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Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2004.02.05 13:46:00 - [1]

I think this is a considerable step backwards from the way it used to be - its not necessary to economise on screen space in the system menue, and the new abbreviations make it much harder to locate a station in the system menue.

can we please have the full names back, or an option to display them in full?

Posted - 2004.02.05 13:56:00 - [2]

please don't do this!

its ALWAYS easier to read "station X - M12 (CSMF)" instead of an annoying 30-50char string behind the "station X - M12"

but it would be fine when all stationnames will be shown like this ... in space you just see the hint with the name of the station - if there are two stations with the same name then you would need the additional info of the moon/planet plus nbr to directly right-click and warp or you have to change to the system-nav menu to do so and so on

- Brisi

Posted - 2004.02.05 15:08:00 - [3]

the way i read which station i need to goto is first reading the planet number, then moon number, then the 1st name of the station.

E.G. 8-2 X-sence

I can't do that anymore because of the abbreviations Confused

Posted - 2004.02.05 16:15:00 - [4]

In my opinion this is taking all of the personality out of the interface. Why not just start calling things 1,2,3,4,5 and drop the name if your going to abbreviate it to death.

Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2004.02.05 17:04:00 - [5]

well the way I use it I go by names, rather than planet/moon/station numbers.

so if I want to go to a Quafe Company Factory for example I have to look at the strings of numbers and locate QCF, which for me is much more tedious than looking for the full name.

I think that it should be easy to offer an option for both.

Iced Industries
Posted - 2004.02.05 22:56:00 - [6]

or an option to display them in full?

This is a good idea, give the players the option

Ayar Cachi
Posted - 2004.02.05 23:46:00 - [7]

The abbreviations are the Sux0r. Definitely a step backwards in UI design and readability. CFSNF...wtfits?

Unsteady Corporation
Posted - 2004.02.06 02:06:00 - [8]

Edited by: Xailia on 06/02/2004 02:07:21
Reason: Formatting.

Currently, on Chaos, they are 'Full Station Name - Planet - Moon'

Personally I would like it to be how I mentioned on another thread:

"It probably didn't take much effort, just change to const.corp.ticker, or whatever.

I'd prefer to have the default be what it was originally, and then a customizable layout in the settings window.


%s - system name
%p - planet name
%m - moon name
%pn - planet number
%mn - moon number
%f - full station name
%a - abbriviated station name

The default was something like %p %pn - %m %mn - %f

But you could change it to however you prefer, like remove the planet name and moon designations and have something along the lines of IV.V - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant (%pn.%mn - %f)

Or if you want to get really compact, IV.V.CNAP (%pn.%mn.%a)

I'd like full customization, so whatever somebody prefers they can have. Very Happy"

- Station shortcuts: Boohoo !

It would be perfect that way. Cool


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