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40 Comm
Posted - 2003.06.08 10:29:00 - [1]

I quite like loaning money, strange but true, but would be nice if it coul dbe done through a formal banking system. Say where you could set an interest rate and also a penalty for non-payment. Maybe then have ability to collect equipment if non-payment.

Banking could be personal ala a trade window or through a public market place type system.

To protect it against abuse either have the loan tied into the account, prefereable or have an age game time restriction on account. To stop chars being created and deleted with the intention of abusing loans.


Spacelane Logistics
Posted - 2003.06.09 13:49:00 - [2]

This could be a very cool feature when the corp brokersare in.

Be able to give your broker X dollars and set a intrest rate that he will loan cerdits out at. so for instant I give my broker 10mil and set his intrest rate at 10%

Now Joe brokguy comes along and see that my broker is offering loans at 10%. He decides to borrow 5mil, this being less than the 10mil would then be asked to select a piece of colateral.

He picks his nice shiny new imicus, and picks 1 month as the repayment term. The corp CEO/Auditor/Acountant gets a message that a loan request has been made and at that point the corp CEO can decide if the imicus is good enought as colaterall for the loan, if he does then he approves the loan, if not the loan is rejected. lets say he accepts it.

so now every 3 days (hards coded) for rest of the term of the loan he gets a bill poping up that saying his loan payment is due.

At any time he can visit our corp broker and repay the entire amount/ or part of loan off.

now we have to other cases.
A. he doesn't pay 3 payments in a row. inwich case out Corp CEO/Auditor/Acountants can 1. write the loan off as bad det, 2. place a reposition bounty on him. 3. Issure a notic that he is over due and to please pay the loan back. 4. do nothing.

B. Brokeguy gets blown up. well his colateral is gon so the loand CEO gets a message that the colaterall has been destroyed and can chouse to 1. call the loan which is complete repayment, 2. ask mr. Brokguy to provide a different piece of colaterall. 3. forgive the loan.

C. mr Brokguy tries to repackage the imicus. the system would say that he can't as there is a lean on the ship for the loan.

d. mr. Brokeguy trys to trade/ drop in corp hanger/ someone elses hanger, would get a message that he can't do that as there is a lean on the ship.

Ok repo bountys. if mr Brokeguy defaults on his loan doesn't repay it. then the corp would issue a repo bounty of some portion of the remaining loan value. this would be displayed on the bounty lists as a normal bounty. but when the ship is destroyed it isn't destroyed it is transfered to the Nearest Corp hanger as the bounty guys are nice and deliver it. so at this point the loan is closed. If a non ship was used as colaterall then that part is returnd as part of the repo. if that part is sitting in a station some where then it is reposesed at the next down time and the loan is closed.

I think this sounds like a bit complex but it could work and open up a whole new roleor two in EVE First being the corp banker, the second being the Repo man.... :)

this could be so cool.

Cardinal L'Berto
Posted - 2003.06.12 12:33:00 - [3]

Great idea, but this can already be done of course, albiet informally via the money transfer option which Im sure you know already.

As to people abusing the games coding as you mentioned..Maybe a new group comms channel can be set up, a black-list of names and known aliases? (Did I spell that right??)


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