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Steve Bennett
Ship Removal Company
Posted - 2007.08.14 03:29:00 - [1]

Note: If this has been discussed in another thread here, pleases forgive me - I browsed a couple pages but could have missed it.

The Scenario:

With the new system of POS guns being placed outside the POS forcefield, it became possible for these guns to be destroyed before the POS tower is destroyed (or forcefield brought down). However, in order to maintain balance, the hitpoints of these guns is very high so that it isn't easy for a fleet to come and take out the guns and have free reign on the tower.

The Problem:

The problem with this is that, when the tower is finally destroyed, those guns also must be destroyed before another tower can be put up. Because of hitpoints, the time required to destroy the guns and other external-to-forcefield structures is exceptionally high (when compared to even the POS). It is probable that nearly all actual fighting is over by the time the tower pops, so forcing the attacking fleet to waste a long period of time shooting guns is tedious and, frankly, not fun.

The Solution:

Simply lowering the hitpoints of the external-to-forcefield structures is not a viable solution, since it becomes too easy to destroy them before the POS is destroyed.

The answer I propose is to have the hitpoints(effectively) of these structures change when the tower is online. This could be done using resistances - low hitpoints with, say, 90% resistances given by the online tower. When the tower is destroyed/offline, the resistances drop to 0%, making "cleaning-up" time more reasonable.

Bein Glorious
Posted - 2007.08.14 03:33:00 - [2]

That's actually exactly how it is now. When the tower is up, the modules get 90% resists, and when its destroyed, they lose the resistances.

Only problem is that the modules have too much structure HP anyway. What they really should do is increase while-active resists to 99% and reduce the raw HP down to 1/10th. That way it'll be the exact same as it is now except that cleaning up the modules after the tower is gone won't take as long.

The Littlest Hobos
Posted - 2007.08.18 03:58:00 - [3]

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Edited by: Tahreem on 18/08/2007 03:59:40
i thought a bit about this

how do you like this proposal:

If the tower attached to the anchored guns is destroyed the guns go from an incapacitated/anchored state to an UNanchored state..

This way you remove alot of the hassle that the current situation gives and you give the person that holds the field some extra loot.

also isksinkwise the modules are damaged even if they were still online when the tower popped so you have to rep m first to re-use m


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