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Jacob Mei
Posted - 2007.10.01 06:19:00 - [1]

Im going system to system in the constellation I live in, launching a multispec probe in each system with no real aim for any particular site (I have grav, radar and mag probes). Come up to a favorite system of mine, scan it, and I get 4 exploration hits. Grav, Radar, Mag and Unknown. The most ive seen in a system are two, ussually an unknown and another site.

Naturally, I get a little excited, thinking that this system will easyly make my night of exploration a profitable one. I decide to go down the list, Radar is the first one so I drop my radar probes. Right off the bat I get a hit, but the numbers are too low so I know its the unknown. Not interested in combat at the moment so I ignore it and keep scanning, eventually I get the inital deadspace signiture for the radar site and start closing in. I get up to comb level probes, and thats when things start getting a little strange.

1st. It took me about twenty minutes to get a new hit. This is a little weird as ussually the bulk of my waiting time is in the pursuit probes.

2nd. The light is still red, indicating its no where near the site. Again this is odd as ussually when im using a comb probe, the light is yellow.

3rd. repeat 2nd for about two hours only the twist is that every time I get a hit, its only between 5-6k away, and always a red dot.

Eventually I Get tired of it and give the XYZ to a corp mate of mine who is now trying to track it down himself.

Here is my question, is this simply uncommon or should I actually /bug it? I mean is the site at the end of all these probes the jack pot of radar sites and thus really a rare jewel that I gave up on too soon or is it a cubic zirconia?

Im by no means complaining, heck I was enjoying a movie on the side while waiting but this is definitely a diffrent case of how a site has been when im trying to track it down so im wondering if there is something more goin on other then hitting the wrong number on the random number generator for a few hours.

Petrothian Tong
Posted - 2007.10.01 06:27:00 - [2]

/is sleepy... so dunno if I make sense or read you right...

by any chance the site is a tad off the range of your probes? .. it happens sometimes,

thats when you should try to make a bookmark somewhere in btwn to rule out the possiblity.

WGAnubis Marrith
Posted - 2007.10.01 13:27:00 - [3]

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Capital Construction Research
Pioneer Alliance
Posted - 2007.10.01 16:15:00 - [4]

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Wouldn't cry 'bug' nor claim it any more uncommon than any of the other chance-based things that happen to you in the chance-based exploration system. Just unlucky.

If you get that many hits very close around the mark though, you could simply bookmark all the spots. Once you get three or more you should be able to pretty much determine where the actual location is and either fly to it with MWD or try to drop a bm closer to it while warping between the existing bookmarks. (Disclaimer: I'm not sure this will actually work as I haven't tested it and have no inside info on the inner workings of the EVE exploration site spawning mechanism.)

Or you could just scan more.

Edit: I noticed that you're talking about comb probes, and getting hits '5-6k away'. If by 5-6k away you mean the accuracy of the result is 5000-6000km ... why are you not using sift probes already? If you don't have Astrometrics IV, you're shooting yourself in the foot there.

Also I might point you to the Missions & Explorations forum.


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