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Petter Sandstad
Taggart Transdimensional
Virtue of Selfishness
Posted - 2007.10.06 16:58:00 - [1]

Taggart Transdimensional Inc. celebrates its 5th anniversary, although this announcement is in fact almost 2 months late. The reason for this is entirely my own, since my work on the TTI-history has been a bit delayed.

So I have, in connection with TTI's 5th anniversary, written a complete history over the five years that TTI has been in existance. We invite you all to read TTI's corp history, and thereby joining us in celebrating these five years and the accomplishments that TTI has achieved during this time.

For the help and support that I have received during the creation of this history, I would like to thank the following people: Emizzon, Raaz Satik and Musashi for many helpful comments. Yoshokun Shinzuku for his History of the war of Venal. Calladen Nimitz for finding many old EVE-O posts for me, as well as always being available to answer any of my questions. And lastly to Tolthar Lockbar, for publishing the history on the TTI website. However, any errors are entirely my own fault.

Tolthar Lockbar
Taggart Transdimensional
Kinetic Maelstrom Alliance
Posted - 2007.10.06 17:15:00 - [2]

Also, if you were a member or friend of TTI in its previous Era's, stop by on the forums and say hi--or stop in to our public channel, "TTI".

While we know much about our history, I'm sure there are many things that have been lost to us as well--and those that don't learn from their history are doomed to repeat it!

Sinjin Smythe
Spartan Industries
Cruel Intentions
Posted - 2007.10.06 17:30:00 - [3]

Cant believe you guys are still around. Are there actually any of the original guys still around? And congrats to the anniversary!

Team Laser Explosion
Molotov Coalition
Posted - 2007.10.06 17:31:00 - [4]


I've read a lot about TTI before and the infuence you had during the early development of the game, but I had no idea you were still around. Happy 5th TTI!

Council Of Internal War
The Paganism Alliance
Posted - 2007.10.06 17:35:00 - [5]

congratz on TTI's 5th b-day.

Northern Intelligence
Posted - 2007.10.06 17:40:00 - [6]

This TTI is a shame to the old one. I mean, NONE of the original members that made TTI what it was in the old days is still in the corp. Some nubber decided to continue and take the name in dirt.. Yay

Princeps Corp
BricK sQuAD.
Posted - 2007.10.06 17:41:00 - [7]

I still have a lawsuit with you pending guys! Happy birthday Razz

Bu Jinkan
Posted - 2007.10.06 17:56:00 - [8]

ayn rand was a terrible writer.

just FYI

Posted - 2007.10.06 18:15:00 - [9]

Magic hat ftw.

State Protectorate
Posted - 2007.10.06 19:17:00 - [10]

Originally by: Bu Jinkan
ayn rand was a terrible writer.


Congrats to TTI for making it to 5 years. I was a member for a few months back in '03/'04. Had a good time, learned a lot.

Lorentzian Traversable Corporation
Posted - 2007.10.06 19:28:00 - [11]

Congrats, I keep forgetting it was you guys and that tech V mining laser... Very Happy

Here's to another 5.

Stronghold corp
Posted - 2007.10.06 21:22:00 - [12]

Wow! Good job guys!
And a very very happy fifth birthday from all of us at Stronghold.

It's a shame no-one is posting in this thread just because your not the flavor of the month Corp or alliance.

You were a class act from day one and All players should stop by in this thread and give a wave.

Highest Regards

P.S. Do it another 5 years Very Happy

Wendat Huron
Stellar Solutions
Posted - 2007.10.06 21:27:00 - [13]

I hear Ragnar's still out there.

Stronghold corp
Posted - 2007.10.06 21:33:00 - [14]

Originally by: Wendat Huron
I hear Ragnar's still out there.

Ragnar was one of the First Emperors in the game and he did it well Razz

Roger Douglas
Infinite Improbability Inc
-Mostly Harmless-
Posted - 2007.10.07 00:19:00 - [15]

As one of the original TTI members, congratulations on 5 years!

