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Atlanton Marcus
Veto Corp
Posted - 2007.09.11 01:46:00 - [211]

DarkElf is probably one of the most prominent and friendly guys in Veto. He was always a blast to have a Vent and he would help his friends out when they needed it most.

Paul, your memory will live on and you'll always be remembered fondly by Veto.

Zawa's Fan Club
Posted - 2007.09.11 01:47:00 - [212]

Edited by: Vrabac on 11/09/2007 01:50:36
Bye Elf. Never got to really know you, but you always seemed to be a very polite person under all circumstances, which is often difficult to find on the net. Found a screenshot containing him, DJ character more accurately. Not taken by me tough, but I was there.


Navypoc instapopped. Smile

We'll probably see each other again, until than o7

Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2007.09.11 02:11:00 - [213]

omg. i'll miss him.... darkelf was one of the coolest guys id met

Rest in peace bro.

Mixaren Kohnar
Posted - 2007.09.11 02:12:00 - [214]

Edited by: Mixaren Kohnar on 11/09/2007 02:12:33
On behalf of my alliance and corporation: our thoughts and prayers go out to his family. May he fly safe forever.

Posted - 2007.09.11 02:27:00 - [215]

I'll miss you like a brother my friend!
Gl man and fly safe!

Shell Guardian
Corporate Mayonnaise
Posted - 2007.09.11 02:39:00 - [216]

Never got to meet you DE, but you will be missed. My condolences to friends, family, and the Eve community.

Here's to you DE.


Terminal Impact
Posted - 2007.09.11 02:46:00 - [217]

Srry to hear such a sad thing.
Condolences to his RL family and his Eve Family past and present (Veto members).


Surfin's PlunderBunny
Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2007.09.11 02:55:00 - [218]

DarkElf gave me my first experience at the TS singing ransom... haven't laughed that hard in Eve since Crying or Very sad

MeatSausage EXPRESS
Posted - 2007.09.11 03:12:00 - [219]

I don't know what to say. It's just shocking and horrible to lose someone so unexpectedly at a young age like that. I always say that if I go suddenly like that to be happy that there was no suffering; I've seen plenty of it.

It was good to see you guys tearing it up in his memory tonight, and I am sure you will continue to do so.

Souvera Corvus
Session Changes
Posted - 2007.09.11 03:16:00 - [220]

My condolences to his family and friends, and those who will think of him everytime they log in.

Tragically early.

Ryas Nia
Posted - 2007.09.11 03:27:00 - [221]


Situation: Normal
Posted - 2007.09.11 03:45:00 - [222]

I never knew him, but I hope he's in a better place. It's a sad truth that there is nothing certain or permanent in this life, but it's most tragic when a life ends untimely. Rest in peace, DarkElf. Sad

Body Count Inc.
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2007.09.11 03:48:00 - [223]

Happy hunting DarkElf!
Fly Safe!Crying or Very sad

Condolences to his fammily and friends!
Was nice flying with you in E-R, Always a good laugh on coms!


g guild
Imperial Republic Of the North
Posted - 2007.09.11 03:49:00 - [224]

i never knew DarkElf but alway's noticed what he was saying in the forum's and for me and our corp it is yet another sad loss to the eve community.

R.I.P DarkElf

ReePeR McAllem
The Carebear Stare
Posted - 2007.09.11 04:07:00 - [225]

Really shocking, I saw this thread and didnt open it, thinking it was the same old usual post about something uber that DE did.

Came back several hours later and after seeing 8 pages opened the thread, just really can't believe it.

My respect goes out to his family and friends in veto, it must be hard to lose a good friend who you game with every day, every single day. #

R.I.P DE... fly safe. o/

RONA Corporation
RONA Directorate
Posted - 2007.09.11 04:30:00 - [226]

Can't recall ever meeting him, but I think I've seen him on the forums. Regardless, bystander, foe, or good friend, it always hurts to lose someone, and I have nothing but the deepest condolences. Not much else to say, really.

Kai Zion
Posted - 2007.09.11 04:33:00 - [227]

Condolences to his friends and family. Sad

Necro Tal
Posted - 2007.09.11 05:17:00 - [228]

The last couple years I've known him, he's always brought a smile to my face on vent or TS. Kinda in a state of shock over this, as I'm sure everyone that knew him is.

