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Curryzia Kinwurry
Posted - 2007.10.16 14:14:00 - [1]

I was going to be repairing an old computer for my grandparents today, but i thought, nah, this armageddon day thing sounds pretty fun. 2 and a half hours of waiting later, i get twenty minutes of play and then downtime. Thanks CCP for wasting my time.

in b4 can i have your stuff, don't care, thread lock, stfu, nub and other generic internet insults.

D Julez
Northern Coalition.
Posted - 2007.10.16 17:17:00 - [2]

just play another game mate :)

it's sad to see how they get this on the main page as The event of today.. then seeing/hearing all ppl be rly disappointent about it... sad ccp... sad.. it wouldnt have that bad though if you just announced it a bit more as a stress test instead of all tricking us into being beta testers, dont tell me you guys didnt know this was going to happen...

i feel sry for all the ppl that have taken a day off to witness this slaughfest in empire (that was how they announced it didnt they?) and then trying to get on all day while ccp is throtteling the connections up and down to see what load they can handle...


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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