Republic Military School
Posted - 2007.10.07 00:29:00 - [16]

Where's Ragnar, we want him !!! Twisted Evil

Annie Cruz
Native Freshfood
Posted - 2007.10.07 00:44:00 - [17]

Originally by: Marine
Where's Ragnar, we want him !!! Twisted Evil

I'm sure he's around, going by another name, somewhere Very Happy

Calladen Nimitz
Todaki Innovations
Posted - 2007.10.07 00:49:00 - [18]

Times and faces change but the ideals of TTI remain in place. Capitalism, Industry, Weatlh Generation and Self Determination. I view the "TTI" on my employment history with pride remembering a time when our corporation was the largest in Eve and a philosophy took root. Sadly most of the veteran TTI players found the lack of a true "market" disappointing and eventually left but a few of us are still around making our mark on the fabric of this great game.

My best wishes to the "new" TTI and it's staff and good luck in the future. I must admit after talking for months to a few of your members I find you nice people who are just out to have some fun in space. That's what it's all about after all.

Don't be surprised if you see some old names on applications at some point.

Calladen Nimitz

The Collective
White Noise.
Posted - 2007.10.07 00:50:00 - [19]

5 years... damn... goodjob in making it to such a milestone :)

Posted - 2007.10.07 01:00:00 - [20]

A nice amount of time, good job Smile

Trinity Nova
Trinity Nova Alliance
Posted - 2007.10.07 01:15:00 - [21]

Ah, My old nemesis corp back in my Hadean Drive Yard days. Still nice to see an old face on the go in Eve. What is Ragnar up to these days?

Serenity Steele
Dynamic Data Distribution
Posted - 2007.10.07 02:35:00 - [22]

WTG TTI. I followed your progress with interest given it's correlation with Atlas Shrugged. Gratz on making 5 years.

BTW. Who is john galt?

Devouring the Teaboar
Posted - 2007.10.07 03:04:00 - [23]

Its great to see TTI still going, had some awesome times in that corp back in the old days, best of luck Very Happy

Band of Freelancers
Posted - 2007.10.07 03:35:00 - [24]

100 million isk for 1 unit of Trit anyone? Laughing

TTI went nuts when the person that made 100m off of their market mistake... back when 100m meant something...

Jasmine Constantine
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2007.10.07 05:06:00 - [25]

I lost my first ever Thorax in the game to these guys in Summer 2003 during the first day of the NVA vs TTI civil war. (Actually I was about 10 days in the game and didn't realise you needed a concord dec to fight in empire and attacked one of their haulers in Torrinos - goodbye thorax) - still was a valuable lesson.

Its always good to see old names trying to raise up again and hopefully one day we'll get a chance to fight some more.

(Have you guys ever considered moving to Providence and helping the slavers?) Very Happy

Sir MilBanacky
Stronghold corp
Knights Of the Southerncross
Posted - 2007.10.07 05:13:00 - [26]

Edited by: Sir MilBanacky on 07/10/2007 05:13:35
Originally by: HostageTaker
100 million isk for 1 unit of Trit anyone? Laughing

TTI went nuts when the person that made 100m off of their market mistake... back when 100m meant something...

LOL Jim Raynor?? wasn't it..
Yeah that was like loosing 100 BILLION worth of shock value now, as no one had that kind of ISK back then but a few.

Taggart Transdimensional
Virtue of Selfishness
Posted - 2007.10.07 05:57:00 - [27]

I think I'm considered an original member. Very Happy

... not really active though...

Trillian Dent
Infinite Improbability Inc
-Mostly Harmless-
Posted - 2007.10.07 12:57:00 - [28]

congratulations to this accomplishment.

North Star Networks
The Kadeshi
Posted - 2007.10.07 13:06:00 - [29]

I'm sure I saw the hat floating around somewhere not too long ago. Very Happy

Big grats on the 5 though, thats quite the achievement!


Seamus O'Malley
Idiots Inc.
Posted - 2007.10.07 14:09:00 - [30]

Edited by: Seamus O''Malley on 07/10/2007 14:09:33
Grats Very Happy

Read your history, that part of the virusspreader getting 1.5 years prison was funny LaughingLaughing

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