Damn I'm gonna miss him. My heartfelt condolences to his family and loved ones.

Necro (or idi, as he refused to call me by any other name)

Calisto Cody
The Black Swan Society
Posted - 2007.09.11 05:26:00 - [229]

RIP mate

Thut'ankh Amon
Posted - 2007.09.11 06:53:00 - [230]

DarkElf was a good friend and a great person, and i will miss him greatly. My condolences to the family.

herindoors x
Priory Of The Lemon
Atlas Alliance
Posted - 2007.09.11 07:30:00 - [231]

A sad time for Veto Sad

Condolences to DE's family and to you guys for the loss of fellow player, corpmate and good friend.



Alcohol Fueled Brutality
Axiom Empire
Posted - 2007.09.11 07:40:00 - [232]

Edited by: Onnawa on 11/09/2007 07:41:57
I came in on the end of the DarkElf Era in AIL, but I got to know him well in the intervening times. AFU...DTS...we're all devistated. We flew with you, we killed with you, and (once or twice) we died with you. We even webbed, scramed, and bumped you on several occasions to keep you from flying faction ships out to play with the Amarr Navy. I can honestly tell you that you were one of the few pilots in Eve that Hicks never wanted to have a round with (and having honestly told you that, I'll be getting an extremely angry phone call in the morning). He called me on my cell at work to tell me the news.....and we cried together. (Insert Angry Call

So now I sit here...drinking the most unholy combination of two of the most disgusting substances I can ever think of, and all in your honor, Paul. You loved your Red Bull and Vodka above all other drink is fit to toast your legacy, much less your friendship. We will miss you more than anyone will ever know. We would have a rampage in your honor, but everywhere we turn you have friends. So, we'll settle for holding a memorial service for you in Goinard. If someone would be so kind as to come forward with a frozen corpse of Elf, we would very much like to inter it in a can anchored in one of the belts in Goinard alongside a large supply of exotic dancers. He never went anywhere without one...why should now be any different? Let Goinard and the rest of Eve know and forevermore remember who they lost, and count themselves lucky to have had him.

So now I raise my glass to you, Paul. I told you once before and I'll tell you one more time....

This **** needs poured back into the moose.

Fly well, Elf. Show God how to kit that Pilgrim.

Nothing Personal Inc
White Noise.
Posted - 2007.09.11 08:27:00 - [233]

No way...


Neo Spartans
Laconian Syndicate
Posted - 2007.09.11 09:06:00 - [234]

Edited by: Grez on 11/09/2007 09:07:34
What the ****?

I figured he was just taking a break from EVE or something... To have that happen to one of the greater people I've met in EVE, is just plain unfair.

Damnit, he was such a great guy to talk to. The world will surely be a duller place without him.


Hooch Flux
Posted - 2007.09.11 09:18:00 - [235]

R.I.P. DE!Sad

Capital Systems INC
Shadow of xXDEATHXx
Posted - 2007.09.11 09:35:00 - [236]

Its clear looking at this thread that DE was a loved and respected member of the com .


Zheran Reda
Ministry of War
Posted - 2007.09.11 09:51:00 - [237]

My deepest condolences to his family and friends...

Quel esta Darkelf.

Posted - 2007.09.11 10:10:00 - [238]

Absolutely gutted to hear this.... One of the nicest guys ive met on eve :(
My heart goes out to his friends and family.

ry ry
Posted - 2007.09.11 10:28:00 - [239]

:( genuinely sad news. hope all his mates and family are doing ok.

it's been a real ****ty month. it was my best friend's funeral yesterday too.

Tharri and Co.
Posted - 2007.09.11 11:37:00 - [240]

What can I say.. I'm fairly new to this game but these news really struck me silent.
DarkElf was one of the first guys who I really remembered from the forums during my first months, and I'm glad I also managed to see the legend himself once in the game.
He was flying around a gate in some lowsec system when our newbcorp fleet op passed by on our way to the eve gate.

My condolences to all his relatives and friends.
Rest in peace.

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