones. The mediums are slower and have a larger weapon sig, and they themselves have a bigger sig, meaning they can get popped easier... and all this for only a minute increase in damage.

So, am I better off with a bunch of tiny drones in my bay, launching 5 I need at a time... i.e. launching 5 EM drones to break shields, then recalling em and launching 5 explosive to break armour/hull? Or have a balance of each damage-type and launch what I need for specific rats? Or should I use mediums? Any advice is welcome. Maybe some pros and cons that I have not covered. Thanks.

Species 5618
Posted - 2007.10.29 17:06:00 - [2]

First off, I wouldn't exactly call a 60% increase "tiny." Mediums are great against cruisers and up, and are still quite capable of dealing with frigates. And if you're fighting against NPCs, you're going to be drawing first from the rats, so your drones will be safe.

Specific rat types (Sansha's Nation, Guristas, etc...) all have specific vulnerabilities, so pack drones that hit that vulnerability. It's better to use Thermal drones on the ones weak to EM (check the damage modifiers), but I haven't done the math for Thermal versus Kinetic on Guristas and Serpentis. I think Explosive is better against Angels even with the damage modifier discrepancy, but again I haven't written the math down on that and it may only be true for battleships. The damage superiority of thermal drones is why they're the fan favorite for PvPers, though explosives are somewhat popular for their speed and still respectable damage mod.

With the Vexor you should be able to fit a flight of mediums and a flight of lights against the resist you need to hit on rats. There's no real reason to use lights on anything bigger than a frigate if you have the drone space for mediums.

Ymandra Raystara
Posted - 2007.10.29 17:44:00 - [3]

Thanks for the reply. Thus far I've been rather satisfied with my Hobgob doing thermal.. he's gone against all types of rats and I've come out alive (though a few real close shaves).

You're right... I didn't think about mediums vs. cruisers. I guess that's what they were built to hit, eh? I haven't encountered any cruiser rats yet... the only large ones I've fought have been transports, and maybe a destroyer or two. I'll carry 5 mediums and 5 lights then, depending on the ship-type I'm facing.

Harkwyth Mist
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2007.10.29 18:02:00 - [4]

Thermal or Kinetic seem to be the most versatile in terms of damaging belt/mission rats

The vexor has space for 5x light + 5x medium, so unless your in a gang the Combat drones are the only drones worth loading up with. If your in a gang then logist/ecm drones can be useful, but check with the gang 1st, they may prefer a pure combat loadout.

Hobgoglin or Hornet, Vespa or Hammerhead are your best choices.

EM drones make great doorstoppers/paperweights btw.

Pierre Dumonte
Mortis Noir.
Posted - 2007.10.29 18:33:00 - [5]

hammerheads are probably the best all round drone for vexors. with skills, they can pack one hell of a punch, and will melt through almost any cruiser in short time. 5 hammerheads and 5 hobbies are all you need in your bay m8.

skill up with drone sharpshooting, drone durability etc, and work toward the T2 variety for some real fun
Twisted Evil

Andre Ricard
Posted - 2007.10.29 18:50:00 - [6]

Oh, no no. You don't want just Mediums in a Vexor.

You want heavies.

A Vexor can carry 2 Heavy, 2 Medium and a single Light drone in its dronebay. Even with relatively newbie skills (Drones 5, Drone Interfacing 3, Heavy Drones 3, Combat Drones 3) this allows you to put out around 150 damage per second with your drones, on top of any guns.

Generally you don't want to mix damage types, at least when ratting. For big big droneships you may want to carry more than one damage type so you don't end up throwing Thermal against a Caldari HAC or something, but that's fairly advanced PvP. Don't worry about it for now. When missioning and the like you'll want to match up your drone damagetype with the enemy's weakest resist - against the Serpentis I suspect you're fighting that's Thermal, so you want Ogres, Hammerheads and Hobgoblins.

Heavy Drones are absolute murder against cruisers, and can even do OK on frigates that aren't going absurdly fast.

Anyway, TLDR version is use as much of your dronebay as you can to maximize your damage potential, and for missioning match up your drone damage type against the enemy you're facing. PvP can come a bit later.

Helen Hunts
Red Dragon Mining inc
Red Dragon Industries
Posted - 2007.10.29 19:01:00 - [7]

Medium drones still use the Scout Drones skill, so no losses there. Against waves of frigs, the Hobs are the way to go. (Speed being the factor here) Against slower or larger enemies, Hammer them. Medium drones are a little more versitile in being able to do damage to pretty much anything out there and a goodly quantity of it.

For even more fun, Scout Drone 5, Racial Drone skill 2, and Drone Interfacing....
Draw aggro.
Release T2 drones
(Yep, I stole someone's sctick)

Ymandra Raystara
Posted - 2007.10.29 23:39:00 - [8]

Oooh, interesting ideas. I'll check out heavies later. Assuming they're in my price range I'll give em a whirl.

As to race specific drone skills... how do they work exactly? I can't recall any race-specific drones. Or is it if you are of x race, x drone spec gives you a flat bonus to ALL drones you use?

Harkwyth Mist
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2007.10.30 00:35:00 - [9]

Thermal Drones - Gallente Specialisation
Kinetic Drones - Caldari Specialisation
Explosive Drones - Minmatar Spec.
Thermal Drones - Amarr Spec

Each Skillbook will cost you about 7-8Million
Level 1 gives access to Tech2 Lights
Level 2 is Tech2 Meds

Heavy drones are only worthwhile in level 3 and above missions, as they struggle to track small fast ships

Ymandra Raystara
Posted - 2007.10.30 01:19:00 - [10]

Too rich for my blood right now. I'm still trying to figure out how to deal with one of my level 2 missions. Do battlecruisers show up in level 2's or can 4-5 cruisers just dish that much damage? Some were 125-135k bounty and 2 were 250k. I'm assuming the 250's were BCs. Even my mediums couldn't do much before I had to retreat.

Posted - 2007.11.01 15:54:00 - [11]

cruisers: 40k-80k
BC: 100k-140k
HAC: 220-290k

this is only rough.

the hac's (heavy assult cruisers) will be tough to kill since they have large resists

i normally carry thermal and explosive drones on mission. and mainly use the thermal ones. however i'm not really sure what damage type to use for pvp.

Ymandra Raystara
Posted - 2007.11.01 16:34:00 - [12]

Yuck, so no real hope of me winning this mission anytime soon. I might just need to abandon the mission and take the agent hit since I still haven't made any new progress on it. Came close to blowing up two more times. ;)

White Noise.
Posted - 2007.11.01 17:33:00 - [13]

just while the topic of drones is up can anyoen give me the math of the diffrence of t1 ogres and t2 ogres that would be with drone interfacing to lvl 4 as the only other skill giving more damage

Species 5618
Posted - 2007.11.01 17:39:00 - [14]

The T2 ogres would, like any T2 drone compared to its T1 companion, have 20% more HP, speed, tracking, and damage, with an additional percentage multiplied in from Gallente Drone Specialization, making the total = 1.2 * (1 + (GDS * 0.02)).


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