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blankseplocked Do people roll caldari because they start with 3 charisma?
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Savage Creampuff
Posted - 2007.08.06 14:02:00 - [31]

I went with Caldari because after reading the background, I realized I wanted to be facist. Had nothing to do with the attribs.

Posted - 2007.08.06 17:46:00 - [32]

I rolled achura because I read it was the "best" due to the low charisma, and the high other stuff... and because I fancied playing with missiles instead of lasers for a change. (kestrel is fun!) this however, is just for playing with till I get some to reactivate my main account Sad

my first is an amarr industrialist type, I chose because I fancied being a religious zealot with slaves Laughing and because he looks mean. my perception is crap, but at over 11mill sp there's no point stopping now! was created a long time ago too, before I the newish char creation system. 2004 I think. (yeah, not enough sp for that amount of time... I stopped for a while)

FT Diomedes
Factio Paucorum
Posted - 2007.08.06 21:46:00 - [33]

Is it any surprise that the race with the ugliest characters also has the lowest charisma?

Patricia Bateman
Posted - 2007.08.06 23:23:00 - [34]

you know, if you don't have the most SP's possible you will instantly fail at eve.

Everyone MUST roll Caldari Archura to do otherwise is folly!11111

Ess Erbe
Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2007.08.06 23:25:00 - [35]

Originally by: FT Diomedes
Is it any surprise that the race with the ugliest characters also has the lowest charisma?

Then again, Achura females are usually very pretty, well on par with the Deteis, and are "revered as teachers" or whatever it says in the description... so that 3 charisma really doesn't make much sense

Posted - 2007.08.11 17:03:00 - [36]

Edited by: halykon on 11/08/2007 17:08:49
I started about 3 weeks ago, and yes. I rolled Caldari because of 3 charisma. After doing some background checking on eve, it seemed like the only true choice, no matter what types of ships I wanted to fly, I could fully outfitted versions of them in less time with Caldari.

That being said, I'll probably fly with Caldari ships because after playing around some.. I've found missile combat an absolute joy compared to guns/lasers. I simply fits my playstyle.

Posted - 2007.08.11 17:10:00 - [37]

That being said, I'm going to fly Caldari ships because I've found missile combat jells well with my playstyle. Its an absolute joy compared to guns/lasers.

David DarkLighter
Corp 1 Allstars
Phalanx Alliance
Posted - 2007.08.12 03:35:00 - [38]

YARRRR!!Well I wont lie.....
I didnt choose Amarr because of there "slavers" description.
Since im african american....... that went GREAT with my race choice [DEFINANTLY NOT sarcasim]
I didnt have any interest in gallente becuase of there [of french origin] no offense ment.
So it came down to mimmatar or caldari.
Im black so I was swaying to mimmatar but... after reading caldari description of MILITARY that was the sealed deal.
And for the portrait you can look at for the next decade...
Im thinking of swapping mines.
I CANT stand this one :D
even though its not the portrait that sums your char.YARRRR!!
I choose caldari because I wanted a combat char
9 perception + the bonus= 13 perception was a OK for me :DNeutralArrowExclamationArrowShockedArrow

cal nereus
The Graduates
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2007.08.12 06:37:00 - [39]

Actually, now that I think back on it, my choice of Caldari was because of the backstory, and then my choice of Achura specifically was due to the attributes. I was attracted to the mega-corporation/fascist element of the Caldari. I was turned off by the quasi-ancient aspects of the Amarr and the freedom-love of the Gallente. I narrowed down my choices to Caldari and Minmatar, but settled with Caldari-Achura 'cause of the attributes.

Cry Havoc.
Posted - 2007.08.12 06:47:00 - [40]

Interesting view

Evil Strangers Inc.
Posted - 2007.08.12 12:22:00 - [41]

They probably do indeed, not that much point in it though, even the worst in the combat area ( hello me ) can still do pretty well for themselfs when given enough time.

I went for looks alone really. Although if I would have to make a combat alt now, it would probably be achura.

Pytria Le'Danness
Posted - 2007.08.13 11:25:00 - [42]

My first character was Caldari since the background sounded nice. Second and third were Minmatar and Amarr. Last was Intaki because I wanted to try out the Gallente intro missions - all on a trial account. When it was time to make the final character I was hard-pressed to decide between Amarr and Gallente because I liked their ship looks most. You see what I chose :)

Female because (don't laugh) the male Intaki looked too much like elves to me, and I was fed up with elves back then :)

Monica Foulkes
Veto Corp
Posted - 2007.08.13 12:36:00 - [43]

Proud Achura and soon with 30m SP in PVP skills. No idea why they seem so popular... Wink

Posted - 2007.08.14 03:59:00 - [44]

I think the leadership skill is underestimated.
Had a commander with 8 mill SP in Leadership, and it was just mind blowing the bonuses we got with this guy and his gang assist modules.

Cauchy Schwarz
Posted - 2007.08.14 12:40:00 - [45]

in this aspect EVE is absolutely even-handed.
if you want to go for a moderate skill bonus by picking achura, you have to live until the and of your days with the boring/ugly face of your char and your oh so awesome Laughing looking caldari ships. for me, that poor appearance and lack of style doest justify any 3 charisma in the universe :D. but no offence, it seems to be acceptable to MANY other players.
some said, female achuras would look ok, maybe even quite pretty?! Laughing maybe if you like grey mice with tarry hair and unsexy clothing. some weird emo thing. if i see a achura portrait, the only thing which comes to my mind is "why is your life so unjoyful?".

female intakis still have very decent skills, fly racy ships and with 5 minutes patience of portrait creation, you get a goddess which is as good in bed as a achura in their raven.

especially with having seen transformers in cinema recently, you HAVE to love the MEGATHRON!! (although i prefer the hyperion in looks)

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